Need help with Oriole's origin

Hey if you read my preview for Nightwing and Oriole, ( Than you know that Nightwing has a new sidekick. Well I'm really looking forward to this series but I have no idea for an origin for Valarie/Oriole. I really want it to be original and not that much like any of the Robin's. So I need YOUR help. If you could give me some basic ideas that would be great. Put them in the comments or if you want, PM me. Thanks.



Question about Captain Marvel and Black Adam

Okay so I was writing some Fan-Fic and then a Question came to my head. First: As you know Captain Marvel and Black Adam can call down the lightning bolt by saying Shazam, and they can also use this as an attack by intercepting the bolt with their opponent. (Can you see where this is going?) So I was wondering, what would happen if Captain Marvel tried to do that to Black Adam? Would he be transformed back or would he get hurt?


The New Amalgam Universe- Teth Dakom #3 (Revised)

(Note 1- I would like to thank for revising this, he is awesome and he has been (if I may) a mentor to me in the Fan Fic department, I really promise to work on my writing skills. )

(Note 2- This, took, FOREVER. I hate how my production speed is. Anyways.Umm I can't get into my other account right now but I'm sure i'm not the only one. Here is Number 2 if you didn't read.

“So, umm, Lady Blaze, why don't you tell me a little about yourself” said Dak stumbling over his words “Since you’re sorta kidnapping me!"

"In good time boy" said Lady Blaze sternly. She silently and swiftly walked through the streets, Dak in tow. They arrived on an eerily dark street; at the end on the right there was a telephone booth that looked out of place

"Get in!" Lady Blaze motioned to the booth.

"But" Dak was cut off by a large flame erupting from Lady Blaze's hand. "Fine" Dak sighed and hesitantly walked into the booth. Dak was nestled into the corner of the booth; Lady Blaze entered and closed the door, the small space got even smaller.

"So what now? We need like twenty more people to break a record”

Lady Blaze ignored him and proceeded to pick up the receiver and typed in a sequence of numbers. When she finished typing in the numbers she hung up the phone, folded her arms and stared directly at Dak. He contemplating saying something but decided against it.

Soon the booth started to shake violently. Dak looked around slightly panicked when suddenly the ground opened up and the booth plunged underground. Dak screamed. Blaze rolled her eyes in disgust at him. After a few tense minutes; the booth shuddered a halt. Lady Blaze was motionless in the middle of the booth looking down at Dak who had wedged himself into the bottom corner

"Where are hell we?" Dak said while getting his mental composure back.

Lady Blaze cracked a smile as she flung open the door “Exactly, but I call it home."

"So why am I here?" yelled Dak getting to his feet

Lady Blaze walked out of the booth onto the dark and cold land and sighed "You are here, because I want you to be my champion on earth, and by that I mean that I want you to work for me."

"Okay, this could work out” said Dak “But how do you expect me to do all of these tasks? I'm assuming they're going to be worldwide things."

"Follow me and you will understand" Lady Blaze began walking across the dormant underworld. After what seemed like days of walking the two arrived at a black and gold door sitting in the middle of nowhere.

"Before you go into this room” Lady Blaze turned and stared at Dak “I must tell you, I have promised Set, that you would be merciless and would not hesitate to do any job that was asked of you. Are you ready?"

Snikt! Snikt! Dak popped all of his claws and smirked "Merciless? I was born merciless



New Amalgam Universe: Teth Dakom #2

(Note-This took way to long to come, I have procrastination problems. Here's Teth-Dakom numero uno if you missed it:

Walking down the narrow ally as stealthly as possible, Dak even surprised himself with how good he was at stealth movement

Getting about ten yards behind the thugs Dak started to scrape his claws on the ally wall.

The thugs didn't seem to notice the scrapping untill one of them dropped some money.

Looking back to Dak the thug was paralyzed.

"What are you starin at stupid." The leader said while hitting him on the head.

As all of the thugs turn around and look at Dak they are all were stricken with fear.

After about 5 minutes of standing still Dak was getting bored.

"What's wrong guys?" Dak raised his arms so his claws were in better view.

"We, Your supposed to be dead?" The leader managed to sput out.

"Ohh you're talking about what happend back there? Naahh that was just a minor set back. " Dak was scrapping his claws on eachother now.

"Hey, he has claws like that one hero we heard about on T.V." One of the thugs whispered into the leader's ear.

"I think his name was Dark Claw" The thug continued.

