Old Convicts New Leash

War carried a crate of ak-47s to a large room of the large warehouse he had taken up residence in. The building smelled of old metal and blood it was shut down after a machine pulled three men into a meat pounder. War slammed the heavy box down one the floor in front of six dozen men all covered in scars and prison tattoos beside the box he had put down there were five others two of which contained knifes another two Glocks and the last box was another box of Aks.

"Listen up!" The roar of his old alantean accent on top of the dark aura the God of War made them shut up instantly. "I brought each in every one of you failures here because you destroyed your own lives, I will teach you what needs to be taught if were gonna do what needs to be done." He walked up to the weapons cases and pried each of them open with a small crow bar. He pulled the weapons out one at a time and handed them to each of the men.

"Those of you with prior knowledge of the gun toss it, I will teach you how to be the soldiers of war when you are done here not one army with stop what I'm going to start." Some of the men groaned at the idea of being soldiers "You never had to come here but your not going back to your cells your going in the dirt at this point" He picked up a glock from a convict "The welders of a glock 17, you will be taught close quarters fighting, If you hold a Ak-47 prepare your self you will be the front line it's your job the thin the opposing force. If a combat knife is what you hold you will exceed in stealth and will be able to patch up your buddies."

War took a quick breath of the disgusting air before continuing "Your not here to be mercenaries your here because I believe your the ones that should help me return this world to it's former glory as Penance for what you've done to it."

(The point of War setting this up is because he realizes the average human would not last two months in the old worlds he has lived in in his billions of years of life. The group is to exist in a small cult like fashion some members like the ones you've just seen will exist to fight threats and teach how to fight. Another group may exist to improve technology or introduce medicine that could rival the magic and alchemy they used to rely on. Yeah I'll have more of these as War increases his contacts and resources in CVNU.)


Old Meets New (A CVNU introduction)

Under the crude boots of the Alantean God of War, the dirt provided traction before him stood a man of gigantic proportions bulging muscles on top of muscles. The Man was bald and had eyes the could make Death himself blink. War would know Death was his father.

War was in contrast to the bald clean shaven behemoth the he faced unkempt hair and a wild beard standing 6,1, small for a god, with a lean muscular frame. Another feature that would be hard to miss is that both men wore little more than rags. War was promised freedom from the greek underworld if he could beat the last line of defense of Hades. The monster that stood before him not Cerberus the three headed dog was a myth.

He charged a jagged rock in his hand which he held to tight he felt it cut flesh, pain motivated. The monster of a man knocked him down like knocking a fly out of the air. The monster punched War continuously in his back he cough blood between blows and felt bones crack under each hit. The God of War struggled to push himself up and lashed out with surgical precision the beast's wounds bled black blood from the makeshift weapon. The behemoth of a man once again threw War this time against the gates of hades. A low growl of alantean swear words left his throat as his head bashed into the cold iron gate.

The bald beast roared the sound would travel Hades scaring even the souls of murderers. It charged by some small miracle the sharpened stone was only steps away. As the beast was about to collide with the God of War. War threw his body on top of the stone, The behemoth charged wrapping his meaty fingers around War's neck. His eyes still showed defiance even through the bloody and pain. The monster dropped War, a black puddle formed like a fountain around the beast.

War had done what he has always done even before going under. He had killed the unkillable. His body numb with pain he had suffered far greater wounds but in those battles he was always strong, he walked to to the gate and pushed it opened with relative ease. There was no visible exit only darkness but when you've been in hades for any period of time you need out even if it means walking into true darkness. He went on in the dark for what seemed like days before everything TRULY went dark.

When the life returned to War's eyes he saw light not just light, Daylight. Not only was there light but there was also his motorcycle zeus, waiting . A mess of twisted metal designed to be the steed of War. He looked out on the world the sun was just rising, he knew he'd have a lot of time to make up for.


Memories of Failure Part 2

The following is written in the journal of Kid Devil (2036)

Date: March 30th 2036

Time: Sunrise

The demons had attacked suddenly but my more senior members were quick to arms. Orion had ran one through the skull with a steel pipe seconds after they attacked. bright red blood from both the demons and my men spilled every where. Jessie, Jessie beat several viciously with a shovel. Those were the first kills of the day by my two best. I myself ran into battle strangling demons with cord and filling their lungs with lead from my prized Glock 17s. Other trainees just slashed madly with their weapons. Adrenaline and fear turned this cowardly bunch into fighters soon fear will be gone and they will be warriors.

It took nearly an hour to turn these demons to a bloody paste. We lost nearly a dozen men and women, they panicked, their problem. I sit here on the roof watching, with a snipers rifle at my side my men are cleaning up the mess and preparing for the move. A demon attack this early in the preparations mean this was a bad spot and we won't be sticking around. Those demons were fresh spawn, their black skin did not show a drop of white, a side effect you'll see from holy water.

The incident could not have been a random event those demons were assassination attempt, a poor one at that. This is the first in a long line of attacks the demons have gotten braver, made themselves at home here on our planet.

