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Khurir Khathgen

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Character Build

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1) Force Perception

2) Standard Purple Lightsaber

3) Form One

4) Form Three

5) Form Five


Orphaned at a young age in a rebel convoy struggling to survive within Empire Territory, Khurir managed to make a name for herself at a young age. She wasn't the strongest, faster or most intelligent rebel fighter, but she had natural talent. An intuition, a dexterity that allowed her to snake her way out of one too many suicide missions and avoid more than a few decisions that would've cost her and her comrades' lives. Coincidence lead to common occurrence and, in no time, people stopped arguing with Khurir's seemingly baseless intuition and listened to the young girl whenever she found that she had a strong hunch regarding what her squad should do next or if they were about to make a terrible mistake. And, for a time, she believed that she was nothing more than a smuggler with a lot of luck.

At least until she ran into her master.

Khatan Rhounei, a proactive Jedi who wasn't satisfied just waiting around and responding to threats after they had taken action, joined Khurir's fleet and exposed her "luck" as a gift from the force. Instead of allowing such a talented smuggler to meet her end in battle without any training or to fall into the clutches of the Sith, Khatan took it upon himself to train Khurir in the ways of the Jedi so that she could continue to provide precious metals and resources for her own people and for the forces that fought to oppose the Empire's oppressive march.

The Fortune-Teller

Despite her sensitivity to the force, Khurir turned out to be pitifully limited in her ability to utilize the force. Although she had unconsciously unlocked and refined her talents with Force Perception, she has shown to be completely unable to utilize any of the other force powers to any notable degree. That said, her skill with Force Perception, alone, is truly remarkable. Not once has Khurir even been taken by surprise in battle. She seems to always have an acute awareness of her surroundings and the nature of the people around her. She seems to always know when her brothers in arms are in trouble and when to come to their side in dire times. Using her innate gifts, Khurir has adopted the title "Fortune-Teller" among her kin as her insight and foresight have gotten her and her crew through more than a few "unwinnable" and "inescapable" situations and is likely one of the few reasons why they are doing as well as they are today.

The Maelstrom


The first form to be both created by the Jedi and learned by Khurir. It is the smuggler's stance in the presence of overwhelming numbers and in the absence of those who bare the title of Jedi or have the capacity to stand against her own blade. In this form, Khurir relies on the overwhelming force of the superior lightsaber, her own physical prowess and the advantages provided to her by her own force abilities to cut down enemy soldiers in swaths. Her technique often begins with widespread disarming of her opponents followed by systematic disabling or assassination by targeting the vital points of her adversaries' limbs and vital point.

Although this style may seem primitive and inferior to the other two that she has learned in the eyes of other Jedi and Sith who are both fixated on combating and defeating the other, Khurir recognizes Shii-Cho as another art that is inferior in some situations and superior in others. It is true that the wide attacks, flowing movement and high commital attacks of form one are ineffective against Jedi, but the fact of the matter is that... Khurir knows that she won't always be fighting Sith or Jedi.

On the contrary, she does what she can with her gifts to avoid just that situation.

But when put against droids, clones, soldiers, animals or whatever she might run into that aren't sensitive to the force or trained in the arts of lightsaber combat, Shii-Cho is her go-to to absolutely massacre groups of enemies with little difficulty and maximum efficiency. When appropriate threats do arrive, she simply adopts a different form.

The Torrent


When faced with superior forces, backed against a wall, or in dire need of escape, Khurir adopts the third form, Soresu. She becomes nigh-pacifistic, donating all of her energy, skill and efforts towards defense and movement to turn enemies' ranged attacks against them, tire out aggresive foes and otherwise make escape and survival a priority.

After learning this form, Khurir often uses it to gain some time to analyze a situation, gain some breathing room, and defend allies from aggressive assaults. It isn't her preferred form because, well, she's only ever forced to use it in a bad situation and the style has developed a somewhat negative connotation to her. Of the three forms that she has learned, she greatly prefers her final form to this one.

The Mountain

Shien/Djem So

Khurir's most intimidating form, though not superior to the others in the slightest. Instead of focusing on defense and evasion or aggressiveness and precision, Khurir utilizes her second form to stand against Jedi, Sith and the like and strike them down in confidence. She lowers her weight to the floor, plants her feet, places both hands on her lightsaber and becomes an exceptional, duelist balancing offense and defense whilst standing her ground. She reads the movements of her opponents, parrying attacks instead of guarding and combining her offensive and defensive movements into fluid motion.

It is true that her master taught her to avoid combat at all costs, but when facing superior opponents and unable to flee, Khurir's adept skill at form five proves to be the perfect technique to employ when she cannot run, cannot hide and must stand her ground, fight, and win...

The Dream

With time, Khurir hopes to master all of the forms of lightsaber combat; including those employed by the Sith. If becoming a master of the force isn't an option, then becoming a master of the blade is just as great an accomplishment. Especially if that blade assures the victory of those who oppose the Empire.