Cool energy signatures

Characters with cool energy signatures or otherwise cool looking powers!

List items

  • The butterfly lady gave telepathy a whole new dimension.

  • His gravity powers look different at times, but the black effect, no matter if circles or squares, it always looks fun.

  • No matter if they are his natural colored kinetic balls or Penance's raw blue kinetic outbursts, he's got some unique and cool looking powers!

  • Her powers might look a bit like regular 90's telekinesis, but i think they are actually fairly cool. Lets see when she will be a full Avenger...

  • The man with the circles. Considering the era the character was created in... you have to give props to how original and scientifically convoluted the look of his powers is!!!

  • There is a reason they call this girl LSD.

  • Her powers, ironically, are all about invisible stuff. However, they have always looked really REALLY cool. From the oldschool dotted line to the awsome blue effect desplaued by her future self in the Marquis of Death era... to even when her powers are LITERALLY invisible and one can only see the effect, like during one of the last Salem Seven sagas.

  • Another trippy power lady.

  • Not really an energy signature... but BAMF is a true classic.

  • From the triangle-style symbol to the astral projection involved with it, the Phoenix force is one of the most distinctive energy signatures in the marvel universe.

  • His/her force fields sometimes have a cool look, and when he mixes powers, like Stone fist with a force field hammer on the end... its pretty cool.

  • The all black/bright outline is now a classic, but this is the first character I can think of that really took advantage of the effect!

  • Omega beams going "zip zop zoobity bop" all over the place.

  • How she actually rips her skin off to display a new form below is pretty darn cool!!! Very 90's.. but still cool. Really wish they would use her more... she was pretty cool in the Kia Asamiya run!

  • Psi-dragons? Yes please!!!

  • Depending on artist the manifestations of her power changes. But in JLU they were very cool and in most comic apparitions they are as well.

  • Psychic little birdies/butterflies

  • House of M: Invincible Woman - VERY cool smoke-looking powers that pretty much worked like telekinesis or Sue's