CVnU Origin: Kiara

I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind, I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time. I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon. I feel there is nothing I can do, yeah.

The music floated through the room as if it knew the area intimately. And in fact it did if music were a sentient being. But it was the prone figure laying upon the crumpled sheets that controlled the music that filled the silence. Her jade green eyes stared blankly at the ceiling above her, never even so much as blinking. It was almost as if she were nothing more then a piece of furniture herself, artfully placed upon the bed with her flaming red hair fanned out around her.

A heavy knock sounded from the door across the from bed and the young girl upon it. In a moment the eyes and head of that seemingly lifeless figure adjusted to stare at the wooden object that kept her hidden away from whomever was on the other side of it. And that is exactly what she wanted. There was nothing in the world that could move her from where she lay. As a matter of fact she wished the entire world would forget her. It would save her from hurting those around her for a second time.

“Kiara.... Come to dinner..” The gruff and aged voice spoke kindly from the other side of the door. The pain in his own voice was evident. Not only for the loss he had suffered himself but for the granddaughter who was clearly spiraling into a black whole that no one would be able to drag her from. It pained the young girl to hear her strong grandfather sound as he did. For as long as she could remember he had been a very happy man who loved his family so deeply. Especially the granddaughter who now was lying on the verge of death herself.

Several days later.

It had been a long time since anyone had even heard a sound com from the room that had remained locked since the funeral. Not even the music played anymore. Robert Lindsay had feared the worse long before this moment. But his wife had continually stopped him from breaking down the door.

“She needs time to process it all dear. She can't do that with us standing over it. Let her mourn her parents in peace.” The finely lined face of his wife stared kindly at him as she reassured him once again.

“No. The music has never stopped before Bess. Something is wrong.” Without even waiting for a reply the old man launched himself out of the chair and bound up the stairs. His shoulder met wood soon after and as he opened the door he was struck by the most horrifying site. His beautiful granddaughter sat upon her bed in tears as blood streaked her nearly naked form. She clutched a knife in her white knuckled hand as she sliced into her skin over and over again. The entire time she muttered, “It's not fair. I cant die. I cant die. I cant die.”

Robert stared in shock as his wife crowded him in the door way. Both stood still as statues as they watched their granddaughter repeatedly violate her body with that cold steel. But it wasn't the blood or the cutting that kept them standing there. Each time Kiara sliced into her skin the wound would pour blood for only a moment before the skin would knit back together neatly.

The old couple couldn't help but be scared as they watched the horrifying scene before them. Not only had they lost their daughter and son in law because of some crazed maniac. But it seemed like their own granddaughter was beginning to loose her own mind. Not to mention she was manifesting some strange innate ability to heal herself. There had been cases of this before. They had heard story upon story of people with odd powers. But they had always dismissed them as hoaxes. There was no way they could deny it now. But denying it wasn't their problem. They needed to know how to handle it.

The old man hesitantly moved towards the bed. His wife's ancient gnarled hands clutched the arm of his plaid linen shirt but soon it slipped through her fingers. He looked back at her and the terror that emanated from her was almost palpable. He gave her a reassuring smile then again stepped towards the figure that was his granddaughter.

“Kiara? Come on now, Sissy. Give me that knife.”

His eyes never strayed from the blade that sliced through her skin like butter. He recognized it as part of the set he had bought his Bess one year for their anniversary. The knives themselves were delicate looking with dark mahogany handles but the blades had stayed sharp through countless years of use. He immediately regretted buying them all those years ago. But back then Kiara's mother was still a child and neither he nor Bess could have predicted what they would be used for.

The flame haired girls eyes shot to the man approaching the bed. Her eyes were wild with fright as she looked at him. But the moment he was standing to close she let out an almost feral snarl and lunged for the door only to be barred exit by the elderly old woman who feared more for her husbands life then her own. In a flash the cold hard steal had disappeared into the flesh of the woman's neck. A moment of shock fell across her face as she tried to speak but nothing escaped. Just the sound of the blood gurgling in her throat as the knife was removed.

It was in that moment Kiara came to herself. She stared at the old matronly woman who was fighting for her life at her feet. Terror etched upon her face as calmly the teenager knelt down. The knife moved once more but this time it went to her own wrist and in an instant a spattering of warm blood hit the dying woman’s face and then the hole in her neck. Slowly her breathing returned to normal as the wound knit together once more.

