Favorite Astro City characters

Kurt Busiek's Astro City is one of my favorite comic books. I decided to make a list of my favorite Astro City characters.

List items

  • This vigilante superhero is a living contradiction. Roman Catholic priest, he was turned into vampire, and fought crime as a penance. The cross on his chest causes him pain to remind Confessor of his mission and prevent the temptation to drink blood.

  • Out of all the Superman analogues, this time-traveling character is one of the most interesting ones. He traveled to the past to prevent the catastrophe and succeeded - only to erase "his" future.

  • The former supervillain who, unlike most of them, honestly tried to turn a new leaf after serving his time, only to learn that nobody wants to hire ex-villain. Desperate to find a job, he agreed to investigate a series of "Black Mask" kills - only to be caught into a plot involving some of his old friends and a crime of the century.

  • Astro City's analogue of Captain America, he is the city's greatest hero - and a stain on the city's history because he was falsely accused and executed.

  • Perhaps the oddest superheroine of Astro City, Beautie is the human-sized android doll based on the popular fashion doll series. Her own existence and the identity of her creator is a biggest mystery for Beautie.

  • The villain who was never after money, power and old domination. Junkman was an old inventor discriminated because of his age, despite the fact him mind was still brilliant. He is seeking vengeance on the society that "discarded" him, hence the name.

  • The name of several heroes that relied on clown-themed gadgets and actobatics.

  • Mock Turtle can be barely called a villain - he is just a brilliant, but naive man who grew up obsessed with Alice in Wonderland-like fantasies.

  • Atomic-powered hero of Sixties. Left the Earth because his "Superman/Lois Lane" relationship turned out the worst possible way.