Gene-Locking and You: A Friendly Guide

As a genetically engineered Hyper Mutant Katraya has an extremely malleable genetic code and can take on the traits of other mutants. The lining of her clothing is filled with thousands of tiny little needles commanded by neural or vocal commands. Once activated a needle will inject new genetic material that immediately alters her genetic structure to provide her with new abilities and powers. These powers can vary significantly and she prefers to use them sparingly...unfortunately preference rarely works. In addition to this she has adaptive genetic memory. Other needles activated in the same manner can give her 'skill locks' that provide her with expert level skills on demand. The following is a list of her current Gene Locks and their levels.


Level 1- Above Peak Human.

Level 2- Immune to small arms fire and average blades as well as low level crushing attacks.

Level 3- Superman



Level 1- 200 tons of striking/lifting power.

Level 2- 400 tons of striking/lifting power.

Level 3- 1 kiloton of striking/lifting power.


Level 1- Short range teleportation (no greater than 50 yards)

Level 2- Long range teleportation (no greater than fifteen miles)

Level 3- Planetary teleportation. Katraya can teleport anywhere on the planet that she is aware of.

Fire Body:

Level 1- highly resistant to heat based attacks, will not be harmed by anything below 900 degrees Fahrenheit .

Level 2- Immune to heat based attacks.

Level 3- Immune to heat based attacks. The command phrase "flame on!" will engulf her body in fire and turn her into a living inferno capable of throwing fire.

Ice Body:

See above, replace heat with cold.

Ethereal Phasing:

Level 1- Able to phase through solid matter no greater than 4 feet thick.

Level 2- Able to phase through solid matter no greater than 50 feet thick.

Level 3- Able to phase through solid matter, sentence ends.


Level 1- Able to communicate telepathically with any sentient being within 100 yards.

Level 2- Able to communicate telepathically with any sentient being within 5 miles.

Level 3- Able to communicate telepathically with any sentient being known to Katraya. Also able to attempt to read minds but it's more like a brutal mental assault that can leave the victim brain dead and has the precision of a shotgun at 500 yards.

Water Breathing:

Level 1- Able to breath underwater.

Level 2- Able to withstand oceanic pressures up to three miles below the surface of the ocean.

X-Ray Vision:

No levels, works exactly like Superman.


No levels but instead operates in categories.

Combat Level regeneration- Regenerates wounds with the speed of someone like Alpha Dog or Wolverine. *changed to recover from fatal attacks so long as they are not body destroying.

Post Combat Regeneration- Capable of regenerating from virtually any wound (short of total bodily annihilation).


Generates *changed to specify adamantium coated blades Wolverine/Alpha Dog style.


Level 1- Manipulate objects of up to 50 tons at a range of up to one hundred feet.

Level 2- Manipulate objects of up to 150 tons at a range of up to one hundred feet.

Level 3- Manipulate objects of up to 500 tons at a range of up to one hundred feet.

Electricity Generation and Manipulation:

Level 1- Immune to electrical based attacks.

Level 2- Immune and capable of producing electrical bursts or "lightning" with the same intensity of a lightning bolt at a range of up to 100 feet.

Level 3- Immune, capable of manipulating all forms of electrical energy on contact and projecting electrical discharges up to three hundred feet.

So...why doesn't she just use them all all the time and use level 3 everything?

Because it sucks. The stronger version of a gene lock she uses the more downtime she will spend screaming, writhing in agony and vomiting all over the floor when the two hour duration of the effect wears off. This stacks, so if she uses 3 level 3 gene locks she will spend close to six hours in complete and total agony. The trade off of being able to adapt to virtually any situation is the pain it causes her after the fact. In addition, these locks only work for 2 hours, after which they wear off and the down time begins. To compensate for some of this Katraya has a tank of water containing regenerative properties that takes away some of the awful but it still takes her out of the fight for a good while. As such, Katraya always tries to approach a situation without using her gene locks first.

As new mutant powers are discovered and analyzed more powers can be added to her pool of abilities. I'll try to post those here when I come up with one but I might forget, if I do, please point it out so I can add it on here. I don't want people to think I'm pulling powers out of thin air during combat.