Fafored characters of KFH

There`s no point in having top 16-100 (or more) lists. Most can`t picture it properly. I just see a bunch of stuff, and then note (rarely) that a certain story is (if you ask the person) better than some other. As for top 4-15 lists, number one usually disappoints.

Also, you know how hard it is to decide, on a big list, if character B is really better than characters E-R and V-Y? You prolly do, by deducting, or experience.

Not on the site:

  1. Amelia and...
  2. Her boyfriend from movie Amelia.
  3. Caden Cotard
  4. Olive Cotard
  5. Sam Barnathan (all three from Synedoche, New York)
  6. Hattifattener/Hattivatit
  7. Mörkö
  8. Snufkin/Nuuskamuikkunen (the three from Moomin)
  9. Simon Peter Gruber from Die Hard III (best of the series, meaning, actually worth watching).
  10. Headless monks from Dr. Who (Good man goes to war).
  11. Xayides beetle-like monsters from Neverending story. Whatever they`re called.
  12. Shopping malls of Diskworld. No idea what book, but I don`t care I don`t remember.
  13. Sharona Fleming
  14. Natalie Teeger
  15. Julie Teeger
  16. Leland Stottlemeyer
  17. Randy Disher
  18. Adrian Monk
  19. Ambrose Monk (All seven from Monk. Probably a few villains too.)
  20. Harold Krick and...
  21. Karen Eiffel (From the movie Stranger than fiction, which you prolly wanna check out if you`re in to metafiction.)
  22. Dr. House
  23. Dr. Taub (From House.MD. I case that show.)
  24. Sophie from Moving castle.
  25. Kiki from Kikis delivery service.
  26. Brick Heck
  27. Michael "Big Mike" Heck Sr. (both from The Middle)
  28. Scissorhead fairy from Welcome to Oddville.
  29. Omnidroid from the Incredibles.
  30. The four main characters from the movie Snowcake.
  31. Dalia (and to be honest, pretty much everyone else) from Suburgatory.
  32. Peräsmiehen poika/Son of rearman (very freely translated).

From Simpsons, many of my faf jokes from the series (though some are more seriously taken characters, who were useful in an episode), personified:

  1. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Truckasaurus
  2. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/The_Grumple
  3. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Little_Moe_Szyslak
  4. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Frankie_the_Squealer
  5. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Inanimate_carbon_rod
  6. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Leopold
  7. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/French_Chef
  8. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Serious_Homer
  9. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/The_Scoutmaster
  10. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/The_Collector
  11. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/King_Snorky
  12. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Dexter_Colt
  13. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Kearney_Zzyzwicz,_Jr.
  14. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Lyle_Lanley
  15. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Johnny_Tightlips
  16. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Burns%27_Flying_Monkeys
  17. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Kwik-E-Mart_President
  18. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Caleb_Thorn
  19. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Bort_(boy)
  20. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/The_Egg_Council_Guy
  21. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Iron_Lung
  22. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Guy_Incognito
  23. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Maude_Flanders%27_grandmother
  24. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/European_Female_Moe
  25. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Summer_Romance_girl
  26. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/THX
  27. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Stacey_Swanson
  28. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Giant_Handed_Man
  29. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Dwight_Diddlehopper
  30. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Killhammad_Aieee
  31. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Bomb_Disarming_Robot
  32. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/The_Chocobots
  33. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Chili_Man He`s one of those people with a hip dream, who never give up.
  34. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Toaster_Bot The only function of this pseudo Transformer seems to be to turn in to the letters N and O.
  35. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Susan_B._Anthony_Man What a great visual.
  36. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Woman_Jockey I like that episode bundlesomely.
  37. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Surly_Duff
  38. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Karl_Factfile
  39. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/ATM_Bot
  40. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Alan_Wrench
  41. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Swig_McJigger
  42. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Mexican_Duffman
  43. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Tom_Turkey
  44. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Ms._No_Means_No
  45. http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Rex_Banner

My friends, from the story The Fidgetings and dodgings of Akilles De Picosekunti. Not available in the bookshops nearest or farthest of you. Some of it is in the internet, in a variety of sources.

Hundreds of characters from centuries old folk tales and beliefs from all around the Earth. For example: Xing Tian, Sea bishop, ...

In progress till I stop visiting here completely.

List items

  • Basically, In-Betweener done right.

  • The version from that JLA/Wildc.a.t.s.-crossover. Reading it made me feel like a kid again, in some way, `cause that kinda stories were what I used to enjoy the most.

  • In Batman: Brave and the Bold, is an antagonistic version of a certain Marvel character. I like that one.

  • Camelot Falls-version.

  • Embodiment of a social commentary in his Morrison-appearance.

  • Batman adventures-version. You know, the interesting one.

  • FLipped my lid when I found out the two appear in more than one issue. Okay, didn`t, but hope I woulda. Because...


    I`m that annoying, off-line.

  • Paul Dini killed him, and replaced with a pseudo-Harleyquinn...


