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  • He is the Alagalm mix of Kha, Tha, La and Captain Holland.

    I almost never use him

  • my main account

    A god living/reincarnating on earth

    In the live he is living now he is a 17 year old orphan living with a old pub owner in Manchester.

    Where he also sometimes gets a visit from Constantine.

    He has wings given to him by Ma at and a mystical Ankh given by his father which he made his symbol

  • He was a young man named Pieter when he started his adventures in 1940`s.

    Although he told everybody he was mainly Jewish he is actually a mix of different religions

    After the war he became a secret agent for the U.N and a priest of all religions

    In his free time he mostly takes care of Weddings and Funeral`s these days

  • Yep this is Jules a Australian secret agent/ scientist with a freaky obsession of spidey comics.

    He took it upon himself to test his own serum which he expected to give him Spidey 2099`s powers

    Although he was wrong it gave him super strength, super speed and a psionic energy of some sort.

    He wanted to wallcrawl so bad that he made his own 4 extra claws.

    Who can be stored in a red backpack which did go well with a old prototype suit of Captain Holland

  • LoL Tsukino is daddy`s little girl she is the second character that i ever made up

    and right now she has the same have no pictures problem as Ankou

  • One of the new guy`s on my list well? new........

    I gotta say most of the characters that i made up are heroes i tought about 7 years ago XD

    Anyways this one still needs alot of work ^^