I am a guy that likes superhero’s and I also love to debate them fighting each other

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Aloy (game character)

Does anyone here aloy from horizon zero dawn or horizon forbidden west I want to make threads and battles with her but I wanted to know if the people I regularly tag know who she is

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Most skilled (MCU) high tier

We all know the high tiers for their immense power but which high tier has the best h2h skill?



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Feel free to include any other high tiers that you can think of in the mcu.


Who won the fight Hawkeye or yelena

In episode 4 of Hawkeye a 4 way battle ensued between Kate yelena hawkeye and echo Ive seen arguments that Clint came out the best or that yelena came out the best which one do you think had the upper hand?


Does the sss scale to the taker

I was always under the impression that if you take the SSS and you are already Peak human you will be stronger than somebody that was weak or sickly when they took it you will still be quite strong just not as strong as someone that was physically fit prior to the serum what are your thoughts on this?


Which is the better staff/baton wielder MCU Black widow or Okoye

This is NOT a straight fight this is a thread trying to determine which of the two are more skilled at using spears/staffs/batons and things of that nature

My synopsis:I think that they are both accomplished and skilled at using Bo staffs but okoye is more stylish with twirling and spinning her spear when fighting but widow is efficient while instead of being flashy she blocks and strikes and gets it done but idk which is more skilled.

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