  • His best stories are his two first ones. That Brave and bold episode is great too.

    Rest of the stories suck.

  • Well, not the character itself actually, but the one inspired by this character. (That looks like Owlman, and is named like that.) Appeared in one of those animated JLA-movies.

  • Their names are Peri and Gale. That`s how much I like `em. I actually paid attention (though it took a second time, for me to notice) when Penguin told their names.

    I read criticism about them. That they`d fit better as Toymans thuggees. Yes, they do seem like creepy (mechanical, perhaps) dolls, so they would fit. But they`re also like featherless birds.

  • Like a fairy tale monster.

  • The Hostess ad. Not the later stories.

    Too bad she was made fun of being a feminist, though.

  • Nothing about this character fits together thematically, I love that. Underdeveloped, though.

  • I used to prefer the second King. Only reason being that he didn`t have a goofy costume. Honestly, like...guh...

  • The pair had an underwhelming only appearance.

  • They still found their way in to my heart. <3

    Too bad their story wasn`t finished.

  • "They drank


  • It took me years to realize that he`s even more wrong than I thought, when I first read it. Which points out another discomforting fact about me.

  • Dawwwwww...

  • I dunno exactly why. Maybe it`s that Kirby influence.

  • Grl is from Japan.

    Fighter, poet, lady is.

    Got girl(mind)power.

    (See? I misunderstood what Haiku is really about too. Just like Morrison.)

  • The Moore version is cool and all, but he didn`t put enough effort in to the stories. That`s always the case when Moore writes long series.

  • Kirby wrote great teens.

  • One of my first superhero comics was Fantastic four visionaries: John Byrne vol. 1.

    I was...11. Or 12. I read the whole book in a few hours, straight. I had read far fewer Marvel-and DC comics then, and stuff like planetary objects with a mind of their own...

    I have only one other story that has his effect loom over. But to me he`s as important as the others.

  • Surprisingly ingenious.

  • Private eye is needless, Vaughan and Martin woulda been better off making a same lenght comic about this guy going in to the drug store and doing other menial things, in the world they created for Private eye.

    But the thing about Vaughan is, is a popular culture-writer, can`t grow out of that apparently, which is why all his talent is wasted.

  • You ever heard of fun comics?

  • I was overwhelmingly relieved to find out Stan Lee didn`t write his first story.

  • I misremembered the name to be Grammar nazi.

  • Nazi made of bees.

  • The mosquito-storys antagonists. Is also the best chapter, one of my faf stories in anywhere.

  • Skittled offa acid trip.

  • Nostalgia.

  • Off-screen, too.

  • I used to watch his 90`s animated series, but the books are better. Paddington is equally lively in both.

  • Best Hanks-villain.

  • The antagonist.

  • Love these a-holes.

  • Oh Jackie dear...if only I`d be able to produce two finished pencils-pages a day, like you...and beat nazis.

    I`d settle for four completely finished pages a week.

  • Wonder if there`s any other fictional lumber jack-themed heroes?

  • Only hero from Star wars I like.

  • Realistic in way a story and character needs to be: Almost incredible.

  • Most of the time I preferred his stories to Donalds and the other ducks.

  • Grumpy heroes=Best.

  • Faf Futurama character I remember right now, who`s on the sites database.

  • Mostly silent sidekick who usually helping and standing on the background. Sometimes imitates the actions of bigger characters or helps `em outta trouble.

  • Great example of those well written fair and strong fictional female heroes of popular culture the 1980`s and onwards sprawls with.

  • Faf Disney-movie not animated with computer.

    Yeah, even with the faults.

    So retro. So weird.

    Protagonist is cooled.

  • Faf Toy story character. Second faf is that Etch-o-scetch.

  • Funny, how parody characters oft become of the ultimate heroes of the genres and characters, they initially made fun of. While still remaining as parodies.

  • Better character than ALL those boring Gauls.

  • "Hey doc, I`ve got this strange lump on my side."

    "Hm. No question about it, that`s an alternate universe, growing in an absolutely inappropriate place. Let`s get it the hell of, shall we?"


    "That would be 100 $, thank you."

  • =)

  • <3

  • Hero since childhood. The other ducks don`t interest me as much.

    What now bothers me is...he`s worked out in to the Perfect Benevolent Capitalist. And capitalism don`t need any shoe shining and ass-licking.

    He`s actually quite an ass-hole, at times. And yeah, I do mean Barks-stories.

  • Unhinged in a hinged way.

  • Love the stories.

  • Best character of the franchise.

  • Let`s promote this to an official alphabet!

  • Dude...your costume is way too much like your predecessors.

  • Woman whose greatest passion is...

    Maintenance of army equipment!

  • Darkness light having play-the-play. Chasing them crooks at night no day. Yin Yang body whack. Give Mantlo a bone.

  • There`s nothing bad about Jasso, but he`s not as interesting to me.

  • Contrast of visuals.