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My Top 5 favorite antiheroes

What I like about antiheroes is that they are not simple. You can' just put them into "good guys/bad guys" column, and their methods are questionable.

List items

  • Deadpool. Merc with a Mouth. No further comments needed

  • Immortal mercenary who needs the constant supply of spare body parts.

  • A soldier in British SAS and a Combat Magician. A very simple man in the world that was never simple.

  • Al Simmons. Professional soldier and assassin for the government, he was betrayed and killed, only to be reborn as powerful Hellspawn, a pawn in the war between Heaven and Hell.

  • Croyd Crenson is one of the most famous Aces (superhumans created by alien Wild Card virus). An Ace-for-hire, he leads a bizarre life, his appearance and powers are changed with each of his "sleep cycles" (which can last weeks).

    Interesting fact is that Sleeper was created by Roger Zelazny (Chronicles of Amber).