Inconvenient Power House

Characters that have great power, and could kick a lot of people's assess, but their powers are awkward, inconvenient or uncontrollable.

Wether because they don't have much control over their power, aren't aware of the potential they have, to execute their attack takes too much time and preparation, or because it has some kind of negative side effect, these wallop-packing characters only save their true strength as a last resort.

They are usually glass cannon, either weak minds, weak wills or weak bodies.

Jean, Wanda, Sue, all of them had these amazing powers that they had hidden, we just need to have Wasp to be actually a super souped up lady instead of having the power to become WEAKER and every Marvel 1st gen female will follow the same path.

List items

  • Bad luck? Chaos magic? Nope... Chuck Testa. AKA reality manipulation. Talk about the weak girl from the brotherhood being one of Marvel U's biggest powerhouses. However the point is best illustrated in Ultimate, where she can do anything, but she actually has to figure out HOW! Mathematically... every student's nightmare.

  • This lady EASILY took out Wonder Woman, the head amazon, by herself. However, her banshee screech is only useable in her banshee form, and it makes her and anyone else who hears it, including her allies, relieve the horrors of her death. Unfortunately for J, she needs to be careful when singing her siren's song, like when Black Canary outshouted her before she could entrance anyone.

  • The girl can do ANYTHING, since she can use any magical powers in the magisphere. However, due to her inexperience and fear of hurting others (she gave her dad cancer.. :/) she holds back big time.

  • The little weak ginger girl ended up having powers on a cosmic level. Of couse, this means Phoenix is 'round the corner so poor old jeannie cant just use her powers.

  • Marvel LOVES to have the helpless little girl end up crushing everyone apparently. The girl whose power was essentially running away ends up being one of the most powerful characters and def. the most dangerous in her team, being able to kill with a thought. She controls force without mass, essentially making her potential power infinite, HOWEVER, she usually uses her powers purely defensively. There still hasnt been a writer that PROPERLY explains WHY.

  • Talk about uncontrollable power. Bruce banner is a puny little runt, but when push comes to shove, he will become... tun tun tun... THE HULK! Which of course means he has no control whatsoever.

  • She can literally do anything too... but doesnt. Cause she is good! except that time she did a sloppy job at mind wiping. Silly rabbit, mand wipes are for telepaths!

    Also, she has to say stuff backwards, which adds both a thinking/distraction factor for her and the speaking factor. No talky, no munchy.