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"Where's my jet pack?"

"Where's my *** jet pack? Where's my flying car? You are thinking it right now, where's my vacation on the Moon..? Where's the future we were promised? That's what I hear you say - who cheated me out of my spaceship and my ray gun?"  - ( Doktor Sleepless #1)
Marvel universe is full of people with genius-level intellect - "eight smartest man", "fifth smartest man" etc. But the way they use their incredible minds is a sign of incredibly lazy writing and the lack of imagination (and a source of constant frustration for me). The new ways to fight the same villains? Designing new Hulkbusters? Creating a jail in Negative Zone? For me it's driving the nails with misroscope. Why the world that has all these super-scientists suffers from the same problems that we see in our world? Isn't helping the general population against hunger and poverty much more important than sending Trapster in jail for thousand time?
Look at Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen - not caring much about general population, he is single-handely responsible for the shift to electric-powered vehicles and caused a huge leap forward in science and technology. What about Marvel universe? Recently Tony Stark showed some promise when he created repulsor-powered sports car, but I have a bad feeling that after the next big event the authors will forget about it.   

If we had villains like The Four in Planetary who kept all the cutting edge techlologies for themselves, it could explain the lack of progress - but we already know about all the secret masterminds in Marvel universe, and we can't blame this stagnation on them. Only on the lazy writing. Why bother trying to imagine the parking lot for the flying cars if you can just copy the "real world" and add a few men and women in colorful costumes?