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kanadiankozak: Pull-List

Here is my Pull-List. I started subscribing to comics in March, 2011. As I drop comics, or they finish, they will move to a different list. Every comic is in order of how much I anticipate the next issue.

List items

  • Love the Turtles. Love the art, the story idea, the characters, the writing. This is a strong series and I hope it goes far.

  • I love how they are slowly introducing us to more and more characters through the Micro-Series, as well as giving us a little more back story into the characters we already know. It really helps to get a feel for each individual character in an ensemble cast comic like TMNT.

  • Mathmatical!

    Adventure Time universe written by Ryan North? Yes please.

  • I still love New Guardians. I think it is exactly what they needed once they introduced the full spectrum of emotions. It is very interesting to see and read.

  • Venom is getting pretty awesome, the starting stories were great, letting you know Flash, giving him some enemies, and seeing him interact with characters. Then with Spider Island and Venom goes to Hell, his stories got better and better. His current story with Eddie Brock tracking and killing symbiote's is looking like it will be epic.

  • Cool concept. I like the idea of the alternate universe, giving us another look at similar places.

  • Red Lanterns is really starting to pick up, especially since they introduced the human red lantern.

  • Started reading in War of the Green Lanterns, and liked the story and mythos of the Green Lanterns.

  • Wanted to read the upcoming Joker storyline, so I picked up the first few issues. I very quickly picked up the rest of the issues.

  • It's no Peter Parker, but it's Spider-Man. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but I need to wait until he actually starts being Spider-Man doing Spider-Man things before I decide if I want to continue.

  • While Apokalips was kind of dismissed pretty easily, I'm glad to see a new villain appearing for them.

  • Mostly, I want to tie in all the Lanterns. The story is actually going somewhere I like, which is good.

  • First Batman comic I have ever read. Exactly how I imagined his character to be. The art style works for the story, and the internal monologue, while a cliche, works perfectly in the setting.

    Besides, he's Batman.

  • Star Trek is awesome. Another solid comic from IDW.

  • Never would have thought to pick this up ever. Connection to Earth-2 got me interested, picked up the first issue by the word of one of the workers at my local store, came in the next day to get issue 2. Actually a pretty good comic.