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Nobility and Claim

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Born as the eldest son of Kaligar Roxom, the very name brings a certain prestige to the bloodline. Any Symaarian male born of a noble house is granted prestige whether one wants it or not. Kastiel Roxom was one of the few who did not desire such. War, genocide, religious duties, none of that appealed to him. Choices, freedom, understanding, that's what he preferred. Everything his society never could be and could not survive to be. As young lad he often dreamed of a better world. The desire of having to fight since birth to be washed away from his DNA. The killing he did not enjoy after he realized what he had done. Over time he believed he was protecting his people. Fighting for their very survival against any and all who weren't Symaarian by blood. The Symaarians became known for their hostility toward many sentient being who did not share the ideologies of their own. Any of Symaarian nature will always and truly believe what they are doing is right and everyone else is wrong for holding such an opinion. Even the softest Symaarian Kastiel falls in this category when he himself believes he never has.   
Currently in the absence of his father Kastiel Roxom through the right of succession is now in hold of the fortress world, Ferravius, known for it's never ending winters and the Space Marine Chapter: Doom Wolves. He made friends more so than he had made enemies contrary to his father's rule. 

Fighting Ability

 Unorthodox Fighting Style
 Unorthodox Fighting Style
His fighting style is a rigid brutal force, which he uses for intimidation and strength purposes. He possesses an immediate threat to anyone he faces and has shown a strong willingness to fight, even at the expense of his own body. His main adversary thus far has been Khorne, and although he does show a certain amount of respect for him, it is clear that the battles they share are the only things that matter to him. He appears to possess an incredible amount of vitality and stamina, as he was able to take a full blow from a, Juggernaut, gifted to champions of Khorne. Capable of crushing thousands of humans and yet Kastiel survived but not without wounds lasting a lifetime. Unlike most Symaarians he lacks any typical fighting technique. Due to his inherited genetics Kastiel has a high level of strength in combat. At many points throughout his life since childhood he has been able to send people flying with his punches and even crush solid stone using his enemies as a hammer. His superhuman strength goes as far as being able to bench press a maximum 54, 342 pounds. His physiology allows him to battle several Symaarians and dozens of Orks alone and still maintain a slight advantage. Kastiel like most Symaarians is capable of fighting for several days without rest in typical Symaarian fashion. His Symaarian make-up also grants him immunity to many of Earth's poisons. Something he heavily enjoys as you can often see him drinking by the barrel.  
High Level Agility:  Kastiel's reflexes are 20 times better than that of an ordinary human. Kastiel  is also capable of running at superhuman speeds but the mood never suits him. Aside from his reflexes, Kastiel is inhumanly agile. His tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's. His equilibrium is also quite impressive. Rivaling that of an earth cat adjusting his position by instinct. This is precisely the reason why he can balance himself on possibly any object, regardless of shape and size. All of these abilities coupled with his unparalleled fighting skills, merciless personality, and cunning nature makes him an admirable foe.
 Weapons Master
 Weapons Master
Weapons Master/Marksman: The Symaarian military is far from shy about using any potential object as a weapon. Trained since early childhood by Warsman himself Kastiel has the natural ability to wield any weapon and use it's deadly offensive capability to it's full extent. Able to even use a stone to rival the power of a bullet. Kastiel has displayed absolute mastery over swords, shields, axes, guns, swords, daggers, staffs, and nature itself.