My faf Batman-stories. Version one. There`s not a version two.

This list tells that what the title states. These are the Batman-stories that made me truly feel: This is Batman.

I planned to have this be a work in progress, until I`d have read all the stories of the character that make or made me feel wow. It wasn`t smart. So, I decided to let this be.

These were my opinions years ago. They may, or may not have had changed a bit. I still like all the stories though.

Also, while you read this, you can also listen to THIS:

The order of the items in this has been reversed, by the way. So the last item of the list, is my faforite Batman-comic.

Note, this isn`t my first list. I deleted the first ones `cause they weren`t good. Just a two faforite characters-lists that didn`t have that many surprising ones in them. Also, lots of horrible jokes.

I decided to let this be.

These were me opinions years ago. They may, or may not have had changed a bit.

List items

  • Neal adams. Dennis O`Neil. Joker. Batman.

    It`s great 70`s action. Nothing else but action.

    I love this.


  • My faforite run of Batman. Why? The writing is great, and feels great. It has awesome villains, and as awesome art. It has alot of classic material, that has been copied up during the later years of Batman, merely because it`s awesome. I love this story, even if some don`t seem to. But I don`t really care. Also, this is one of the first Batman-stories I`ve read. And when I read it the first time, it was printed in black and white. I like black and white comics.

    What`s not so great bout it? Sometimes is feels too much like Marvel.


  • This is an anthology series of Batman, by great comics-creators. It`s also black and white, which I like. Most of these stories show the core of Batmans personality.

    If I could get all these stories, I`d be so happy. But I don`t deserve it.


  • When I saw this, I thougth:"Wow, Neil Gaiman writing Batman. This will be great."

    Or something like that. But I didn`t know that it would be this great.

    Not only did Nealie-boy add an improved version of an idea, that I would`ve hoped to use in a Batman story, he also made me feel emotional when reading this story. It also has stories within a story, and so many great characters. Also, look at the pencil art By Andy Kubert, and inks by Scott Williams. And everything else.

    I can`t believe that some people gave the second part only 2 stars...


  • My all time faf Batman story.

    Even if Frank Miller hasn`t done alot of Batman stories, I think (like sooooooooo

    many), that he`s written the downright best Batman-story. Look at the plot and the pencil art by him. Look at the inks by Klaus Janson. Colors by Lynn Varley.

    Batman is in this story, an aged man, who is a little frighteningly used to being Batman. He`s a modern relic from the years gone by. A knight. Who figths a war. He and his world is also portrayed so realistically, that you understand...

    This isn`t only a comic. This really happened somewhere.

    It also has the best characters that belong to the mythos of our pointyeared hero.

    Nothing else to write. Oh, except this:


    It`s still my faf Batman-story. Partly due to nostalgia. Mostly due to it being the balls.