Chaos Control!!!

Characters with quantum/reality/dimensional of the vaguest power sets out there... trying to round up the profile!

Powers include: Teleport, Time control, Space distortion, Quantic control, probability control, etc. Also, characters whose powers seem "magical" but have a sci-fi explanation.

Preferibly those who are not omnipotent/gods as well... and no purely magic users like Dr. Strange. The point of this list is try to define and round up a set of characters and items that show a quantified amount of quantum/reality/chaos (call it what u may, result is the same) manipulation. Particular interest in characters whose access to this power is relatively well defined, such as Ultimate Scarlet Witch doing the math to calculate her hexes, or Arcanna using Schrodinger's uncertainty principle. Same with telekinetics who pinch the space place to open wormholes, etc. etc.

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List items

  • The Quantum incarnate... Jenny has an incredible amount of power that displays in a very cool manner.

  • Her Ultimate version had a very cool power set, pretty much what I wanted for this list... then they mucked it up.

  • The character that BEST explained the power set by making a Schrodinger's cat example with Emil Burbank's lunch under a lid.

  • The original Chaos Controller.

  • Another perfect example of a being who surpasses 3 dimensions.

  • Could locally manipulate space, time and reality.

  • Talk about "magic" with a technological background: Ultimate Thor and his 4th Dimensional hammer.

    During Ultimates 1 and 2 (Before it was revealed he was REALLY a god) his powers were actually WAYYYY cooler.

  • Reality manipulator, could not consciously control it.

  • Final Smash - The Negative Zone Dance (THE most brilliant final smash)

  • I know i said no magic... but what spiral does looks and works less like traditional magic and more like dimensional manipulation, and mixed with her cybernetics it leads me to believe she has a deeper understanding of reality that we, simple 3D creatures perceive as magic.. Has cool teleporting powers, and bending reality with some effort.

  • Member of the Nu Defenders/Fantastic Force, this former criminal from Zenn-La from a distant future has VERY mysterious powers. Described as mastering the dual particle/wave nature of light, while also being called out by Scarlet Witch as working with a probability factor... this VERY cool character died among his piers in a really stupid storyline that made no sense... hopefully someday a similarly powered folk will step up and reveal the ins and outs of his power... or at least show some more feats of what he's capable of.

  • Talk about poorly defined power set. I once read that his power was to turn matter into energy, but that doesn't begin to explain it. He manipulates matter and energy to achieve interdimensional travel, teleportation, distrupt energies, etc. Pretty cool power set for such a forgotten character. Would love to have him back now that Piotr and Snowflake are toghether.

  • He's here cause of his cool disco look. Also cause after he was revealed a souped-up inhuman, he actually became pretty interesting power-wise, he was not actually omnipotent, he had some degree of reality manipulation but it was fairly measured.

  • The physical manifestation of control over the cosmos. This was particularly cool looking (because of its reduced theatricality) in Ultimate when used by Red Skull (that sick bastard lol).

  • This man's name is the biggest understatement. He can control all particles. Powers changed a lot. But worth keeping in mind when considering dimensional masters.

  • This mega-mutant gained her spot in this list by one particularly cool feat: When she literally stuck her hand in-between the cracks of space to pull the scattered Blink from the ether.

  • Also a Chaos Control user.

  • Able to create pocket realities and whatnot, he was pretttttttyyyyyy lame as Psi-Lord IMO... and as Phoenix in an alternate future... however i have high hopes for the little guy and he will become a balanced, cool character whose powers will be dwelled into and explained.

  • In her ghostly Red Queen form, Maddie displayed some interesting powers. A mix of psychic, dimensional and magical powers, she was able to pull Psylocke out of her Exiles-induced delocation from the universe, and switch bodies between her forms, as well as teleportation, psychic illusions, and more. That red effect Greg Land used for her powers was actually pretty cool as well.

  • Cosmic Master of inter-dimensional transportation and whatnot.

  • Her cool teleport powers apparently derive from controlling space, and they seem to have the potential to control time and further dimensions as well. Unfortunately her REALLY cool mutant powers are usually shadowed by her use of actual magic, particularly her sword.

  • Impressive quantum powers. Cool display during Thanos Imperative and Cancerverse as a whole (of which he is the source)

  • Psychic, Chaos Control.

  • Controller of the Manna, she can control natural forces (literally forces, gravity, electromagnetic, etc) as well as teleportation, inter-dimensional travel, time control, etc.

  • Mainly here for her powers in the cartoon, she had mental powers and some magical ones. I liked her innate abilities. Comic counterpart still has some cool astral projecting and dimensional travel going on. Im sure her power set will keep growing since her cartoon counterpart gained so much popularity.

  • Similar to a Cosmic Cube, these little girls can do feats like create boom tubes, energy and force manipulation, and space-time distortion. And no magic at all is used, all science. NAHHHCEEE.

  • Look at different timelines and pick and choose the result. Now THAT is a cool Chaos Control gal!

  • We can't help but feel like this little guy does magic, but this 5 dimensional being is just on a greater plane of existance than us. He has a pretty cool power array as well, and all based in 5-D tech.

