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The origin of Coka Cola

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Coca-Cola is simply the most well known brand in the history of the world. Sure, it's mostly just soda water and sugar. But they sell about 400 billion cans of the stuff a year to about 200 countries, an average of more than 60 cans to every single human being on the planet.

Pretty impressive for a drink that routinely gets beat in taste tests by Pepsi.

  The Drug:
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Coke has it right there in the name. When Coca Cola was created in the summer of 1885, the market was even more crowded with sodas than it is today. In addition to Coke, Pharmacists were selling thousands of sodas, including Dr. Pepper, which got its name from the Texas doctor who marketed it as a cure for impotence. The belief that effervescent water contained health benefits goes back to the Romans, and given the state of mainstream medicine in the 1890s, customers were more than happy to believe Dr. Pepper got your dick up just as well as an old fashioned leech bleeding. Coca Cola was able to stand out in the crowded market because it's purported health benefits weren't total and utter bullshit.

 John Pemberton, the Atlanta pharmacist that invented Coca Cola, claimed that the ingredient it was named after, the Coca leaf, cured everything from depression and nervousness to morphine addiction. If those purported effects sound familiar, congratulations, you could beat a chimpanzee in a game of memory. Coca is the leaf that produces cocaine, and like Freud, John Pemberton was incredibly enthusiastic about its "health benefits."

But surely he wouldn't go so far as to stake the claim of his fledgling business on an unproven drug, right?


Why It Makes Sense:

Like Freud, Pemberton practiced what he preached. In fact, when he said he was convinced from "actual experiments that coca is the very best substitute for opium addicts," he was speaking from personal experience, since he was a himself a morphine addict. But whereas Freud retired his cocaine megaphone once doctors sounded the "shit kills you" alarm, Pemberton chose to put it in his soda, plug his ears, and hum loudly.


In his history of the beverage, Mark Pendergrast claims there was about 8.45 milligrams of cocaine in each serving, which is about 1/4th of what people put up their nose to get high these days. But fans of the drink were known to chug up to five at a sitting, or to drink it with five times the syrup called for in the recipe. When combined with the sugar and caffeine, that brings the drug to right around street level.

So it's not surprising that by the time cocaine was removed from the drink in the early 20th century, people were ordering Cokes by asking for "a dope."


Green Lantern #57

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Carol Ferris and Lanterns imprisoned?
In the up and coming issue of Green Lantern #57 we'll finally see our first male Star Sapphire... in the form of Predator.
It's coming out August 25.
What do you guys think of the cover, isn't it itching at you to find out the truth?


I think Dex-Starr should have his own comic, where in-comic he's road tripping around the world finding his owners killer only to be met by obstacles and weird stuff on his path. What do you guys think? Also shouldn't Atrocitus be gathering more Red Lanterns? It seems to me that his numbers may be formidable, their nothing to how many Green Lanterns there are. Bleek or Dex-Starr should be second in command tho, what do you guys think? Man, I just can't get enough of Red Lanterns. :P

Rage kitten team up.
Rage kitten team up.



Best pies 

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Anyone else have any good pies you might wanna add? =]
Worst pies 

Pumpkin =[ 

I think that's the only bad pie.

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I'm hunting... shhhh

Take the Where am I?

Your Results:

Savage Land 100%
Shhhh! Don't make too much noise! If you ruffle your feathers too much a T-Rex is going to eat you. Ok, so technically you're in Antarctica. Confused? You better be! It's like Jurassic Park in the coldest part of the Earth. Now, continue on with your day while you're hunted by every beast imaginable.
This is pretty much the only place you have no chance of leaving... ever. Maybe you should have helped that old lady across the street? Or maybe you should have lent Uncle Larry $20 when he needed to buy Grandpa Earl's medicine? You screwed up... big time.
Hey, at least it's not Hell! Darkseid rules this place with an iron fist. There's explosions everywhere, slaves crying, and most importantly, no way out. Unless you want to sneak around and try to get into one of those Boom Tubes. Let's face it, you're screwed.
I'm pretty sure that if you hear that stupid "In brightest day... In blackest night" b.s. anymore, you'll murder everyone on the planet. Luckily, you're in the center of the universe, so you have lots of traveling options.
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Take the Comic Vine Job Fair

Your Results:

The A-Team 100%
Welcome to the A-Team. A soldier of fortune is the life for you. You'll get to travel to different places, shoot machine guns and help polish Mr. T's chains.
Mystery, Inc.
Time to celebrate. Break out the Scooby Snacks. You now get to be one of the "meddling kids" and help stop all those spooky dudes that like to play dress up. And just maybe they'll let you drive the Mystery Machine too.
Gotham City Police Department
You've joined the proud men and women of the G.C.P.D. Those are some dirty streets that need some serious cleaning. Working together, you can help fight evil and write parking tickets. You also get your own gun! Just steer clear of any purple dressed clowns.
Batmen of All Nations
Every country should have its own Batman. Take your pick. You'll be re-located and get your own silly costume based on Batman. If you're lucky, you just might be able to meet the man himself.
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Luke Cage... one P'Oed mother

Take the What superhero am I?

Your Results:

Luke Cage 100%
You are the bad mutha' known as Luke Cage, yo. You don't take crap from anyone. Heck, you even wore yellow satin shirts for the longest time and everyone was afraid to tell you how bad it looked.
You are Thor, the mighty god. You have a big hammer. Watch out where you swing it.
Moon Knight
You are one bad mutha.' Unfortunately, you're a little crazy sometimes. Rich playboy, taxi cab driver, super hero, take your pick.
Face it bub, you're the best there is at what you do...that must mean you are THE quiz taker. Despite being covered in hair, you somehow are able to attract the ladies. Snikt!
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Batman's mistakes

With all the mistakes Batman has made, do you think he is still mentally stable to be Batman even if he were to return? Because although very stubborn Bruce makes a lot of mistakes.

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