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Code Name: Kid Devil

Aliases: The Red Devil, Runaway, (The) Demonic teen

Name:Warren Peace

Eyes: varies

Hair color: black (human) none (demonic form)

Relatives:Cain Jackson (father) Linda Jackson (mother)

Weight: 220 ( half human form) 370 (full demon form)

Team afflictions: Future Champions (formerly) Redeemers (currently)

Height: 5,11 (half human) 6,8 (demon form)

Age: 19

Powers :

Fire manipulation, The power to control heat and flame in nearly any fashion Kiddevil's entire body works to control flame down to the smallest source of heat

Teleportation, Warren can teleport any where he can picture in his mind

Heat absorption, Absorption of heat he can take the heat out of any object leaving it cold to the touch or frozen

Enhanced speed, Slightly faster than a normal human (thirty-two mph)

Gliding/flight, Small folding wings allowing him to temporarily stay air born. In his full demonic form he is capable of full flight for about five minutes provided he remembers to flap.

Enhanced strength, He can lift cars with ease. Limit: ten ton it is theorized that if trained by a full-demon that this would increase

Light/black magic, His skill in magic is weak and limited to what spare power he has at hand with given time he can construct spells of death or life

Witch Fire, Warren can create flames that heal or destroy cell tissue of humans

Power siphoning:Kid Devil can channel the power of other demons

Healing factor, Capable of mending bones and muscle tissue while he can heat


· Fire on steroids: behaves like regular fire, but very hard to put out. If starved of oxygen, it can be extinguished. It’s normal fire color, but with flecks of black in it.

· Azrael-style hellfire: Create things with the fire, and then you can transform it into metal you can control You can create massive walls, weapons, etc.

· Techno-hellfire: Disrupts some technology (like, makes light bulbs flicker, makes speakers squeal, stops communication tech e.g. phones, walkie talkies, police radios). Weak against electromagnetic fields. Otherwise, see number 1

· Soul fire: burns the soul, causing immense spiritual and physical pain to the victim, although there are no physical signs of being burned. The flames are completely black. It only works on those who have sinned

Psi-Hellfire; Not a physical construct, but affects the mind, making the victim think they're being burned, and therefore they feel the pain. No actual damage, but extensive use can drive a person mad.

Had his story here but I got angry at it.

I should really make a CVNU KD bio but I'm lazy so... Yeah

(Had do at least put powers and equipment down it sucks it was rushed)

Pyrokineis: The overall control of fire, as a result of his deal with the christian devil Kid Devil has total control over fire as a young hero he has not tested this ability much in battle but he has demonstrated total control over fire telling it what it allowed to burn,(how he prevents his clothes from burning) How hot it is allowed to burn and what shape it is allowed to burn in. How hot his flames can be is untested but from visual observation it is seen that in periods of rage he can produce white hot flames.

Fire Creation: The simplest of abilities really, molecules are accelerated to the point where they produce flame.

Super-strength: While he is not the strongest of heroes (Or villains for that matter) he has shown to be capable of lifting a 2 ton vehicle with mild discomfort his limit is assumed to but no more than two hundred pounds over that.

Durability: his bones are strengthened to the point where it takes 12,000 newtons to break his femur that is three times the average limit. His skin and muscle are noticeably tougher than a average human's while he is neither bullet proof or even knife proof you'll just have to hit him a little harder if you want you bruise or cause him pain.

Flight: after testing his flight speed with a stolen speed gun he saw his speed varied around 120 mph the average number at the end of your speedometer on a car

Inner-Demon: Warren was bound to a demon during his year in a coma the demon manifests it's self in the appearance of a bear's head on KD's hip, the demon has several abilities himself such as being able to activate life saving defensive maneuvers (temporarily assuming control to move KD out of harms way), and siphoning the blunt of magic that would hurt or exorcise the demon/host (KD)

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Hunting blade high grade 6" hunting blade purchased from a sporting goods store as means of protection when he first obtained his abilities (four months ago as of 6/2013)

Nu character will probably not be used anymore I'll be bringing in a new character momentarily just can't bring myself to delete the bios yet.