Robert stood by the bed as he watched the scene unfold before him. His feet felt rooted to the ground he was almost helpless as he thought his once happy carefree granddaughter was about to finish off the woman he loved. He stood still unwilling to move so as not to provoke her. Then he saw what she did. His eyes moved to the wound on his wife’s neck and watched it heal. Then he looked up once more only to see that Kiara was gone.

She ran from that place that had been her home for only a brief moment in time. She ran from her grandparents because they were unsafe around her. But most of all she ran because she had no idea what was happening to her. She had no where to go. No place where she felt safe. No place where she felt anyone was safe from her.

Three Years Later

Silence. There was not even the rustling of leaves to disturb her as she drew back the string on her bow. The wood of the bow creaked slightly as she reached the limit of her draw. Her entire body went still and so did the people watching. Then in a soft whoosh and a slight twang of the string she let loose the arrow she had knocked into the notch and then turned away. She didn't need to watch to know the outcome. Her arrow never missed. And sure enough with a soft thud the crowd fell into a deafening roar. Signifying what she was already aware of.

Kiara raised her bow above her head and a smile that didn't reach her eyes spread across her lips. She gave the required curtsey as a man's voice rang out above the din of the crowd. “Although it was never customary for women to practice archery during the Renaissance, many did. And as can be seen by our flame haired beauty, many succeeded far beyond the men's capabilities...”

With head held high Kiara left the archery grounds and the sound of the man's voice faded into the distance. Slinging the bow over her head and across her chest she hiked up the skirts of her period wear and made her way to the tent that had acted as her home for the past three years. Entering it was like stepping into the future.

The bed was small, nothing more then a cot piled with blankets to make it more comfortable. Next to it was a small table with a laptop. Another table across from the bed held a small 13 inch TV with a Blu-Ray player beneath it and next to that was an armoire filled with what little non-period clothing she had. Closing the flaps of her tent together and fastening them tightly she stripped out of the dress and put on her jeans and tank top.

The night started to set in and slowly the tourists began to file out of the Renaissance fair they had come to visit. The sounds from outside the canvas walls that surrounded her began to get quiet and sitting alone in her small space she began to think. She was tormented by the memories of the day she left her grandparents house. Flashes of scenes painted across her minds eye until she sprang up from her bed and paced the small area quickly.

Since she had left her entire life behind she had done much to make sure that she could protect herself. Not only had she perfected her archery but she had also studied Parkour. She had become almost an expert at the art form that used your surroundings as an obstacle course of sorts. She had also taught herself how to use it as a fighting style. Even more then that she had also incorporated her bow within the mix. She had broken many bows over the years as she practiced but eventually she would find one that could hold up to the task of being a long range weapon as well as a close combat tool.

Not only did she work with perfecting her own unique style of fighting but she also had to deal with the fact that her rapid healing was not her only power. More manifested as time went on and they were all incorporated into her fighting with much practice. Her latest seemed to work quite well with her bow but it had taken her a very long time to focus the kinetic energy of her arrows into a shock wave of great proportions. But it was still quite unpredictable and she dared not practice it with in any kind of range of people.

The other power was much easier for her to learn. Psychokinesis ended up being a very useful tool after mastering her archery and it proved to be a great party trick for the visitors of the Renaissance fair over the years. They always attributed the deliberately off track shots as poor bouts of luck for the young woman until her arrows altered course and hit their mark. And then they would only believe that it was all an act of smoke and mirrors. Never would they fathom that it was the young girls on mind that altered the course of her projectiles and never would she tell anyone otherwise.

As Kiara continued to pace her small tent her mind continued to fill with thoughts of how she had came to be where she was today. It had taken her a very long time to cope with her parents death and what she had in turn did to her grandmother. But now she felt as safe as possible within her own head. And there were fewer moments where she would sit with knife in hand flaying her skin wide open. But she knew that the potential to snap still resided within her. And she dared not venture back to her home.


The wooden pole that held up the front of her nearly authentic looking tent shook as someone rapped upon it. Her head turned quickly and she slowly made her way to the flaps that served as her door. Hesitantly she peeled back the covering and stared at a group of suited men. A quizzical look crossed her face, “Yes? May I help you?”

“Kiara Sullivan? We are with an organization that has been watching you for quite some time. We need you to come with us.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Well Ms. Sullivan we would hate to have to resort to illegal acts to persuade you to come with us. But I'm sure that your grandparents would rather you work with the Government instead of against it.”


