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@sirfizzwhizz said:
@kenshiroo said:

Juggernaut (Mental Attack Immunity)

Doc Strange

Cable (Soul Attack Immunity)

Ned your perks.

Juggernaut. He is the most powerful magical powerhouse in the Marvel Universe, with virtually or potentially limitless strength, durability and invulnerability which renders him unstoppable, indestructible and unkillable (Due Jugg is endlessly fed on by an extradimensional deity with limitless magical energies, he is immune to polymorphing, soul manipulation, death effects, disintegration or any other attack that alters his form). Fully powered by ± 70% Cyttorak’s powers, he doesn’t have weakness but in his regular base (±20%) he needs mental attack immunity.

Doc Strange. He is the most powerful (skilled, knowledgeable and prepared) magic user (human) in the Marvel Universe. Among many of his countless feats, he is the only mortal who defeated all Shuma Gorath’s servants and lieutenants (Arioch), by including Shuma Gorath itself in three times, one of which was in its own realm.

Cable. Mutant who had the power of Omega level when he was infected by the virus, however, his vast strategic capability for combat, counterintelligence, espionage and tactical ambushes, in addition to the advantages of his psychic powers (diminished), still are very useful. Soul Attack Immunity is needed against Shao Khan’s soul manipulation, however; I could change to the immunity of transmutation against magical attacks such as Buu.

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Team Kasumi/Zodd godstomps!

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Juggernaut (Mental Attack Immunity)

Doc Strange

Cable (Soul Attack Immunity)

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@spiderfan130666 said:

@kenshiroo: Magic means nothing. Superman has fought Gods before and beat them. Their magic is the most deadly.

and he has been shown capable of fighting Wonder Woman who is also magical. And Shazam.

The magical powers summoned by magic users like the wizard Shazam (magically bestowed as Mamaragan and invoked by Billy Batson) or WW’s lazo don’t work equal and much less at the same level as those of Juggernaut's powers. It can not compare a magic user (Shazam) who learned the knowledge to manipulate magical powers summoned from almost magical beings or terrestrial magical beings (pantheon of terrestrial gods or Skyfahters) with a being like Cyttorak whose nature is totally magical and extradimensional, and generates his own magical energies in unlimited quantities.

The magical power of these magic users are insignificant and absolutely outclassed and overpowered by the power of an entirely magical and extradimensional God as Cyttorak (ruler of the Crimson Cosmos, a magical universe created by the very own essence of Cyttorak), which isn't related with the origins and nature of the Earth, unlike the Council of Eternity (Shazam member) or the powers invoked from certain terrestrial gods or Skyfathers.

Cyttorak is the supplier of power of his avatar the Juggernaut. It's too extensive to explain who Cyttorak is but I will leave a link where I put several of his feats and I explain how is he located somewhere within the Omniverse and why he represents a universal threat and potentially multiversal.

Cyttorak makes Juggernaut absolutely indestructible, unkillable and immune to physical damage except by telepathic assaults (if his helmet is took off) or phasing into his brain (which are the only two things that temporarily will knock him out, depending on the magnitude) as is well pointed out by RisingBean, or when is harmed by certain magical powers of high level such as Shatterstar’s blades (although is temporal, due his healing factor is the fastest in Marvel).

For me, the result is very clear, in this battle Supes without BFR option will result:

@fiodestromus said:
@helicoprion said:
@jagernutt said:

Juggernaut wins or stalemate.

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@spiderfan130666 said:

Jug has never one-shotted the Hulk and he's got Superman's strength.

All Juggernaut’s punches have seriously hurt the Hulk to the point he was physically weakened, dominated or almost killed in several occasions. So in order to avoid being killed, Hulk has managed to BFR him to save his life.

In this thread I have all the evidence about his fights against Hulk.

Superman wins this. He has the physical power and the speed (by your own admission) to beat him.

Juggernaut can’t be defeated by Supes’s physical force but Jugg has the physical force to defeat and kill Supes only if Supes allows him to hit him.

Earthquakes got nothing on Superman smashing planets and moons.

Jugg has the potential to smash planets if he wants but he is not interested to destroy the planet Earth. Remember when Jugg was possessed by the dark side of Trion gods, subconsciously he tapped more power from Cyttorak than normally had in his regular base. With this, he was able to crack through the very fabric of space-time itself, causing the break down of multiple dimensional barriers by punching them physically and splitted the the very fabric of space-time of the unearthly Universe of the powerful Trion Gods, whose rupture was expanding through it. All,drawing upon an extra portion of magical energies of Cyttorak.

Juggs can be beaten down.

Supes only could win by BFR option.

No misconception about strength

Misconception is to think that Juggernaut can be defeated by physical force or attacks when he has survived reality warping attacks of beings or entities with universal and mutiversal powers such as D’Spayre amped a universal reality warper level with a portion of Cyttorak magic plundered from Jugg, or Onslaught’s reality warper/psionic powers and the ultimate entropy of Oblivion. Which even the strongest version of DD (Hunter and Prey) can’t survive the entropy.

Hellion Vulcan did post one of the Jugg’s feat which shows how his punches generated, without difficulty, shock waves that produced earthquakes of 8 Ritcher degrees (without touching the ground directly). Jugg has also fractured New York's tectonic plates by digging with his fists. Colossus empowered with the magical power of Juggernaut (it stems from Cyttorak) almost killed Rulk in three hits.

Remember, Juggernaut’s power stems from a limitless source of magical energies (Cyttorak/Crimson Cosmos, who is a extradimensional god, the most powerful principality and member of the Octessence) which gives him the potential for unlimited strength and durability. Not to mention that Supes is vulnerable to magic, if not, ask to John Byrne, one of the great writers of Superman, who thinks that he will not withstand the force of the Juggernaut.

