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Graphic Novels

Here is a list of all the graphic novels I own, I would pick up complete collections before starting to subscribe to individual comics. It really helped me get into comics.

List items

  • Currently own soft-cover volumes 1 - 6. Great story, very dark and realistic. If the zombie apocalypse happens, this is it.

  • Prelude to House of M, it is a great story that really set the pace for the last 5 years of Marvel comics.

  • I am only missing House of M: Excalibur - Prelude, House of M: Uncanny X-Men, House of M: Mutopia X, and House of M: Masters of Evil from the entire collection. Great alternate storyline that really changes how mutants are seen in the Marvel universe.

  • Currently own Marvel Zombies 1-5, Marvel Zombies Return, and Marvel Zombies Dead Days.

    Zombies super heroes, filled with lots of jokes. It's like pseudo-serious horror, because while they all act like it is the end of days, in reality, it doesn't really seem like it will ever have any effect on normal continuity.

  • Currently own both Volumes 1 and 2 of the collection, which entails both the first Harry Dresden novel and the first short story he was in.

    My favorite novel series, which has been faithfully adapted to graphic novel form. The characters seem the same, they look how I imagined, and the story already feels like a comic book while you read it. A great pickup, in both graphic novel and novel format.

  • A great Ultimate Universe story line. It may have slightly been only for shock value, but all in all, I really enjoyed the story.

  • My brother bought me this for Christmas last year. It was a pretty interesting read, mostly because of how little it actually had to do with comic book characters, and more on how the world sees comics and the characters.