tokusatsu damashii

i love tokusatsu you might only know them from power rangers but i`ve been enjoying them for a long time these are my favorite
characters and episodes

1 akared the red god of super sentai : boukenger vs super sentai


2 jan(gekired) & rio and the gekirangers: gekiranger 47 
coolest  as sentai stupid as power rangers >_<

3 momo ura kin ryu climax form : ryutarou and the taros-tachi : kamen rider den-o 18
love momo`s reaction here ^_^

4 wataru kivat and tatsulot: kamen rider kiva emperor form: kamen rider kiva 21(i think)
and he held back alot of power in this ep

5 tetsuya neo-human casshern (casshan for americans) cashern the movie


i know alot more but it takes so much space here
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