  • Like the cosmic cube, the Quantum Bands are another embodiment of the power style this list is meant to round up.

  • Jean, in theory, could mentally move space, time, atoms, sub-particles and whatnot to control reality. She could EASILY teleport, but for some reason she NEVER does... weird.

  • Control nuclear forces to transmute things as well as change different physical traits, such as phasing, etc.

  • See Sonic, Silver and Shadow.

  • Like the Quantum Bands, but they use Negative Zone energy.

  • Dimension hopping version of the Scarlet Witch.

  • Could control space on such a fine level that she could refract light to create convincing illusions.

  • Her powers change to something different. They are always changing. Good to keep an eye on though.

  • Yet another Capt. Marvel, this one has Celestial genetics making his powers a little more intense.

  • A grossly undeveloped character who barely understood the extent of her powers. Actually very interesting power set, hopefully she will gain some further time in the limelight in the future.

  • The Marquis is a bit above the power level illustrated on this list, but the art of this character is just so darn good... I couldnt keep him out. His teleports, his matter desintegration, walking on clouds... all of it, it looked fantastic.

  • Member of Generation X who had psychic powers and was linked to some sort of dimensional nexus that gave her reality manipulating powers.

  • Probably a confusing choice for this list, but the man can literally cut space open to create portals to teleport across the world. Pretty darn cool. Was gonna add his mojoverse pal Longshot, but lets just say they share this one spot.

  • Can control atoms to reform matter, as well as forces to fly and create force fields.

  • The girls had the combined powers of their siblings, so they where psychic, were able to turn into Hollow, and had dimensional powers that inclided teleportation, sending others across dimensions, and opening portals.

  • Same powers as Jean, but she displays more often atom-level telekinesis, such as telekinetically manipulating her DNA to look more dinosaur like (even though that really makes no sense whatsoever) and she has some sort of relation to the time stream. She also is supposedly unique to the multiverse, although in What Ifs and other realities she does exist...

  • Mistress of Matter Rearrangement, her powers as an Eternal have usually been confused with Magic. On top of teleportation and transmutation, her powers allow her to control her physical being, making herself immortal.. oh, and she also has telepathy.

  • Although his power is absolutely unpredictable, as a whole, pretty interesting reality manipulator.

  • Although called magic, his powers are closer to SciFi, and they are pretty cool looking and the fact that he has to draw a picture of exactly what he wants on his mind to engenieer his powers reminds me of Ultimate Scarlet Witch and how she has to do the math

  • see and control the causal strands of chaos around him.

  • He's got TK and TP on a level that he can teleport and do awesome feats. He also has faith-derived powers... kind of interesting to see perception of reality alter it. Maybe latent reality powers.

  • Not quite sure how this guy's powers work... or how even the Enigma force works (hence the name?).

    I might remove him of provide a better explanation later.

  • She may or may not fit in this list. Powers are similar to Exodus... fairly underused character, a little digging might shine some more light on her powers.

  • Same as Jean, molecular TK and even hinted to be able to manipulate time and travel thru it.

  • phoenix-level power, also ascended to a higher existance at one point.

  • Still not clear if he was the angel of death, posessed by him... or what. However, if you just go by the serum gave this insane man reality manipulation powers (such as reviving his wife over and over).

  • "Chemical" "magic"

    Thats a lot of quotes... but i'll take it.

  • Multiversal being who can see futures and can create duplicates of herself.

  • Animated version applies to this list only.

  • Twins with the power of order and chaos. And look at those zany little outfits! how cuuuuuuteeee hahahahaa

  • influence/control over the four fundamental forces (Strong and weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, and gravity)

  • The kid is so smart he can see quantum outcomes and take action so the most favorable one happens. Like Domino or Longshot, but he ACTUALLY has to do the work!

  • Pretty cool. Need to look further into him.

  • Her costume is a black hole? Madness!!! She has cool cosmic awareness, and molecular control.

  • Quantum Field Manipulation - he is pretty much a Dr. Manhattan but with no imagination on how to use his powers

  • Quantum Field user. Even LESS imagination than capt Atom... he just likes to fly and smash things.

  • Vertigo version's Madness Vest lets him warp reality. (one of the best character re-imaginings out there)

  • Manipulates Space-Time, visions and teleportation.

  • Nexus between Marvel and DC universes.

  • More info to come...

  • her power or lack theroff is still debatable.

  • Another near omnipotent manipulator who used his powers in a pretty limited manner. He made chaotic things like storms happen.

  • Mostly here because of his Ultimate incarnation. However, his regular 616 has some type of control over Gravity and cosmic forces. He can do a pretty wide array of stuff with his powers.

  • This somewhat terrible character (hahaha) had an army of sprites and ghosts who made luck go in her favor. A pretty original take on the concept so she makes the list.

  • An interesting one. Originally thought that his Force powers were weak, he actually has a special relationship with the force, which essentially means he interacts with it differently than others. Instead of pushing and pulling objects, he can affect events.

  • Spheres of influence that can manipulate time and reality.