Comic Review: Fear Itself #1 of 7

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First off, I usually do not read these big comic arcs like this until they run there course and release as a stand alone graphic novel, but all the promo work on this one made me pick it up.

I have been a fan of Thor for a good long while and was of mixed feelings at the end of Siege. It was a decent read (Bendis can only be tolerated for so long) but I loved the art. the heroic and strong style of Oliver Coipel made that series as good as it was. But I digress, it is Fear Itself that we are talking about here.

With amazing art by Stuart Immonen and much much better writing then Bendis by Matt Fraction, It starts out with interesting real world tones and lots of cuts between many players. The daughter of the now dead Red Skull, Sin, gos on the hunt for a special weapon of her fathers, a magic hammer that was summoned to earth back in 1842. Then there are the avengers who are trying to help fix the world the best way they can and end up having the plan of rebuilding Asgard with the help of Tony Stark’s money and the people of Branston, Oklahoma. It was with this part of the story that the best written and best draw section came about. When Thor tried to reason with Odin to let the humans help them with the rebuild. Odin would have nothing to do with it and resulting in father and son trading blows. It was easily ended by Odin stripping Thor of the power to wield Mjolnir, his great hammer. 

Before I get too ahead of myself I must backtrack a slight bit. It would seem that in another cutaway we see Sin get her hand on the ancient hammer and by a prophecy she had dreamed of for many years, she is able to wield it and is changed into Skadi, the goddess of fear. It is then that we get to see her true power as she flies away and into some part of the ocean, killing what looks like dragons and into an underground tomb to free The Serpent, someone locked away long ago by Odin himself and even calling himself the true All Father.

Back at Asgard we find that Odin can feel the return of the Serpent and demands that all of the gods leave earth now back to the true land of Asgard. With reluctance they fallow Odin to Bifrost and leave all the heroes of earth alone.

Now just before the end of the issue we get an interesting peak at some kind of government monitoring station where they pick up seven small objects crashing into earth. My guess would be these hammers that were in all the promo work.

Well I do hope they keep the pace up on this one and have a good solid ending. I will be fallowing this one for the next few months until the end. Excelsior!

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