A little bit of insight needed!

So for some of you out there you know me pretty well. You know I live in Georgia. You know I'm 25. You know I live with my parents for various circumstances (Mostly because I only make 300 a week and apartments here are twice that....Go figure eh?) And you know that my entire life I have been depressed and that my parents or family here make it very hard for me to come out of it at times. (Various suicide attempts and such. Better then I was five or six years ago! Go Me!) Anyway. I have an opportunity to move to Dayton, Texas at the end of next month. While I am certainly leaning towards doing it I'm a bit apprehensive about it. I have no friends there, have never been there, and the only family I have is my mean little sister who I hate most of the time. IF I move there I will be moving in with said sister and helping her with the various plannings of her wedding. But I dont want to move just willy nilly and not have a job and such.

Anyway now that you got a bit of background I want serious opinions. Would it be a good move? How hard would a job be to find? Most of all... Am I gonna die from Heat Stroke? LOL All SERIOUS opinions are more then welcome :)


A Puppy

This is random but I need to do it for the quest :P So I will talk about the awesome puppy I am looking for. Basically it's a beagle. IT's for my dad's birthday and we can't find one anywhere. But I put a listing in craigslist looking for one. So pretty soon I will be spamming my gallery with puppy pictures :D :D :D

WHo my Candidates would be...

Jean Claude has the Political stuff down for Vampires. He does what he has to for his people to keep them safe and to get himself further ahead. He is ruthless and careful all at the same time.

Vice- President
Vice- President
I think Andferne said it best. Captain America (Steve Rogers) has a true heart of a hero and his ghost said it best. It was never about him it was about the country.

The Election and such.

I'm not much for politics. I don't really understand them and don't really care. But I have found myself getting involved in this years elections. Mainly because for a change we actually have a candidate that is African American (or partially so) who has a very good chance of winning. I live in the south. So naturally I was raised Republican. But for once I find myself not liking the Republican candidate. I like the Democratic Candidate. But this isn't what this blog is about. What I find funny and stupid at the same time is the closed mindedness of the southerners. My dad for example. He was born in 1961, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. (the exact city escapes me but that doesnt matter.) Naturally he is going to be prejudiced or racist to a degree. His best friend is a black man who is like my second father, and for as long as I can remember they have been friends. And yet my dad still is very close minded.  He his totally against Interracial marriages, interracial relationships, and anything else that involves races mixing. You'd think growing up around that would make me the same thing. But no, I have good friends who are different races, ethnicities, and whatever else you want to call em. And my dad hates it.

We got on the subject of the elections the other day when a friend of mine came over. He asked her who she was voting for and the discussion went from there. My friend and I are both Obama/Biden supporters. We prefer them over McCain and Palin. And my dad is for McCain. He went on to degrade Obama for being an African American and for his last name resembling Osama Bin Laden's. He says Obama is a muslim and is going to allow Al Queada to infiltrate the states. I couldn't help but look at him like I was just now seeing him. My father is illiterate (to an extent. He can read and write and do math and is a damn good commercial plumber.) and has no buisness even voting. I know every vote counts. But to hear someone tell you and your friend that you can get out of his house if you vote Obama is disconcerting. It's no secret that my father and I have a very rocky relationship. We fight and yell and he tells me to get out and when I leave he comes looking for me but never apologizes. He used to hit my sisters and I and has even enjoyed a stint in jail for child abuse. So for a man who is unbelivebly close minded and against a candidate because his name is different and because he is African American astounds me. I thought we were past the times when a person was condemned because they were different, but it seems the southerners (and most of them I know are like this. Including my lil sister who listens to rap and has friends who are African american and yet she still uses derogatory language towards them.) don't want Obama because of the color of his skin and because he's "muslim".

I think its high time we have a president who isn't some old white guy just looking to make a name for himself. Or in the case of Palin, some frootloop woman who as Babs said, "Thought she was an expert on foreign policy because alaska is situated between Canada and Russia." I think Obama will do our country good. And if not we'll learn from our mistakes. Just like we did with Bush (who I did vote for both times.) Times are changing people. It's time to step out of our comfort zones and actually look at the candidates and what they want to do, not what they look like. We don't live in the days when a man was condemned for the color of his skin, we live in a world where all of that is behind us. And this includes all the people who say "African Americans are condemned for being black." It happens yes, but it doesn't happen like it used to.