Forgot to include this image as Kid Devils look
Forgot to include this image as Kid Devils look

We will evict them.


Memories of Failure

The following is written in the journal of Kid Devil (2036)

Date: March 30th 2036

Time: Sunrise

It happened nearly twenty three years ago, The cult of devils summoned their masters and nearly destroyed the earth in the process. Half of the worlds population died in the first forty-eight hours. Just after that the worlds population was reduced to one fourth of its original size. Some might call it tragic I might have once too. It saved the world in someways even if it did cause so many people to die. Now I lead a resistance of sorts, the demonic race does not want slaves they want humans to torture for all of eternity. So I fight for our future freedom. This is the past, we don't dwell on it any more

I watch the demon spawn walk and run through out what was once Chicago. The more I watch, the more I miss my own demonic powers. I renounced them when this happened I wanted no part in it. Funny how the world works. I pull on my mask of demon leather. I wear the mask so I don't have to listen to the cries of "why didn't you stop it?!" "Why would you let this happen?!" If I allowed my self to feel this would make me angry, but for now it doesn't.

Below the building in which I had made my base, my group of self proclaimed heroes sat, their job was to protect or recruit any surviving human at least as far as they've been told. I watch over their training, most of them are horrible fighters but their strength is in numbers. Weapons are crafted here, most ordinary weapons don't effect demons. So they craft weapons that were designed after the demon uprising. In the past year we took down 1,239 low level demons, nearly 500 mid-level demons and one of the 13 demon lords left on the planet.

People are running around around scared. That's not like them. As I end off this entry black skinned demons flood the basement fortress.


The Vine Today

Working my way back into the rpg world, I had been absent from the vine since febuary of last year except for the occasional post for the C.O.P rpgs. Now I have a computer. I need to know a few things one of those things has to do with the cvnu Explain this here is it taking over vine prime? I see a whole lot of cvnu threads Another thing is what teams are active, how would you all feel about an invasion of earth? How about heroes reclaiming the countries seized by villain teams? Those of you I actually know give me updates on your characters if ya can. I heard a while ago that New York is gone what else is destroyed. That's a good bit of questions I'd say uh how bout some responses?


Character updates

alright in my absence I looked over my characters and holy sh*t too much of it all is unoriginal so I'm making minor changes to fix that starting with my main character the teenaged devil KD starting with his name as his real name it will be war in peace (opossed to Warren peace which I got from somewhere Warren will remain the name his friends know him as) . War being his first name, “in” his middle (stupid Iknow) peace will remain his last.I want to change his code name but for now it has to stay until I come up with something Instead of him being a half demon he's both now able to change between half and full demon. powers staying the same will be defined later my entire bio is to be ignored with the exception of the powers and weaknesses section until it's rewriten properly ( I'm currenly unable to do so since I only have a wii for a computer.) I believe that's it if there is more I'll update


uh im just gonna keep a few of my alt ideas here for now


No Caption Provided

FAST-FORWARD (this guy I will probably never make he'll just sit here cause hes one of the first characters I created): name: he forgot his name.

powers:time travel(needs to say the time and date he wants to travel to over and over till he goes there or ages it that old), doesn't age (over 30 years old)

super name:fast forward

weakness: if he cant hear him self saying the date he want to travel to it wont work

TRAUMA: finished account made!

CAIN JACKSON: finished account made!

Aculeus:account made


Real name Johnathan Freight


weight:190 pounds




  • Dream manipulation: Unofficial ruler of the dream world allowing him near total control over dreams (including day dreams) with this he enters the dream world and turns his victim's dream in to a painful nightmare.
  • Empathy: Johnny can feel and manipulate emotions with skin to skin contact
  • Absorption: Once a opponent is defeated in the dream world he can absorb them converting them into minions and giving him a majority of their powers
  • Psychic entity: Johnny is composed of dreams and can not be permanently destroyed only temporally destroyed if everyone in a ten mile radius stops dreaming he would be reborn once he drifts in to a place where people are having some sort of dream.

Bio:Jonathan Freight was your typical high school student, went to class, got decent grades, was alright in most subjects just enough to pass, didn't get picked on, well not until his mutant powers erupted in the middle of homeroom it was nothing drastic just red demonic eyes but he was still teased and picked one something he was not used to he always had a pretty good life even his parents were scared of him even though he showed no powers other than the red irises but during his sleep he was plagued with nightmares all of his greatest fears combined in to one sinister nightmare Jonathan quickly awoke learning he has only been asleep thirty five minutes he was scared to go asleep Johnny stayed up all night starring at the wall drifting off in to his neighbors dreams unconsciously turning their dreams into nightmares he had no idea had done this in the morning, Johnathan went to school only to be teased and given more mental and physical abuse after a month he lost it and started entering their dreams at will turning them in to nightmares over time he learned of all of his powers and crafted a new identity Johnny-Nightmare forcing fear and pain in to the lives and dreams of people.

