Resolutions for the year 2013.

For most of my life, I haven`t made New years resolutions, because it hasn`t been an official custom of my family...well, never. Last year, I decided to make a few. I did. Let`s see how I fared with them.

My resolutions for the year 2012 were:

-Not worry about the worlds end to happen this year, because it wont happen.

Succeeded with flying colors.

Of course, it was the end of the world for a alot of persons. Not sure if I know none of them. Probably not.

-Buy rest of Jonathan Hickmans run as a writer on Fantastic four.

I don`t live in America. I buy the trades online. Some of them haven`t been published yet, and I`m also waiting for the prices to go down a bit more.

So, no, I haven`t.

-Draw the comics I`m supposed to draw.


-Write the stories I`m supposed to write.

I`m not much of a writer, and my nothing-but-words-stories are mostly done out of sheer inspiration. I just type something on to the page. So, yeah, I probably have succeeded at this.

-Buy as many volumes of Jack Kirbys fourth world as I can.

I`ve bought one this year for sure (vol. 2), I`ve bought one (vol. 1) either the year 2011 or 2012 (I checked, I bought both in 2012), I got one as a Christmas present (vol. 3) and I could`ve had a chance to buy the last one...But there are factors. But anyways, I succeeded. I`ve bought two of them this year. That`s pretty good.

-Buy the Seven soldiers of victory-stories written by Grant Morrison.

Did. The second half of it is the best part of it. Here`s a rev of part 1. Part 2 can be found on the page of the next ish. If you`re interested.

-Become more independent.

I moved away from home. Not permanently, though. Yet.

-Be as good a person as possible (I will fail at this).

I was wrong. I have been as good a person as it is possible, for me to be. Which isn`t much.

-Spend less time on the internet.


SO, this is why you should make alot of resolutions. You`re bound to succeed at fulfilling at least one.


My resolutions for this year:

-Spend more than 1000 euros to comics (my country gives me money, I don`t deserve).

-Move to another city, where I will learn how to make comics. Well, more skillfully, at least.

-Go on a few dates. I have to start some day, right?

-Earn 20,000 wiki points.

-Read all The Hithchikers Guide-books by Douglas adams.

-Destroy Earth with a hydrogen bomb size of the moon.

-Buy the comics that I was supposed to buy in the year 2012.

-Shoot a bunch of expensive (sigh) New years rockets sky high.

-Send letters (not those singular squibles which make up words when put together, but pieces of paper that have them) to three comic makers I admire.

Well, those are my resolutions. What are yours? Do you have any? Is anyone gonna answer these questions? Is anyone gonna comment? I`d like if some would.

Also, have a splendid New year, which will be full of disappointments, granted wishes, happy moments, sad stuff, comics, innocence, evil and erotics!