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Shriek? The new Carnage?

Shriek the former partner of Carnage during the Maximum Carnage story may get the symbiote. Sound crazy? Well, maybe. But if you read the first issue to the Carnage mini series you'll see that crazy works around the whole Carnage story.

New Carnage.

I am still a little hesitant on the whole "female Carnage" idea, and Cletus Kasady will ALWAYS be the REAL Carnage. But I got to see, from what I have seen so far the art will be amazing. Seems a little odd how Carnage keeps his male for even with a female host... perhaps that is only in the promotional picture... so I won't really keep my hopes up. I mean it would make a GREAT story in a way... but it will get stale very fast. Spidey hears Carnage is on the loose, thinks it's Kasady, jumps to the scene, the symbiote has a male form so it would work... later Spidey is outmatched and needs back up so runs off to ol' Shell-Head... Not sure why they picked HIM... never really say Ironman in any previous Carnage books... I mean Cap, Black Cat, Ironfist, hell even Deathlok... but anyways, I'm willing to give this who thing a try... but as I said earlier, Cletus Kasady will always be Carnage and every other host is nothing in comparison.


How many people here think that Cletus Kasady should have STAYED as Carnage and not a corpse in space so that some random chick could take his symbiote?