My imaginary DC-line. Version 2.0.

I made two blog posts of the subject.

I decided to put more thought in to this this time.

Note, it`s not in the New 52 `cause...why would it be (okay okay...there`s also been gems in that continuity)?

Naturally, I`d make stories for these series too. Because, in my imagination, I can.

It would be cool if the line would be connected in ways that wont require getting the other series to understand the big picture.

It would also be cool if the cretors would get alot of freedom in...well, creating stuff. It would be up to me, yes, but you never know what I would become like.

I had Powerpuff girls at one point, but Cartoon Network seems to be publishing them. Yay!

I also had Seven soldiers of victory, but realized that I want their first saga to be a unique one. So no other ones.

I also had Batman adventures and Justice league series that were spawned of the 90`s cartoons, because something similar is needed. But that`s obvious, and can be achieved with a new kind of series.

Swamp thing, also. Deleted, can appear as a guest star all around the place.

And Starfire. But she can have an arc in Showcase. Same for Lobo.

Frankly, most of these could be in Showcase, but you never know. Not even in my imagination.

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