This is, yet again, another list.

This list has random items in it. Why? Because I want to have "Watchmen"-comic in one of my lists.

List items

  • Easily the best stories by Don Rosa. You may wonder why this is higher up than Watchmen. Let me tell you. I didn`t grow up with superheroes. I grew up with Disneys ducks. This is a tribute to (one of) the greatest of them. Plus, this is less violent. There`s no blood spilled. At all. And it`s fun!


  • This is one of the greatest comic-stories I`ve ever seen, and deserves a place in one of my lists.


    UPDATE: How mainstream of me. but yeah, I like this.

  • I`ve only read a few panels of them, and seen few awesome covers. But judging from those few glimpses of them, I really wanna read about them.

  • I`d wanna use this guy in a story, someday.


    Not anymore.

  • And him too!

    If I`ll grow fond of him.

  • He is an artist, who has a unigue and great style, but who unfortunately, doesn`t draw enough comics.

  • Well, he seems cool enough, so maybe I could include him on to a story or two, if I get the chance.

    Icarusflies is probably really glad I included this guy to this list.

  • He doesn`t need any depht. It`s enough that he`s a nazi dinosaur.

  • I like crabs.

  • Cards! I had forgotten about them. then I remembered them again, and now I wanna use `em in a story if I get a chance.

  • I wanna use him. He`s so colorful and good guy-looking. But he`s actually an a-hole who kills villains in diverse and violent ways.


    Well, there are worse persons than him.

  • A gorgeous woman whose greatest passion is...great maintenance!