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Age: 23 years

Height: variable

Weight: variable

Affiliation: UNKD (United Nation Kaiju Defense)


I. Mass Multiplication/Division: Exhibited as rapid growth, both in size, mass, density, and weight. The larger that Uma grows, the stronger, more durable, and heavier that she becomes. The opposite comes true as she shrinks back down. Many factors are affected by the change in mass. She can change to any size almost instantly. The only limiting factors to this ability are biological. Metabolic activity increases dramatically at huge sizes and at certain heights, the air becomes toxic.

a. Size Variability

b. Durability Variability

c. Strength Variability

d. Weight Variability

II. Constant Rate Speed Effect: Although Uma's size may change, the speed of her attacks, or movements altogether, does not. This makes her blows exponentially weaker as she shrinks, yet exponentially stronger as she grows. To put that into perspective, it takes her fist the same amount of time to extend whether she's human-sized or gigantic. As a result, her blows travel at increasing speeds as she increases in size. The time taken to travel remains the same, but the distance increases, creating titanic blows at her larger sizes where her strikes may be supersonic. This also makes her miniature size incompatible with most combat situations, yet perfect for stealth.

III. Demonic Empathy: An ever-present trait that Kaija discovered during her first war in France, her demonic heritage has caused her to form empathic bonds with demons and sense their presence when nearby. This ability envokes a feeling of peace and attraction in other demons that come into contact with her, but also forces her to feel the same. The empathic ability is a genetic trait of demons that helps to maintain their societies.

IV. The Brand of Cerberus: A tattoo granted to Kaija by an infernal god, it covers most of Kaija's back and accentuates her demonic nature. When exposed to esoteric energies such as magic and other non-electromagnetic radiation, it absorbs them, clears them from her body. When placed upon a full demon, there is no drawback to wearing this mark, and when worn by a creature not borne of hell, it corrodes them in body, mind, and soul. For Kaija, as a half demon, the brand is imperfect. When active it generates heat and physical pain that, when overused, can result in the mark itself causing damage to Kaija.

a. Communication: Kaija can use this brand to contact the being that bestowed it upon her, though the nature of their relationship makes it highly unlikely for her to do so unless the situation is dire or completely out of her hands. The reverse is also true.

V. Demonic Affinity: The Oni


Hand-to-Hand Combat Training: As most of her combat will involve hand-to-hand combat at any size, Uma has been trained by the UN Spec Ops in a wide variety of combat styles to handle opponents of any size with skill and precision.

Firearms Training: Only proven to be useful when at or around normal size, Uma is capable of effectively using firearms in combat when a change in size is not an option. She is no sniper or expert marksman, but she can dispatch of thugs and hold her own with military efficiency.

Subterfuge Training: As an unarmed specialist, Kaija is often sent on infiltration missions. Using her powers in conjunction with her acting and disguise, she is capable of not only blending into almost any environment but also effectively sneaking into locations and possibly destroying target establishments with no need for bringing any suspicious tech or personnel with her.

a. The Art of Disguise

b. Experienced Con Artist


Kaija's Underarmor Mk2: Although an undoubtedly tough suit that can offer some real protection in combat, it's primary purpose is to conform to the user's body and stretch to phenomenal sizes without tearing or taking damage. The suit changes color slightly as Kaija changes size, growing lighter purple the bigger that she gets, and darker if not black as she shrinks to her more tiny sizes. The suit is skin tight and can easily be concealed underneath any clothing allowing her to wear it even when in disguise. Includes a matching mask.

a. Mk2 addition: Recent upgrades from UNKD's newest engineer @_gaige_: have introduced a new energy redirection system into the suit that increases Kaija's defense against energy and temperature based attacks. All EM energy, be it from light, nuclear radiation, charged particles, electricity, etc, is now absorbed into the suit and redirected to Kaija's gauntlets and boots, enhancing her strikes with thermal energy after being charged by a powerful energy assault.

Goliath's Arsenal: A group of transportable military vehicles, each holds a colossal weapon for Kaija to use in her giant form against sufficient threats that require a little something extra to take down. Each weapon has a multi-layer joint-slider system that allows it to adjust its size so that Kaija can handle and utilize them all against Kaiju at a wide variety of sizes. A group of these vehicles is always located at whatever base that Kaija is currently located in the event of an attack, but they can also be camouflaged and driven into enemy territory in the event that they are needed there.

a. GA: Hammer: Relatively straightforward, giant hammer made from some of Earth's most resilient substances. This weapon enhances Kaija's physical damage and provides her with a large surface area with which to attack.

b. GA: Sword: A bit of a deceptive title, this weapon is actually a giant chainsaw. Relatively straightforward as well.

c. GA: Launcher: This weapon is actually a nuclear warhead launcher... just made portable for Kaija. Capable of launching Quark-bombs for the most disastrous of Kaiju encounters. Rarely used, but available for use when needed.

d. GA: Pistol: An enormous railgun that loads in a manner similar to a conventional Glock-17. Its user interface is identical to that of a conventional pistol, but it relies on an electric charge meeting an electromagnet at the base of the weapon and coiled steel. Ammunition types can be changed as needed, and this weapon allows for the greatest amount of versatility in combat, at the cost of limited ammo/usage.

e. GA: Dagger: An energy weapon big enough to power a continuous beam of disintegrating energy. Essentially an enormous light-saber that subjects its victims to an ungodly amount of radiation, heat, plasma, and electricity.

f. GA: Shield: The only purely defensive piece of Goliath equipment. It is a shield resistant to most forms of damage and can absorb energy, reflect it back at the attacker in the form of a focused beam when designated by the wielder. Transforms between two states; a basic defensive gauntlet and a fully unfolded shield. This weapon can absorb energy regardless of its current state.

The Devil's Visage: Intended only to be a luxury, but now a key piece of equipment for use on stealth missions. It's merely a skin-colored headband that renders her horns invisible and alters her eye color, concealing the devilish features. This particular piece of clothing can change size with Kaija along with her under-armor, but only to human sizes and smaller. It is extremely fragile and should not be worn during intense combat.

Defense Matrix: Added protection for Kaija when she's not working, this device functions as transportation, defense, and a method for telling time and location. The wrist-worn device projects a defense matrix around Kaija when active, and although it doesn't have the power to add defense to her while she stands at more gigantic heights, it functions to protect her from physical threats in her more vulnerable state at human stature. The device can also be used as a teleporter and, when the defense matrix that it projects is badly damaged or fails, the device will automatically transport Kaija to a safer location. The teleportation technology of the device is derived from the Sister's Eye satellite grid and is linked directly to it.