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Barby's younger brothers statement . He also got bluffed and got too scared to call vs an amateur. Compare that to Yumeko's gamble vs Manyuda and the answer becomes beyond obvious

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I'll bump it because someone needs to /thread it. D'arby wins by cheating while Yumeko beats expert cheaters at their own games. She at least 9/10s D'arby while making a lewd face and rubbing her private parts.

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Both are IC, start 10m apart, assume Arima's quinque works against Nui's fibers , although with the condition that Arima needs to slice her head off to put her down . Also, they both get a day of prep , no knowledge, but they both take the fight seriously ( or in Nui's case , semi seriously) .

Arima gets Owl, Narukami and IXA. Nui gets her scissor .

Battlefield is Kaneki vs Arima v2.

Arima is as he was vs Kaneki , to make things simpler.

who wins?

r2 same as r1 but make it Matoi Ryuko

r3 Satsuki (final battle ) vs Kaneki (vs Arima)



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Even if it's RSM Naruto/ Rinne Sasuke it doesn't make a difference, the key players are Juubito and Sage Madara. With that being said, Sage Madara is stronger, but it's debatable on weather he could kill Juubito, or not, seeing as JJ's are immortal unless the Juubi is extracted, and it took the whole SA to do that, I don't think Maddy could do it himself. Although, he could seal him.

Team 1 wins both pre and post Rikudo Nardo/Sauce, low diff.

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  • Knowledge: Deidara has full knowledge
  • Restrictions: None.
  • Location: Valley of the end
  • Distance: 30m.
  • Conditions:Deidara cannot lose. Team DBZVerse isn't allowed to win. He has no weaknesses anymore. He is faster than Juubi Jin Madara. He perfected C0 and it's much stronger now so he doesn't need to kill himself in order to use it. He is better at using the Rinnegan than the Sage of the 6 paths. He is also a Perfect Jinchuuriki. And lastly, he can create clay out of nothingness.

Discuss. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Who's more badass? Doesn't really have to be a battle if it's too much spite, but who is plain more badass? I'm going with Stannis.

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@rogueshadow: As I proved before Shane always gets a headshot. He was aiming for 10 seconds. Try to measure. Tuco was standing still. Took him 10seconds for a headshot. Now look at the Shane video. He gets perfect headshots in a blink of an eye.

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@rogueshadow: This is Hank's best feat basically.And it's terrible. It took him 10 seconds to aim , and note that Tuco was standing still. He was a non moving target. Shane's log hit seems more impressive now ,doesn't it? It's a fast moving log man. He hit it without aiming. WITHOUT AIMING.On the other side , it took Hank 10 seconds to hit a non moving target.

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@rogueshadow: What about my scenario 4 argument?His durability feat etc?

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@kennypow said:

@rogueshadow said:

To look at, you'd probably think Shane, but...

Scenario 1: h2h - Hank has better feats, he beat the sh*t out of two tough guys in a bar simultaneously. All Shane did was beat up Ed and Rick, Rick's a badass but he isn't incredibly tough. Rick was in Rick lite mode then too, not bloodlust Rick from early season 3 and late season 4.

Scenario 2: both have a gun - Eh, neither have great feats I recall, all Shane did was shoot slow moving targets, I can't fully recall Hank doing much other than being in a firefight with Jack.

Scenario 3: There are Zombies around them - Shane, Hank wouldn't know how to deal with them. Though depending on how many there are they could both die.

Scenario 4: Both BLed ,0 morals, both armed with a knife, Carl and Lori are at stake for Shane, Marie is in stake for Hank. Hank.

how is beating 2 random thugs better than beating Rick and Ed? He also killed the heck outta Randal. And Shane can take a punch. Hank's feats:beating 2 fodders, beating Jesse Pinkman,beating a 51 years old guy with lung cancer . Shane's feats:Beating Rick in a fair fight (Rick being an officer of the law, attacking him first as well), and beating Ed(not much of a feat, however he carried him like luggage and pounded him)

Beating 2 thugs at the same time. Ed did nothing but beat his wife and try to molest his own daughter. Rick wasn't in his bloodlust mode like he is now. Randal, Ed, Jesse & Walt are non factors.

Scenario 2: I remember Shane being a shooting instructor. Rick gave him that job for a reason. Furthermore when he was teaching Andrea he shoot all the bottles(unmoving targets).Later on, he tied a log to a rope and improvised a moving target(it was moving very quickly) .Andrea couldn't shoot it in numerous occasions. Shane told her she was not focused. Then he pulled out his gun and shoot it right in the bull's eye in the first shoot.

Shooting a log = master marksman now? Shooting a log while not in a stressful situation is meaningless. Surprised you haven't brought up the pilot's opening fire fight since that's his best shootout feat.

Scenario 3: Not sure myself here.

Scenario 4: Idk, Shane seemed to care a lot about Carl and Lory, he even broke a guy's neck in an instant and BROKE HIS OWN NOSE LIKE IT WAS NOTHING. That's a durability feat right there man. He showed he's ready for everything . I think he would play dirty as heck in this scenario. To sum up I think he has scenarios 1,2,4

If you show me feats that I didn't take into consideration about Hank, I might change my mind,

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I simply found him shooting that Log to be very badass, and a nice feat. I didn't mention the shootout because he didn't make a headshot,but regardless he hit them with a handgun.
on a different note look how freakin fodder these guyus are

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Also,although it isn't really a feat, it might be one kinda, or it might be plain stupidity, when Rick killed Shane, Shane putt his gun down and told rick to take his gun up. He was obviously very self confident that he has a better draw time and accuracy than Rick.Mind you that Rick is no pushover either.