Ideal Thunderbolts team.

If I was to make my own team of Thunderbolts.

List items

  • X would be the hand to hand, dark and gruff badass. His skills combined with his powers would ensure that he'd be a valuable asset but his obsession with being the best and death could provide some interesting interactions with his teammates. This was slightly explored in his previous stint in the Thunderbolts, but I'd love a longer spot and more character development from this guy.

  • Hitman Madrox, essentially. Clay is a character I'd love to see more of. He was awesome in X-Factor and Madrox and I'd love to see him branch off into a sort of Falcon/Black Widow/Hawkeye-like position for the team, doing recon, being sneaky and taking heads off from 300 yards away.

  • Boomer is great because he's a relatable bad guy. He's just an average dude with a bunch of cool gadgets. He made the Thunderbolts far more grounded in my opinion and does a better job as the "funny guy" than almost anyone else. Boomer also has a wit about him. I think those who also read Superior Foes can definitely attest that he is probably the most clever of the team, and could adopt a leadership position. His keen mind and the fact that people tend to underestimate him makes me think that he would be a very useful teammate

  • I always loved the characterization of Phil being a selfish, crazier Peter Parker. He could be one of the bigger ups in the team physically, with his lunatic laugh and pumpkin bombs being really useful. His character would contrast well with the others too, I think.

  • Wrecker. I think he'd be the perfect big dude. Wrecker, being a brute jobber for quite a while, actually would do well with this position. Firstly, he'd be a great powerhouse. His abilities have always been awesome. He's wellknown enough that he might attract Thor readers and be welcomed, but not developed enough that the writer couldn't flesh him out in a ton of different ways.

  • The wild card. Typhoid Mary would be just as interesting as ever. I like the idea of her being on the team because it essentially adds 3 characters to the team. Her general badassness would be so appreciated and I can see her getting with Mister X or something.

  • Another true badass. I think him and X would have an excellent synergy and I can definitely imagine him and Phil having a tense relationship.