"I doubt he knows how to use those things" The leader said with a smirk.

"Let's work him over." Now all of 5 of the gang memebers were taking out switch blades.

Dak laughed in the way you would expect an evil villain to laugh.

"I hope you understand that the only way to kill me is to, decappitate me." Dak said walking closer.

"How about we stab you in the neck a million times." The leader said getting ready to charge.

"Fine by me." Dak got into the best fighting posistion he could think of.

As all of the thugs realease their blades Dak did feel a bit nervous. He had never actually fought with his claws. Just killed people. But his healing factor gave him some reassurance.

"This time. Make sure he dosn't get up." The leader said as he and the gang charge Dak.

Still in his fighting posistion Dak jumped up in the air about 5 feet above their heads and plumeted with his claws aimed for the leader.

The leader saw this coming and swiftly jumped out of the way of the attack.

As a blade was swiped at Dak he ducked and thrusted his three claws into the thug's kneecap.

With blood gushing onto his face Dak flipped over that thug and land next to another.

Slashing the thugs arm Dak grabbed him and threw him into the leader.

While both of them fall to the ground Dak runs up to another thug, dodges a swipe and thrusts his claws into the thug's neck and stomach.

"Wow, that is a lot of blood." Dak said while pulling his claws out of the thug.

"The last two left." Dak was now looking at the leader who was hiding behind the other thug.

"So which one dies first?" Dak could tell the leader was about to make a run for it.

As the leader charge for the now further end of the ally Dak stabbed the already damaged thug in the stomach and ran for the leader.

The leader was far ahead of Dak and was about to get to the exit when a female silhouette came out of the darkness and wrapped it's her hand around the thugs's head.

Stopping in his tracks Dak watched as the Silhouette squeezed the leader's head until it burst open and the entrails splatter on the wall.

"Dakom Akihiro, Your coming with me." A voice came from the Silhouette.

"Who-Who are you?" Dak said, truly terrified.

"Call me, Lady Blaze."

(Sorry if my fight scene isn't that good. I'll work on it. )



Marvel Genesis: War Machine #2

(note-Sorry I didn't state what time it was when Tony called, it was about 3:30, Here's war Machine #1 if you missed it.

Rated: T

4:15 Pm South Africa

"Suit, stand down."

Rhody could barely hear his own voice over the crackling of the flames engulfing the trucks.

"Well, that wasn't to hard" Rhody said to himself as his gattling gun went back into it's idle position and the shield was deteriorated.

"Suit, call Tony."

"How's it goin Rhody?" Tony said still sounding drunk

"What am I looking for again?" Asked Rhody as he walked through the village looking through half exploded houses.

"Weapons Rhodes." My Stark Tech is very valuable.

"Oh. Got you Tony." Rhody said opening a door to a cellar.

"Suit, barrel cannon." The cannons around his wrists came up and were armed.

Shooting into the cellar at least 5 times Rhody proceeded to fire at all of the buildings in the village

Now, as the whole city lay in ruins with just about every building in flames, Rhody needed to get going.

"Suit locate next village." A locator appeared and Rhody prepared for flight.

"Suit, Fly" Rhody said while looking at the clock in the upper corner of the HUD

"4:30, Okay this can be managed."

Flying high through the sky at 95 mph Rhody grunted in pain as a HEAT round struck the chest plate and propelled him to the ground.

"How did I know something like that was going to happen?" Rhody spat out as he cough.

Looking up the village was in view and about 5 miles away.

But, surrounding the village on all sides, were tanks.

A man that looked like a general poked his head out of one of the tanks with a megaphone.

"Suit, translate." Rhody said before the man started talking.

"We have already utilized the Stark Tech blueprints." The general yelled.

"Turn back now or we finish you off." The man went back into his tank.

"Hah, yea right." Rhody said with a smirk.

"Suit, gattling gun." As the gun go into firing position a bullet wooshed into the gun and it exploded on Rhody's shoulder, sending him back to the ground.

" G*d Dammit" Rhody exclaimed with anger.

"I don't have time for this!" Rhody yelled raising his open palm to the tank.

" Suit, Repulsors!" As the beam of energy hit the tank with the general in it, there was an instant explosion.

From another tank a man came out and yelled.

"Kill him, or I kill you!"

All of the tanks moved into position, and Rhody let them.

"Suit, Shield." The shield reappeared.

"Suit, Barrel cannons" The cannons came up again.

