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About me

I am a hardcore DCU stepping a bit now and then into Marvel, Dynamite & Top Cow Universe. I believe in comics print and love to support the industry by buying comic books. Oh I also buy digital comics - not too much into it though. I may have bought about 4 to 5 comics and downloaded truck loads of free comics from different publishers. I want to give a try to different publishers and follow a character if I like.

I love ComicVine and greatly believe in keeping it clean & cool!!!

Currently Into:

  1. Superman
  2. Batman
  3. Batman/ Superman
  4. Batman Beyond
  5. Justice League
  6. Wonder Woman
  7. Supergirl
  8. Batgirl
  9. Green Lantern

Non DC that I dig into:

  1. Phantom (old + modern age)
  2. The Last Phantom
  3. Witchblade (also planning on Magdalena, Angelus & Artifacts)
  4. Red Sonja
  5. Devi
  6. The New Avengers (Bendis)
  7. Ultimate Spiderman
  8. X-Men (various)
  9. Fantastic Four (various)
  10. Gambit
  11. Superior Spider-man
  12. Scarlet Spider
  13. Star Trek
  14. Grimm Fairy Tales
  15. Captain America (Ed Brubaker's)
  16. The Spider (Dynamite)

Superhero Mini Bio

Humans, I am the new superhero around the block. Forget Superman. I am going to crush him to death one day!! I have a personal grudge against him and I have not yet forgiven for what he has done to me to get here to earth! Open your eyes, he is not truly a hero.

I am!!!


I am here.

on earth...

As a hero for you all and it is now time for all of you to hail Karton, the invincible, strongest and your ONLY Savior from all evil forces from within and space, from ghostly to real, from mythical to spiritual to FALSE SUPERHEROES!!!