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@paytience said:

@kenshiroo: Nah bro...he is right. There really isn't any real evidence to support most of that. The evidence is mostly to the contrary.

about Boyka, yes, because Scott Adkins is a big fan of Bruce. Instead Bruce Lee is is a true master and all those testimonials are the proof about that. Again, there will always be a margin of conjecture in all of this, is unavoidable but those who have investigated the matter were actors, professional martial arts, top athletes, friends, reporters, etc, who knew him closely, respected, admired and were interested to biography his life, which is a valid point and recognized source to take as a historical fact. Denying it doesn't help to debunk this, sorry

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@caped_baldy said:

@kenshiroo: He was taken down with a satellite beam? dude, you have to do a better research. That satellite was a syphoner machine created by MODOK. And Hulk let himself get caught by it, since he was afraid to destroy everything.

Yes, he was taken down with a “siphon” beam from a satellite. Now it seems how every time WWHulk gets madder always says he was holding back because he says to threaten to destroy the world, when in fact is the perfect excuse for justify all his defeats. Good, luckily there may be something more coherent and credible in this.

He was shouting that he should be stopped before he could break the world. It was heavily implied at the end of WWH with the ''he made his decision'' thing.

Thanks to Banner’s personality merged with a Hulk exploding into anger, he was slightly aware of the damage that was causing around him. The satellital siphon beam was enough to shut down the whole unleashed rage of WWH in one shot, after Banner warned what would happen if they did not act quickly.

Hulk allowed the Satellite to take his gamma energy away. This is further confirmed later since Red Hulk was turned into a walking-satellite-absorbing machine by M.O.D.O.K with the same ability and when he tried to syphon Green Scar power's away, he couldn't. That time, Hulk didn't wanted to be stopped and one-shoted him.

After his fight against Sentry it was a fact WWH was unleashing all his rage but it was taken down by the siphon satellital beam no matter how Banner wished or shouted to do that. Banner was a bit conscious of the destruction but is a fact he could not control all his fury unleashed as Hulk.

Well, i'm sorry but Hulk didn't got drained of his gamma energy after the fight with Sentry if he was able to turn again in his Hulk-like form five seconds later. Authors can retcon things, you know? Hulk hold back the entire arc, THAT'S A FACT confirmed by Bruce himself(since as you may know, Green Scar hulk is Bruce Banner disguised as a Hulk).

WWHulk holding back is an improvised and inconsistent plot device which serves to justify all defeats of Hulk, saying: “I am afraid of destroying the planet”. If we stick to these lame comments in forums of battle, then I could argument Juggernaut also was holding back from using the full power of Cyttorak because then he could destroy a whole universe, as occurred in one of his most powerful states when he was possessed by the Trion Gods and was enabled to tap into Cyttorak’s power more than usual (let's remember he smashed multiple dimensional barriers or ripped through the continuum space and time to pass out from one dimension to another with his punches and tore an immense hole in the very fabric of space-time itself whose rupture was expanding through the unearthly Trion’s universe, which could be destroyed completely).

Yes, and Green Scar defeated him with 2 punches. Juggs stills got BFR'D :) Oh, look, who is making excuses now?

I do not understand what you mean here son, but if you want to throw your cards about all fights between Jugg vs Hulk to try and make some sort of comment in favor of your green hero, I do invite you to pass to my Juggernaut’s respect thread. In my 1,000 posts I have debunked various myths in detail about all the Hulk fights against Jugg and how Hulk always resorted to BFR’d him to win battles fortuitously. For me, this point borders on repetitive.

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@caped_baldy said:
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@kenshiroo: Hulk was holding back the entire war. Period. Blame Greg Pak or whatever.

Yes, it was an incoherent plot device since WWH clearly unleashed all his power (gamma energy) when not only fought against Sentry, but even when he knew the truth about Caiera’s death where he got madder and with every step shook the New York coast. No to mention he was taken down with a satellite beam.

Well, send me the link later then, i'm pretty sure it will be an interesting reading.

Yo man, guess who got Bfr'd to space? Yes! the Juggernaut! and that will happen again here too.

Skaar was physically defeated by Jugg in three punches. He only managed to BFR'd Jugg by cheating him in a cowardly way, just by removing the ground. OP says round 1: NO BFR y Round 2 Moral off. WWH in Round 2 would win by BFR only if he is not being hit by Jugg, just by cheating him with a cowardly trap such as remove the floor into a piece of floating rock as his son did it in order to send him into the space. ;)

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@caped_baldy said:

@kenshiroo: I think that you are not understanding me. Hulk was holding back the entire War, he didn't used his full power until he got to the Dark Dimension and that was some years later. He confirmed this, and Amadeus Cho as well. So, as stands, the fight between Juggs and Hulk had one of them holding back. Namely, Bruce.

Now the excuse is he was restraining his full power after he got really angry because his head was stomped on the floor. Besides, especially since he did not seek revenge, of course not!.

About the Dark Dimension with WBH, was an event, in my opinion, less impressive than what has been done by WWH in terms of physical feats of strength. I have debunked extensively various myths about this event in a thread that I must seek to put the link.

I can't really read properly what you are writing, i'm being distracted by the sound of Hulk easily replicating what Skaar did. Sorry.

I did not understand why you brought the physical defeat of Skaar at the hands of Juggernaut in this thread. Oo

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@kenshiroo: Hulk was holding back. It was confirmed by himself, and Amadeus Cho.

Sorry, my friend, the panel comic "says" he was pushed back.

Still, it doesn't change the fact that Cain was put on orbit with a single punch from Hulk's son.

Sure, after he begged Jugg not to beat him more (tricking him by becoming a child) and when he cheated him again after he allied with him and then he took off the rock on which he was floating, reason of why Jugg fell out and was punched.