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So cute! 0

I should always have an prologue in my reviews. Too bad I don`t have anything smart to write to those.What I like.The stories fit perfectly for kids. And adults. They should. After all, if you`re gonna get your kid a childrens book, you should also like to read it,since you`re the one who`s gonna read the story to the little critter. Over and over again...The art...You should buy the book simply because of the art. And because it`s full o` cute things.It`s black and white.I like silent comics. I...

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Don`t hang me for writing this. 0

Hello reader. This is my 28 review.Bit about the plot.So, the story starts with a greedy man and a woman using disturbing ways to find gold with a sexy young woman. She escapes them, and is found by a young man. She goes with him because he seems like a decent fellow. They go to a place, that is next to a Gastropoda-looking temple, to what Claudia (the series main-protagonist) and his cameraman go to. Inside it, a cult tries to contact aliens by masturbating. They get interested in Claudia, and ...

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