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Current Tsunade vs Current Sakura

Round 1: who can pack the heaviest punch? Tsunade pure Senju no chakra

Round 2: Who have the best chakra control?

Round 3: Who has the best taijustu? No super strength

Round 4: Best endurance?

Round 5: Who can lift the most?

Round 6: If they were in the DBZ verse which punch from them could hurt SS3 Goku or Android 18

Round 7: Blood Lusted excess to all power. Who would win?


Tifa and Loz vs Tsunade and Sakura.

Takes place in a field

All are Blood Lusted

Tifa and Loz are minded controlled and thinks that Tsunade and Sakura are there enemies and the same with the ninjas.

All h2h combat Tifa can't have any summons and is only limited to the Cure materia same with Loz

Tsunade and Sakura can't use seals only normal healing not h2h combat and no summons.


Ino having super strength?

We all know that Tsunade has raw physical strength because of her bloodlines, and can enhance her strikes with chakra that she can control very well. Same thing with Sakura who has no human strength, but can do this because of her powers in med-nin. Ino who is also a good med-nin and has great chakra control, but never used this thought. How ever she has shown multiple times to have used this in video games. She controls the chakra in her feet to give a powerful kick. Before time skip in Naruto If Ino had this technique would she basically be on par with Sakura?


The fight of the Women (Dc/Marvel)

These powerful women are here to test their might.

Round1: Pure h2h combat nothing more other than strength

Round2: h2h combat with a sword or other weapons

Round3: Everyone is bloodlust (everyone has access to their powers)


Maxima, Wonder Woman, Big Barda, Starfire, Power Girl, Artemis, Sif, Valkyrie, Thundra, Gamora, Angela, She-Hulk, and Namora.

All are in Character.


Storm vs Telekinetics

Storm only has access to Aerokinesis, Lightning, Thermal, and electromagnetism

The Telekinetics have no telepathy only tk

Round 1- Mr. Sinister

Round 2- Rachel Grey

Round 3- Invisible Woman

Round 4- Stryfe

Round 5- Exodus

Round 6- Psylocke

Round 7- Jean Grey

Round 8- X-man

Round- 9 Cable

Round 10- Maxima

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