Notes:Johnny is near-blinded by his mutant power and only sees in fuzzy black and white vision. Johnny is plagued with terrible nightmares. Despite being a worthy opponent in battle his fighting skills are not very good

Alright that's all I'm gonna do here if anyone likes the prototype of the character I might create it.

Kyd Khaos


Real Name: Arson

Kyd Khaos
Kyd Khaos

Code name: Kyd Khaos

Weight: 129


hair color: blond

eye color: bright blue

Age: 14


  • Intellect Kyd Khaos is extremely smart for his age
  • Duplication Kyd Khaos can create duplicates that are completely different people with their own powers and personalities he is merely the storage body for them.
  • Mutations Arson deals with a mutation in his genetics that causes his hair eyes and occasionally even his skin to change its color
  • Energy related growth in the event of electrocution he would brush it off and temporally age a little depending on the degree of the shock from a static shock he would only age a few months growing a inch or so.
Tyler Gibs, Hudson's son
Tyler Gibs, Hudson's son
Hudson gibs
Hudson gibs

Bio: Arson grew up with a fairly nice life he parents gave him what he wanted always but he had a obsession with fire some thought it had something to do with his name others thought it was just who he was. He burned any thing when he was seven he set a house on fire with a zippo to watch it burn. After this his parents sent him to a boarding school to keep him away from their expensive home. at the boarding school he burned things in his waste basket to deal with his "flame addiction" every one was completely unaware of him doing this they assumed he grew out of it during eighth grade he discovered a compound of chemicals that would boost fire's destructive power he stole a small vile of it and played with it with his fire setting a car on fire it melted the car to a puddle with this his flame addiction grew worst he felt he needed to get more of the chemicals but he found he couldn't afford it and his parents surely wouldn't buy it for him. As a last resort he snuck away from the boarding school in to town where there were some mad scientists of sorts that spliced animal DNA with humans creating weapons and more powerful humans Arson volunteered to work for them helping with their experiments in exchange for his chemicals he did this for several months returning to the boarding school less and less before stopping going back completely (Age 13 at this point in his life) in this lab he spliced DNA creating mutated humans with fangs and such he found it easy and he got payed for it in both money and chemicals. Their most popular DNA used was canine DNA, Arson alone spliced two people with that specific DNA type. Here is where the actual story starts those two people played a big part in Arson's life the first, the stable one,a forty year old man with a attitude problem Arson sliced his DNA with a hybrid clone gene of a sabre-tooth and wolf, the result. Super human strength,speed and animal like instincts and senses. This one was nearly perfect his body bonded with the dna instead of being rejected like most other splicers.Yet the man refused to believe Arson and continued to come back to be re-spliced Arson knew it was unsafe but he didn't care he was still able to burn stuff After a few weeks the old man brought his son in to the Lab and payed to have his DNA Sliced with Coyote DNA at first this was a success but after a day he mutated more and lost control of his body to his instincts at first Arson didn't care about what happened to the Splicers until the mad scientist began blaming Arson and docking some of his pay.With this arson set the mad scientist on fire causing the mad scientist to have his body guard attack Arson and lock him up for a experiment. As a experiment the mad scientist shot the body guard, mad dog with a special weapon that captured him in some way (turning them in to mist) and mixing it with a mutates DNA when the father, Hudson came back in a few days with his son they were shot with the same weapon mixing their DNA with mad dog's and the mutates. once all the DNA was combined they hooked Arson up to a series of machines and put him in a strange tank and forcing the strange and dangerous DNA cocktail through Arsons skin at first it did nothing but hurt him with his scream the entire Lab set its self aflame through a series of voice activated "flame bombs" allowing him to escape now he spends his time in a costume identity playing with makeshift flame throwers and dealing with this curse the mad scientist left him with (The splicers, able to see what he sees and occasionally get out through the strange form of duplication)

Alice Heck

Alice Heck
Alice Heck

Name: Unknown

Aliases: Alice Heck

Height: 7,2

Weight: 125 (pounds)

Hair color: Varies

Eye color: Dark red

Age: Unknown seems to be some where between 17-20

Unusual features: red eyes, abnormal height, Scars across her body


Nanite weaponry

Flesh control

Bone control

Bio/short-overview: The young woman known as Alice Heck woke up in an hospital infirmary with no memory of who she was. Not even what she looked like. She quickly fled from the hospital. Her freedom did not last long as a group of evil scientists kidnapped her from the ally as she slept.They took her to a hidden lab within the sewers keeping her alive but chained and weak. Injecting her with drugs, energy treatments, and most painfully they cut her open and placed super thin nanite "skin" under her normal skin.After what seemed like a life time they finished. With this she gained a hate rid for men. Soon she escaped killing the scientists with her newly (re) discovered Flesh control powers growing their bones till their flesh tore to shreds. Alice slowly pushed her self back into the world occasionally killing men to release her rage. She learned of her Nanite weaponry and fought and killed men for no apparent reason. Alice soon became bored with her "back ally" hunting style and began learning of traditional teenage life and such by going to high school while secretly killing her male class mates and teachers.

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