My Favorite DC New 52 Titles

If you've read my posts on here, you may notice that I'm VERY anti-DCnU but I thought I'd shed some light and list the titles that I'm actually very much enjoying and feel were improved on. Maybe it's just my good mood but I'll give this a shot as it's my first ever list on the Vine. Obviously these are my opinions so if my posts sound like they're factual, that's just me getting passionate :P

These are my Top 5 favorite books at DC. These are books that I actually get EXCITED over when they're released rather than books I just read because I want to read about that specific character or out of nostalgia.

Honorary mentions go to Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Injustice.

List items

  • I read the first 3 issues of this series and dropped it. Thought the New 52 tarnished Green Arrow and his awesomeness. And it did until one day Jeff Lemire came and told the readers of the DCnU to not give up hope. Since issue 17, this has been the most consistently entertaining and epic book of The New 52. I can read Jeff's issues over and over again without it seeming repetitive or get bored. The way he can tell a story, writes the dialogue, and you can't forget the amazing art, makes this DC's best book.

  • I think we can agree that for most hardcore fans of Superman, Superman was more or less a lost cause since the reboot. With constant creative changes and an unkind, brash new attitude I almost lost hope in the character. I nearly dropped Supermans solo titles altogether when Lobdell was writing both the main title and Action. I just didn't like the stories being told. And just like Jeff Lemire on Green Arrow, Greg Pak walked through the doors of my soul and said, "Wait, there's more." He took over the title of Action Comics with issue 25 and I feel like I'm reading a true Superman story again. This might not be a Superman who stands for Truth, Justice, and The American Way yet but this is a Superman who always believes there is another way. Killing is NOT an option for Pak's Superman. Issue 28 was actually the reason I decided to make this list. After reading a short panel between Lana and Clark where Lana asks if he has to befriend everyone, Clark simply smiled and replied with why not? That to me captured what I love about Superman.

  • James Robinson was given a fresh universe to build and he took it to the limits. For nearly 16 issues he made this a must read. He left the book and now Tom Taylor is at the helm. I was cautious at first over the direction TT would take this book since he's now known for writing an evil Superman (see Injustice) but he has made this book just as awesome. He's introducing a lot of new characters that make me questionable how the "JSA" will turn out but I stay faithful and anxiously await each new issue. The idea of alternate universes is something that will always interest me no matter how many times I see it. This is an alternate universe that I LOVE.

  • Originally an avid and faithful fan of Wally West, I started reading this series at the start of the reboot with an attitude. "Barry Allen? UGH. He was supposed to be the greatest origin story ever told! He should have stayed dead!" The team of Brian and Francis have changed that. They made this book so incredibly fun and light hearted but that doesn't take away from the action or edge that surrounds some of Barry's rogues (I'm looking at you Grodd). What's most important about this series is that Barry Allen IS important. He brings something to DC that was missing in the Post-Crisis Universe, a Universe I will always hold dear, and that's heart. In the Justice League animated series there's an episode of an alternate universe where Wally dies and the JLA become the Justice Lords. They fall apart without him. That's Barry Allen in the DCnU. I will always love Wally and await his return in the annual but Barry has found a home in my heart through this series.

  • Two words: Charles. Soule. This man is a modern day legend and he's only been in the game for so long. How many series is he writing right now? Like 10? Well because of this man's genius writing, Red Lanterns earns the spot. From what I've read on here, many people thought this title was somewhat floundering before the nigh angelic new creative team but to be honest I was always enjoying this title. However, Charles Soule made this title EVEN BETTER. It's so interesting and the writer knows how to get inside of the heads of these Lanterns. He brings out the best in Guy Gardner and really lets you connect with the other Reds, especially highlighting humor within the team.