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His best choices are either Supergirl (Kara Kent), Batgirl (Barbara Goordon) or Wondergirl (Donna Troy).

Lets analyze each of these women.

Lets Star with Supergirl when through most of Supergirls stories she is always seen as a teenager. If Peter or Kara did get togther Peter would have to be a teenager again think like how he was in Ultimate Spider-Man. Now the best thing is Supergirl is someone he dosen't have to worry to much about I'm pretty sure if Goblin threw her off a bridge it wouldnt be to bothersome for peter. Kara also has someone who wouldnt be stupid enought to seel her relation ship with the Mephisto, but the problem is she can be too powerful and anydrama is something that can possibly happen, but not as often. So sadly unless all of Spider-Man's enemies had more Kryptonite based attacks which wont mater as long as Spider-Man is around.

Now lets look at batgirl people say she is bassically MJ, but looking at it I think Barbara gordon is more simuler to Gwen Stacy. Don't believe me her alterego is a female counter part to the male hero, they both extreamalky intelligence, and both have a father who is a poilice chief. Now unlike with Kara, Barbara is someone Peter would worry about her, but like Kara she wouldn't be stupid enough to sell her marriage to Mephisto, but unlike Kara i fear she would be in more danger keep in mind When I refreced the death of Gwen Stacy I was refering to Kara by her idety Kara not supergirl, but barbara its more dangerous especially when later with what happens during the Killing Joke. How ever this is good mainly because Peter would be more concernfor her, but a little to concern. so I say she is possible.

What about Donna Troy well here is the thing with her you see Donna troy has had a hard romatic life, Just like peter did so the Drama works, both are probably equal in abilites and their kind heart, pluse when people talk about being paired with Supergirl or Batgirl thats a n automatic justice leauge thing. Now with Donna its diffreent because she has been around teenagers who can relate to both her and peter.

So I am going to go with Donna Troy She is verystrong like supergirl and can fly, but she also is more concern and the drama between both her and peter is more balanced.

So for Spider-Man's pick im ganna go with Donna Troy, but for Batgirl i am going to pair with Spider-Man also but its Miles Moralise version, and for Super Girl ill pair her with one id the scarlet spiders.

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Oh boy one more day one of the two most laziest Spider-Man story arcs.

I hated this comic mainly because it made no sense acroding to interviews was they wasnted to Give Spider-Man more of a love life, but couldnt as long as he was still married, and they didn't want to do a divorce story.

Lets talking about hpw to fo this story again it would have been fine if it was MJ who was shot and not aunt may the drama tragity would be more efective and I can immigie Peter willing too and maybe have mephisto erase everyone's memory except Spider-Man.

Or how about do a divorce story have the whole MJ is tired of Peter being Spider-Man and leaves him after all we have seen her on diffrent ocasuions threaten to divorce hi. Have what happen be the final straw and she leaves him.

Next lets point figures at the ones resposible.

The First is the goverment if they werent so power hungry and wanted control of all metahumans the socovia acrods would have never had been made to begin with.

The Second is Toney stark he new well aware of the danfers of an identity especially Spider-Man who explain he has a family he is worried and yes he offered them a place to stay, but considering how relentles Kingpin is I am pretty sure he would have still tried.

Third is peter now he isnt innocent either mainly because he could have not listened to Toney in the first place and when he confronts him about it he could have just made a deal with toney in the first place.

Next Is MJ she is the one who accepted the deal in the first place not Peter. MJ.

Also there are ways to ubdo one more day that must over use idea is the reality stone which could ubdo mephisto's powers.

Or ghost rider who has helped people who have suffered in Mephisto's will.

Personally its on parr with the Death of Gwen Stacy of a lazy comic.

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This one is really hard both are strong and durablel heck both character have seen what is like on the other side of the law.

To do this we have to analize their sucess and acomplishments let look at their speed.

There feets are impressive, but I would have to give this to mister Fisk yes Luke is able to halde ninja based characters like Iron Fist and fighting foes like the Hand, but keep in mind Fisk is able to catch up to Spider-Man, Black Cat, and Daredevil who speed, skill, and agility levels out shine a ninja's skill.

Next lets talk durability now I know most people her had brought up him taking punches from Spider-Man, but people forget a few tiney details. 1. He was 15 - 16 when he was fighting Kingpin and that was before he Punched a T-Rex in short he was still learning his strength and 2. Spider-Man was more likely holding back his punches since its confrimed in most his fights he dose this we can't say what his. 100% strength is. Even if we did know we know well he wouldn't try to fight 100% since chances are it could kill Fisk and we know well he wouldnt go down that road and in anyway keep in mind he still lost that fight.

Luke Cage granted did do to well against Daredevil when they had their boxing match, but to be fair Turk Barry who you may remeber in the Marvel Netflix series put a spell that would have had Luke Cage exhausted.

But its safe to say unlike Kibgpin at least not in my perspective. Fisk hasn't faced to manny heroes outside of well Spider-Man or Daredevil if we compaire him to another villain like say Doctor Doom who has been a mortal foe to alot of Marvel's heroes or Magneto who is a mutant who hates all humans yeah Kingpin can't hold his own that well, Luke is a diffrent case and not only has he faught alot of well know villains he also went rounds with a few of MARVEL's heroes big example MARVEL's Civil War.

So power and indurability has to go to Luke.

Now how about startagy this one may seam one sided especially since spoiler Kingpin is a crime lord, but people forget Luke Cage was once one too. Now Luke is more imperson and wont have help unless it invols Iron Fist, Misty Knight, or Jessica Jones.

Kingpin has had other villains help like Bullseye, Pyrho, Elektra Hamerhead and the list can go on. If I have to say who is better at strategy it would go to Fisk.

My decesion woild be Daredevil cause not only would he have the police which work for Misty Knight, Iron Fist who has nocked out Luke Cage in the past and his secret weapon his wife Jessica Jones who is pretty stong and has even scared Wolverine & the Punnisher.

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Yes on 1 & 3 No on 2 for a few reasons.

1. In Daredevil of the NETFLIX series The Punnisher he was arested he was locked with free criminals keep in mind the punisher only had a small dagger which wouldn't do much and he came out and kill everyone. Also the dude was able to take on Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, and the Hulk. Lets also not forget Punnisher once killed the entire MARVEL Universe. The Purge dosent really have medi-human like characters if they did the Purge would not even matter.

2. Would he spare people if they are innocent again in Season 2 of Daredevil it states the reason why he kills people is because in his eyes they deserves it.

3. It dose pay effect to his destination, but considering the Punnisher is unstopable i think people will try to avoid them, but they would have to leave the country if they want to get away from the punnished.

Bottom line Punnisher would kill anyone in the purge because his worst fear is that the USA is already corupted, and he kills for a living because the Law is nothing to him.

So answer yeah Punisher would kill the entire Purge.

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I think it depends lets say both Aunt May and Uncle Ben surivied. Lets say Peter decided to catch the criminal that took him. Peter would feel he did something good ans at some point he decides to tell someone. Peter tells ben what happen and he said he knows ans would tell peter he apretiate what he tried to do, but would tell him you can do more then that.

So i would say ben would be someone peter would go threw cause unlike Aunt May he would understand.

Spider-Man would still catch the same villains.

I think Spider-Man would sill be a hero, but not be guilted to keep doing it but Ben would be their to support him.

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Punisher for a few reasons.

1. He was able to take on four super heroes which were Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Hulk, Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, and Deadpool

2. He killed have of an entire prison in one day.

Silver hits her foes they get back up

Punnisher hits then and theu stay down.