Luciel (Castiella's brother)

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Luciel is one of the strongest Angelic entities in and outside of Heaven however his characteristic features are incredibly out of the norm making him stand out as more than just a powerful being but as a rather chaotic individual with self serving interests, one who is only loyal to himself and his sister Castiella. Luciel along with his sister are second generation Angels, Angels created through procreation between two other Angelic beings however he and Castiella are an abnormality as Angelic procreation typically allows only one celestial essence to be created at once but he and Castiella were created near simultaneously

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The battle in Hell

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One year ago...

The angel Castiella stood alone in the pits of the infamous Hell as a beacon of purity and light that radiated divine influence as far as the eye can see but she was not here to site see no she was here on an important mission one of personal commitment that she had to do alone and that mission was to rescue a specific soul from the deepest depths of hell.

Day One

The first enemies to arrive in response to Castiella's appearance were the swarms of flying Daemons that patrolled the Hellish landscape of brimstone and fire, they were ten legions in width and ten legions deep but they kept spaces of several hundred feet between themselves some even a few thousand yet these vast numbers were not found to be daunting by Castiella as she was not afraid but she was cautious. She raised her Enochian staff above her head as it glowed with celestial power and held it there for three seconds, the demons of flight continuing to close in rapidly with an eerie silence as if sound itself was indeed too slow to catch up to them. Then it happened; the refined grace from Castiella's staff shot forward in an instant intitally as a straight beam of white energy but once it came into contact with its first demon it changed for the better, the celestial beam split into several directions in a series of strings that kept multiplying while simultaneously tracking and penetrating through the bodies of numerous demons unhindered.

Many of the hideous entities attempted to take evasive maneuvers upon sight of the first several thousand wicked brethren being vaporized into nothingness but their bodies were too slow and thus their attempts were in vain, three seconds after the staff of Castiella was used to cast the attack every single demon of the original two hundred thousand force was obliterated with no remains to be seen anywhere.

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CVU Angel Kameo

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Agility: 3) Above average balance here, nothing of further note to reference.

Durability: 3)

My durability is peculiar, I'm capable of withstanding blows that would ordinarily destroy human bodies with such force that there would be few remains

Energy Projection: 5)

I have a mastery of divine energy that is bestowed on me everytime I access my grace, this gives me an energy type to manipulate but I have energy limitations

Fighting Ability:4)-5)

I possess formal training in fighting as well as experience in over one hundred battles against powerful foes in the Vine verse with stats ranging from three to five in physical category and abilities.

Intelligence: 4)

While not necessarily a genius I'm some what gifted and have significant intellectual potential, but lack human creativity which puts me at a disadvantage sometimes.

Mental Power: 6)

I am capable of controlling the minds of numerous individuals at once as well as utilizing various mystical arts but at the limitation of only being able to do so at medium to short range.

Speed: 1-7)

I'm relatively quick, somewhat but I rely on my wings and control over time to fight in speeds that other metahumans are capapble of fighting at

Stamina: 6-7)

As long as I don't overwhelm my grace I am capable of physically operating indefinitely

Strength: 4)-7)

My physical strength is enhanced by the usage of my grace, with out my grace I am only strong as several dozen men.


I only have "super powers" when I utilize my grace


Grace is the heavenly essence that the type of angel I am has access to, I am a Angelic-Sentinel Seraphic class. Unlike other angels we are unique in the form that we have no true tangible body instead we are multi-dimensional wave lengths of celestial essence, the typical size of our revealed form being four hundred miles in radius. We are made out of our Grace it is what keeps us alive and powers our abilities, using divine powers drains up our celestial energy however methods such as rest allows us to regenerate it quickly and other more...unethical manners can enhance our grace to give an "over charge"

Grace Abilities

  • Light Manipulation

My grace allows me to cast or redirect light giving me the ability to always have light or to become invisible.

  • Telekinesis

My grace gives me excellent telekenetic abilities down to the molecular level with fine enough control to pick out specific yet miniscule details with trivial ease.

  • Time Manipulation

Although it drains my grace more so than any other ability I have a mastery over time that gives me the ability to not only travel through time but also use it to enhance my speed or slow down others and if necessary stop time itself

  • Holy Fire

This is my most common ability empowered by grace, with Holy Fire being a staple Angelic ability I am able to manipulate and generate it in tens of thousands of different ways at almost no cost of my Grace regardless of the quantity or quality.

  • Mental Domination

I am capable of manipulating and controlling the minds of both creatures and men at a distance

  • Restoration

I am capable of reconstructing damaged biological vessels that are near expiration regardless of the type of damage inflicted and I am even able to ressurect them.


  • Mythical Weapons

Mythical weapons of legends that are well renown by the human populace such as Excalibur are capable of harming not only my vessel but also true form and the more popular the weapon of myth is the more damage it is capable of inflicting

  • Holy Oil

Holy Oil specifically oil extracted from the wings of Angels serves as a dangerous but rare flammable liquid, Holy Oil once ignited is capable of causing severe damage if not outright instantly killing another angel should they come into extended contact woth the flames.

  • Enochian Wards

Certain drawn symbols using specialized coatings are capable of creating barriers that negate an Angel's ability to change its vessels shape or use its wings.

  • Enochian Collar


Castiella is a second generation Angel not created by Yahweh but by the first Angels created by Yahweh. Castiella was created a little before the Archangels fall but most certainly after Adam and Eve were made, Castiella never participated in the war in heaven but was witness to the carnage present.

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