Batman's Alfred, Michael Gough Dies

On March 17, 2011, at 94 years old, Michael Gough sadly passed away. Michael Gough is most probably the most recognized actor that has played Alfred Pennyworth. He appeared in the 1989 and 1992 movies with Michael Keaton titled Batman and Batman Returns, along with 1995's Batman Forever [with Val Kilmer], and 1997's Batman & Robin [with George Clooney]. Although he died recently, there had been rumors for years that he had already passed on.



Ok, this is becoming extremely irritating. I understand that computers will always have bugs, but I constantly have problems with there being more images in my image gallery than there actually are. I can't "Mark as Unread" in my Inbox. And now, my desire to correct even small grammatical errors, and designate pages to artists with many images on this site, are being attacked. I attended school for many years, why not thank the teachers that took the time to teach me, by making an effort to spell out words, etcetera. Angelina Jolie, Ellen Degeneres, and many other CELEBRITIES, have their own pages, despite the fact that they have not appeared in any mainstream or official comic. Apparently only PUBLISHED artists are allowed to have pages, but any "comic book" that someone publishes, even your 5 year old nephew, will be on here if you want it to be. There are also many "creators" with pages that have no credits attached to them, no description, nothing. So unfortunately, if you like an image you see in a character gallery, chances are you may never be able to see more of their work in one central location, unless you make the effort to look outside of this website, and even then, if the artist did not CLEARLY sign their name, it could take hours to figure out who it was that did it. "Creators" "deserve" to be recognized, even without proof of work, why not allow artists that fans clearly enjoy, so long as someone is willing to make the effort to update the page occasionally
--Just edited a page where Every Word Began With A Capital Letter. I Understand That The Moderators Have A Lot Of Stuff To Go Through, But Seriously?! Maybe reject the submission with a note in the email saying that it was oddly written, it can be submitted again when written in a way that a grade school English teach would accept.
--Supposedly any comic can be added, reference the Angelina Jolie "comic" where it is most probably just a paperback with portraits of various female forms posing scantily dressed, but online comics can not be added. So no Foamy (the Squirrel), you will not be welcome here. Now what happens with Heroes, the comics began as an online series. Should EVERYTHING be allowed, or should nothing be allowed? And how about having people that upload images into character galleries providing more information about the image, whether it be the artist that was primarily responsible, ALL the characters in the image (preferably in the order they appear), etcetera.