"Let's do this." Rhody pointed the cannons at the multiple tanks and began flying and dodging the Blasts.

(War Machine is property of Marvel Inc. and its Affiliates and all rights reserved, I came up with the story.)


New Amalgam Universe: Teth-Dakom #1

Rated T

Part 1

Fourteen years, thats how long I've been alive.And In those fourteen years I've hurt a lot of people.But I think it's justified. My father left my mom when I was three, and as a result, my mother committed suicide.So I've been moving from foster home to foster home because the owner of the orphanage never seems to getin that all of the people in my life, die. They all have 3 clean stab marks in their chests.


As Dakom "Dak" Akihiro walk down the street of the run down neighborhood he now called home he planned the assault on his new family.

"Maybe this time I'll get picked up by someone wealthy" Dak thought to himself as he turned a corner.

Walking past a park, five thugs emerged from the darkness of the playground.

All of them having cigeretts in thier mouth they exited the park and surounded Dak.

"Look who it is, the new runt that moved in." One of the thugs pushed Dak

"How much money you got on you runt?" The thugs were getting more violent

"None that you and your bastard friends can have" Dak was resisting their pushing.

"Oh, he's a smart mouth" One of the thugs said

The apparent leader of the thugs pulled out a switch blade.

"We can do this the easy," Suddenly Dak's knee was thrusted vigorusly into the thugs stomach, forcing him to drop the knife.

While the other thugs help the leader off of the ground he pushes them away.

"Congratulations runt, your going to die" One of the other thugs says as he give the leader his knife.

"Beat him to a pulp" The leader says pointing to Dak.

"I pefer my orange juice without pulp actually." Dak said with a smirk.

As the thugs charge at him Dak swiftly dodges their clumsy bodies and runs down the street.

Approaching an ally with the thugs close behind him he decided to play with them.

Running into the ally Dak faked tripping over his foot and stayed on the ground wimpering.

"Please don't hurt me." Dak said as convincingly as he could.

"To late for that runt!" The leader yelled as the other thugs picked Dak off of the ground and held his arms.

Pulling out the switch blade Dak decided that he would let them stab him.

Walking up Dak the leader grabbed his shoulder and thrusted the knife into Dak a dozen times.

Dropping to the ground Dak somewhat liked the pain that came after those thrusts, but only because he knew that it would be gone in a couple of minutes.

By the time Dak was fully healed the thugs were about 3/4ths of the way down the ally.

Why they decided to walk down to the other end, who knows? But it would be their biggest mistake.

Standing up and brushing off the dirt from his old navy jacket Dak brought his hands up in front of him and

instantly, three claws came out, 2 from his knuckles and one from his wrist.

(note-Dakom is Egyption & Japanese thus, first name and last name)



NightRunner #1

(note: This takes place after NightRunner is recruited by Bruce and trained by Dick Grayson)

Rated T


As NightRunner vaulted the last radiator and leaped the final rooftop in the night sky he was finally in sight of the protest.

"This has to be the biggest one this month" Nightrunner said to himself.

Looking down to the crowd of at least 30 people, all was calm, until Nightrunner noticed a fire start in the middle of the crowd. Then suddenly all the protesters began charging the small group of riot shield officers sent to keep them in line.

As the protesters threw rocks and punched at the officers Nightrunner knew this wasn't going to end well if he didn't intervene.

Right as Nightrunner jump off of the building to go help, she saw officers coming out of a swat car with loaded rifles.

"Damn" Nightrunner said as he pulled out a batarang.

Throwing the batarang at an officer about to shoot Nightrunner faintly heard the man cry out in pain.

Pulling out another batarang Nightrunner leaped off the building and landed outside of the crowd.

Flipping into the air Nightrunner throws the batarang and putting another officer in pain.

Landing in the middle of the crowd a man with a baseball bat swipes at Nightrunner.

Jumping over the man and grabbing the bat in mid air Nightrunner landed behind another officer.

Bashing the officer in the head, Nightrunner noticed another van of fully armored officers park near the riot.

The protesters were becoming deadly and started fighting each other.

"Why are they doing this?" Nightrunner thought to himself.

Suddenly there was a loud pop, and Nightrunner heard a cry of pain in the crowd.

Looking over, a guard was holding a revolver and their was a man bleeding out on the ground.

All was silent as everyone watched in horror.

As the protesters dropped their signs, they all just left.

Now, as all of the officers surrounded Night runner he released a smoke pellet and when all was clear.

He was Gone.


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