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Alien Name: Kalthron

Human Name: Kalius Hawthrone

Aliases: Apex, Armageddon, Little Predator, The One who Hunts, Invasive, The True Consumer,

Height: 4'9 (Variable)

Weight: 120 (Variable)

Biological Age: 2 (Appearance of A Twelve Year Old)

Hair Color: Phantom Purple

Eye Color: Deep Sea Blue, Halloween Purple

Species: NuCraian Genetic Experiment

Gender: Male

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Sexual Orientation: Asexual (Currently)

Place of Birth: Craia

Base of Operation: Valor City

Relatives: Connor Hawthrone (Adoptive Human Father) Kendra .L Landaria (Adoptive Human Mother) Cret'ar (Genetic Experimenter, "Father")

Occupation: Extraterrestrial Selective Mutate-Predator

||Story of Kalthron- The Invasive PredatoršŸŒ†||

It was the NuCraian motto to always help a planet in need in anyway they could. Whether it was sending supplies, or spreading knowledge throughout the world. However, the planet Earth was a delicate one. A planet were people with influence and people with power clash on an every day basis. A planet which seemed to be always in the center of some tragic cosmic event. However, the problem seemed to have been the increasing number of increasingly powerful "Meta-Beings"(Meta-Beings is the equivalent to superhumans) and it is this that needs to be filtered to ensure that humanity survives.

Kalthron was made to be this filter,he was constructed by the Science Division and sent down to Earth to begin his task. First however, he needed to have human parents to prevent any suspicion. He was found by Kendra .L Landaria hen she was looking to adopt children and was brought home. From there he learnt about the lives of humans and that his task may need to be executed more carefully. His morals were set up this way, and he began to become more picky than he once was.

||- Personality Profile||

Kalius is mostly mature, but his childish side can come into play whenever he gets overlay excited or is extremely hungry. Having to hunt and kill his food in order to survive, he has become calculative and weighs his risks and benefits quite regularly. He was taught to be his own boss, and being adopted by a wealthy family helped him see that. He's quick to give his opinion on something, and is usually blunt when he doesn't like it.

Now, a problem he was is his hatred for selfishness and will go out of his way to address the matter with the person. Whenever he's hungry he becomes more aggressive and some of his passive aggressive behavior goes away. He's an extremely picky eater


NuCraian Apex Physiology: Thanks to the advance technology that the NuCraian people have at their disposal. The rearrangements of genetic material such as amino acids acids and lipids was a simply process Using ulta-pico technology to improve the adaptability of the genes and increase the tensile strength of both his muscles and tissue to strength the durability of his intestines. They improved his immune a few hundred times to increase him immunity to harmful foreign objects such as bacteria, viruses and even other extremely harmful substances to help his intestines keep up with the constant consuming of potential dangerous objects.

They embedded his genes with a produce produced by both the mystical side and technological side which allows Kalius the ability to absorb the powers and abilities of those who he devours and his enzymes can filter out the weaknesses that come with that ability. Thanks to manipulating the sinuses within his nose, Kalius can pick up on a target's biochemicals through smell with so much efficiency that simply DNA bases can be determined, he can even determine emotions. However, the chemical that is testosterone causes a small aching pain on the bridge of his nose, which cause men to be a less desirable meal than women (while testosterone causes him small pain, estrogen gives him a warm feel throughout his body)

His biological composure has also made him an elite predator, being able to adapt to the environment as well as increased superhuman abilities

-Absorbed Abilities

Eyes of Truth and Fear: Absorbed from the consumption of mutant Siamese twins, the eyes of Truth and Fear are two different be connected abilities. The Eye of Truth,located in Kalius's right eye, can show him the abilities that the target's has,but not the weaknesses. It allows him to see pass illusions and lies,but only if he wills it so. Being connected to his ears as well, hearing the name of a person grants him basic knowledge about them such as height or most recent activity. Unfortunately, if that person has an alter ego, information about that alter ego will not show until the person says that name.

(The name/alias has the be said by the person who carries that name/alias in order to for the ability to be active.)

The Eye of Fear, located in his left eye, conceptualizes fear and forces it upon those who make eye contact. Even to inorganic and non living objects.

||-Equipment & Stff||



-Kalius always prepares his meals beforehand and has the tendency to be picky with his meals. He follows a moral code for his meals. Which is the following:

Those who are an obviously important part this society, whether human or mutant can live. Those who are selfless in there acts of heroism will be spared. Give a meal a chance to wash themselves before consumption. They must be killed before consumption in order to make their pain as minimal as possible. If the person has killed three people or more, than consumption will require a deep cleaning of the hands. Other predators are ideal meals and will be taken care of despite them matching the scenarios mentioned above. Don't bite what you can't swallow.