Is it just me..

i've wached a couple Charmed episodes lately and i think the characters and storyline can be made into a great comic, and i dont man a four issue Zenescope comic either. i think they should also try not to make them look so much as the actresses (Holly, Alyssa, Rose & Shannen). kind of the reverse f how characters start looking  like their movie counterparts after the movie comes out.
anyone agree?



Stitch becomes the Power Pack's new pet
Tinkerbell meets Wasp -- even though shes dead :)
Jafar teams up with Baron Mordo
Zurg and Doctor Doom team up 
Ka-Zar meets Tarzan
Psylocke trains Mulan
Hades meets Ares
Two Hercules' meet
Young X-Men VS all of stitches "cousins"
Robin Hood meets Hawkeye
Maleficent marries Fin Fang Foom 
Iron Man vs the members of Buzz's  Star Command


At Birth

you could adapt to it and get used to the lifestyle. you dont want a mutation to hit in your teens where your social life is so important. and its taking a chance with a freak accident just in case of any deficiencies. so ill go with getting them at birth

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