10 Underrated Marvel characters.

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  • One bad movie, that's all it takes. Howard the Duck is hilarious, he's a witty character and used to be considered one of Marvel's best comics. The little guy was so popular in fact, that he was Marvel's first film star. Unfortunately the poor quality of that film has killed his reputation, so the few people who still remember him are likely to say 'he sucks'.

  • Really sad that I hadn't heard about this character until a few weeks ago, Devil Dinosaur is a really big badass and has a lot of potential to go places.

  • Dum Dum is a bamf, he's big and strong and doesn't take crap from no one. He's exactly what you'd expect a Clint Eastwood-esque character to be, serious, grizzled and fond of war and booze. For Nick Fury's right hand man and one of the top commanders of S.H.I.E.L.D., Dugan is a criminally lesser known and used character.

  • Goofy, funny, and utterly relatable. He has unique powers and is just a dork who happens to be a villain. He has a lot of potential.

  • Cool powers, cool character, great series, no idea why he stopped.

  • The Original Human Torch. Respect.

  • Madrox isn't very unknown on the vine, but if you ask the Average Joe who Madrox is, they're pretty like to say 'who'. Madrox is the example of underrated, great character, great power set, and comes from a great title.

  • Just a lesser known character; he's an angsty teenager who's a blast to read.

  • For Marvel's first hero, it's upsetting how unknown he is, Namor is the lovable arrogant douche. His character is awesome and I'd honestly love for him to get a boast in popularity.

  • He's slowly gaining respect, but has been criminally underrated in the past. He's the first African American superhero, he has unique powers and is an absolutely great character. He's probably one of my favorites honestly.