Diamond shorted my LCS on Batman Eternal, so no review from me today. I did get the fourth Deadpool trade though. Maybe I'll revie...

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Batman: Lovers and Madmen Review 0

I've only got the one bookshelf for my comics, and I've kind of made the decision to more or less limit my collection of physical comics to that one bookshelf for the time being. As a result, the bookshelf is for the most part pretty carefully curated. Only books that I consider the best, or at least really interesting occupy shelf space. As such, Lovers and Madmen was a book I had remembered quite liking, even if it had been a while since I read it.I've been acutely aware of the fact that my ta...

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The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite 0

As I sat down and reread The Apocalypse Suite this weekend for the purposes of this review I had a realization. This just might be my favorite comic book. This book is significant for me personally for a number of reasons. First, I'm about 99% sure that this is the very first indie comic I'd ever read. I'm 100% sure it's the first indie comic I ever bought with my own money.Second, it introduced me to the concept that creative people can have more than one creative outlet. I picked the book up t...

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Review: The Star Wars 0

This review contains some spoilers in the fourth and fifth paragraphs. The Star Wars is a weird comic. I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way, although the book has its far share of issues. I more mean that, as someone who’s seen the Star Wars movies an unhealthy number of times and has in the past been steeped in the Star Wars lore in and out of the movies themselves it’s very different.The Star Wars is an adaptation of George Lucas’s first draft screenplay for what ...

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X-Men: Days of Future Past Review 0

I've never been a big fan of X-Men comics. Sure, I watched a handful of episodes of the cartoon in the 90's, but I liked the Spider-Man and Batman cartoons better. I've read a couple X-Men books, like Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men or Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men but I've never been able to get into the team in general. It's mostly because the continuity of those books, even in superhero comic book terms, is completely and irrevocably screwed to the point that I would be hopeless to...

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Godzilla Review 0

The fiance and I tend to be "wait until we can rent it" people when it comes to seeing new movies. I mean, really, who likes leaving the house? We really only make the exception when it comes to summer blockbusters. Sure, we have a nice big TV at home, but we don't have an awesome sound system to go along with it, and there isn't much that can compare to seeing Godzilla tear through San Francisco on a big screen with some powerful surround sound to back it up. Unfortunately we only have one the...

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Batman Eternal #7 Review 2

I'd kind of forgotten how weird and goofy Andy Kubert's art can look sometimes. I can't decide if the cover to this issue is awesome or terrible.This issue puts the series back on pace. It's the last standalone issue before the book returns to three issue arcs a la the first three issues. This is a good thing. The last four issues were meant to serve as introductions to the different corners of Gotham the various writers on this series will be addressing. This has led to the series feeling a lit...

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Batman Eternal #6 Review 2

As I read each new issue of Batman Eternal, I find myself flip flopping on whether or not I think the pacing for the series is sustainable. The first three issues set up what I thought was going to be the book's main arcs with the Falcone/Penguin gang war, the trial of Jim Gordon, and the reintroduction of Stephanie Brown. Then, issues, 4 and 5 each took turns from there with issues that each focused on different members of the Bat family. Issue 4 set up an arc for Batgirl and issue 5 set up an ...

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Batman Eternal #5 Review 0

Batman Eternal continues to forge ahead. The Jim Gordon story gets put on the back burner this issue in favor of some scenes with Tim investigating the children that were attacked by Professor Pyg in the first issue of the series. It's great to see Tim Drake integrated back into the Batman universe again. Since the start of The New 52, it's really felt like he's been segregated from the rest of the Bat family with only an occasional cross over. It was also cool to see some of the emotional fallo...

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Batman Eternal #4 Review 0

It's interesting. My biggest worry with this series has been pacing. The last weekly from DC that I read was Brightest Day and pacing was one of it's biggest issues. So far, Batman Eternal has managed to side step all of my major concerns. I'm still wondering how it will hold up over time, especially once they actually start using revolving writers next issue, but I'm no longer worried that the story will feel like it's dragging. The writing staff on this book have done a really great job of ba...

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Batman Eternal #3 Review 0

Batman Eternal ramps up with the reintroduction of some old friends (and enemies)My reservations about the pacing of this series have been put to bed. At the end of last issue, an old Batman villain made his New 52 debut, and he wastes no time getting to work. He immediately teams up with the mayor and a certain member of the GCPD in a bid to put Gotham back the way it was before Batman came onto the scene. Back to the days when the police were in bed with organized crime, and you could take car...

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Batman Eternal #2 Review 0

Batman Eternal reintroduces one of Batman's greatest foes.I had a few quibbles with the first issue of Batman Eternal. One of the major events in the book was a little confusing on the page, and I was concerned about the story dragging over the course of it's 52 issue run. While the second fear hasn't completely gone away, this issue has made it clear that the Batman Eternal team has a lot in store for us between now and when we'll see the burning Gotham from the issue one opening. Again, the pr...

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Batman Eternal #1 Review 0

DC's new weekly Batman comic is off to an explosive start.Normally, I'm a trade reader. I read a handful of books in individual issues, but that's mostly because I know that superhero books, especially DC's superhero books, live and die by the single issue sales more so than the collections. So, when a book like Animal Man with a creative team I love comes out, I want to support it on a monthly basis because it just doesn't have the audience that, say, a Batman book would have. That said, new Ba...

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