Another guestion. Why don`t some people like comic creators?

Some say that Alan Moore`s a crumpy old man. And that John byrne has an inflated ego. And that Dan Slott is a loudmouth. Yeah yeah, I get it. But what`s the use to talk about it? Or write or anything. Lets think about this for a second. Imagine you`re, for example, a comic writer. Not Frank Miller or anyone else, but YOU.Well, you have done comics for a while now, and you decide to go to computer ( or give an interview, or something). You talk/write about stuff, the way you have all your life. And then you say/write something someone doesn`t like. And that someone says something you don`t like, to you. And it all might evolve to a fight. And suddenly, you`re being called a b***h (I don`t like to use slandering or curse words), and with other names like that. And others speak other bad things, or not-that-bad-but-still-bad -enough-I-guess-things about you. That makes you feel angry, sad etc. All because you had a different opinion than the next guy/gal/other, or you were crouchy having not slept or eaten enough. And `cause you spoke like you have for years now. Or there was a mis-understandment (tear in the eye).It`s the same for them.

Actually, it`s the same thing everywhere. No matter what job, no matter what kind of a person you are. All kinds of beings (like people) sometimes fail to understand that everyone are actually, very much like everyone else. It`s so weird, frustrating, crazy and sad.

Ok, that was in a way, guite clicheic, and I don`t know if it got anyone thinking about it (I`m not talking about sex). But anyway...

Good night/evening/day/any part of the day and night boys and girls (or any who are neither, something in the between, or something beyond those).

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