I could rant on forever like this about different things. But I'm going to shut up now. I just wanted to get that out. And to say that you should vote for who you like, who appeals to you. Don't vote just because you want Obama in office. Watch the debates, look at what they want to do for us, look at whats best for out nation and then vote. Every vote counts, so use your voice and not your prejudices.


Just a thought...

What makes The Vine special isn't the ideal behind it, it's the people. We are family, no matter how dysfunct, and I can say that I am proud to be apart of this family. And I promise to do my best to keep it together and to keep trucking on.


This is a restatement..

I just have one thing to say. We all make mistakes, its human nature. I'm not going to take sides or berate anyone. Because all in all we are just human. I saw the issue of things that shouldn't be being said on the forums being raised. Most everyone I have met are very passionate people. Whether it be about comics, RPG's, or something else. So naturally something is going to slip through the cracks. It's inevitable and will happen here as well as anywhere else. I admit I get very defensive when it comes to other users picking on people, and heck I've done it myself. But what we have to realise is that we are just people. The mods are just people. We make the vine what it is, and we can not expect the mods to fix something when we don't do it ourselves.

What we could do as users is simple. Instead of sitting by and instigating a argument we could tell the people involved to take it to PM's. When we see someone having a go at someone else, tell them to stop. Pretty soon people will get the point. Alot of the new users look up to us, the older users, and we are not setting a very good example if we are not putting our foot down. Yeah I get that some people don't listen. THATS when you let a mod know. I can count on my hand the times I've went to a mod about something. Mostly I try to handle it myself.

The fact of the matter is guys, we make the vine. Not the mods. We are the people who come and do this and that. But what are we doing now days to rectify the problems. I remember a day when everyone got along mostly. But with the constant influx of users there is bound to be a difference of opinion. We just have to choose our own fate. Do we stand by and let stupid things happen? Or do we take action and fix the problems that the mods can't fix.


Blog of all Blogs :D

So G-Man wants a blog. I'll give him a blog :D :D

I dont usually blog here. BEcause well lets face it, I have nothing of importance to say... UNTIL NOW!

ATTENTION PLEASE! Just kidding. But really. I've been Reading the Anita Blake books. And recently transferred over to the comics. The art work totally rocks. The characters I had pictured have come to life... Literally. I'm just kinda concerned about all the R-rated stuff that comes later. How will that fit into the comics.. Will they leave it out? I hope not because even though the stuff is r-Rated, its totally important. Some of the powers Anita Gets later are connected to Jean-Claude, and well we all know that Jean-Claude is an Incubus of sorts (If you haven't figured that out yet, please shoot yourself)

Also something I find hilarious is Jean-Claude calling Anita "Ma-petite" In french (if I understand correctly) That means My Granddaughter. How the heck it translates to that is beyond me. But if he was calling her little one or small one, shouldn't he be calling her "un petit?" Calling her My grandaughter is just kinda creepy..

Just a little food for thought on this. But so far the Anita Blake comics get two thumbs, and two big toes up :D


Another Good One

Anyone who knows me knows I am all for Marvel's movies. Some might dislike a few of them but I seem to love them. But I have always had a soft spot for the batman movies. I hear so many bad things about the old movies but for some reason I love them. Maybe its the fact that those are the movies I gre up watching. We'd all sit in the living room and order a movie. And if Batman was on pay per view thats what we ordered. (Sometimes it was silly movies like Free Willy, and stuff like that) But I remember those days. Back before I really knew what life was like. Anyway. I was excited about The Dark Knight. I was thrilled we'd get another view of Joker and Two-face. So The night of its opening here in my small town my friends and I went to see it. We bought tickets a head of time (and thank god we did they were sold out when we got to our showing) so we had no lines to wait in. we just entered the theatre and found our screening room. It was packed. We had to sit on the second row from the screen, but it was soooo worth it. I was always kinda hesitant about Bale being Bruce Wayne, But I've takent hat back. Heath (god rest his soul) Was amazing as the Joker. He did a damn good job. Eckhart as Two-face was good. I really liked how they actually left him burned instead of making him look like Tommy Lee Jones version of him. Everything about the film was awesome. It left my friends and I in awe a few times and had us cracking up at others. I really loved the movie and I give it 6 hands up. (That would be mine and my friends) I would recomend anyone seeing it. And I cant wait till its out on DVD, so My dad can watch it!

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