List items

  • The series that I`d wanna make is an 80 ish limited super duper maxi-series. Each ish 80 pages. Let`s pretend that I could make 6 issues a year. In reality, probably just one or two.

  • Ish 1: Gotham narrates the story. Tells about what Gothamites do, for one night. Has heroes, criminals, villains but for the most part, ordinary people.

  • 2-3: They fight against a few of worlds vilest villains. The story also explores what are the defining characteristics of the team.

    Has: Booster Gold, Krypto, Ace the Bat-hound, Blue beetle, Powergirl, Bulleteer, Mr. Miracle III and others.

  • 4: Has Ace the bat hound, Hoppy the Marvel bunny and others. The focus is on the teams internal dynamics.

  • 5-6: Cosmic stuff.

  • 7-13: That`s right. Seven issues. Each seven soldiers-story is 70 pages long. Which means, that there`s still 10 pages left in every ish. Those are short stories, that add to the epic at hand. Picks up after a year from the end of the Grant Morrison written epic that introduced this version of the team. They save the world again, without knowing that they worked together. Has mystery, action, obscure characters and whatnot.

  • 14: Remember when Wondy use to be fun, continually? You probably don`t, cause you may not have even been born then. Has fun and dark stuff mixed together. But not in a gritty way. Has Fireworks man, Wonder girl and others.

  • 15: Does demony things. Also has Specter, Deadman, and whoever I want.

  • 16: Fights against Dr. Alchemy.

  • 18-19: They team up with other robots to defeat Brainiac and Manhunter-robots.

  • 20: Decides to become a pacifist. Even if only for a fleeting moment.

    If Don Hall hasn`t been resurrected, that is.

  • 21-22: Versus some menace.

  • 23: Let imagination run wild.

  • 24-26: A new member. Will she die in the end? I dunno.

  • 27-33: Living in the secret society of super villains. stars villains. Bat rogues, Lex Luthor, Flashes Rogues, obscure villains...

  • 34-37: Escapes from escape proof traps and situations.

  • 38-41: Well...hero-villain team-ups.

  • 42-45: No superheros (maybe a few mentions and newspaper headlines, though). Maybe not even borderline-superheroes.

  • 46: A pitch-dark story, which is connected to Vigilante I and Jonah Hex too, spanning about 200 years.

  • 47-49: It was left badly unfinished.

  • 50: Versus Krona (who shares as much of the page count as Metron)! Happens millions or thousands of years ago. Has chameos by various characters.


    51: The team has evolved.


    65:Versus, for example, Clayface.


    66: At first I thought that there`s been enough Batman-stories already without one by me. Then I thought...if I could have the chance to make a Batman-story, a purely entertaining one, that doesn`t try to rewrite the character, why not take it.


    67: Same as Batman.

  • 68: If I can make a story of him, I WILL.

  • 69-70: A new, temporary Legion is created, to fight against Vandal Savage, Dr. Shayalan (an obscure Legion villain, who had one appearance) and Legion of supervillains! Heroes: Original Legionnairies, Plastic man, Booster Gold, Woozy Winks who has been brought from the past, Elongegated man (who has been brought from the past), New gods, new heroes, legacy heroes, Deadman and maybe others.

  • New EDIT.

    71: He needs to be used...

  • 72-74: Obscure characters.

  • 75-77: With MARVEL, and maybe Image and others.

  • 78-80: Adam I and those other cosmic heroes, from that one Grant Morrison written JLA-ish, have a little adventure (from their perspective) which rocks the whole universes foundations. Happens about a thousand year ago. Has timetravelling, obscure characters, not so obscure characters and bat shit crazy stuff. Plus, a goodbye letter from me.