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  • The main character of the series. Ichigo first became a soul reaper (shinigami) when he interacted with Rukia Kuchki a fellow shinigami. Shinigami come in a huge range of power levels but generally all shinigami have at least rudimentary kido skills (energy powers) and hoho (flash step)the ability to dash quickly), Only some shinigami use hakuda (formidable hand to hand fighting style) and all shinigami have a weapon called a zanpakutou. Each zanpakutou is unique and if mastered, its user can unleash their zanpakutou's true form called a shikai however most shinigami do not achieve this. A very rare ability that only the most power and talented shinigami achieve is the ability to unleash their zanpakutou's second form called bankai. this is generally 5 to 10 times stronger than a shikai greatly widening the gap between great fighters and master fighters. Ichigo is one of few to learn both shikai and bankai and he has an accomplished flash step, but his hakuda skills are only rudimentary and he has virtually no kido skills whatsoever. However, he is one of extremely few that use vizard powers (releasing the inner hollow inside of him, augmenting his power, strength , and speed).

    Ichigo's zanpakutou's name is Zangetsu. when in sealed form, it is a massive cutter katana. when in shikai form it is still a massive blade but it's appearance changes and he gains the ability Getsuga tenshou (a large blast of concentrated reiatsu.) In bankai form it's appearance changes entirely shrinking to the size of an ordinary katana and turning the color black. In addition to firing a more powerful form of getsuga tenshou, his bankai grants Ichigo incredible speed rivaling that of most captain level shinigami. While wearing his vizard mask his already impressive strength and speed are increased and he is faster than the likes of all but the very fastest. In his hollow form,his whole body is covered in a hollow exoskeleton and he grows a tail. His strength is increased even more than while wearing his vizard mask. He also gains the ability of cero (a menos energy blast varying in strength but always powerful) his cero is particularly strong and is more powerful than his getsuga tenshou or kuroi getsuga. He also gains the ability of instantaneous regeneration and even severe wounds heal literally instantly however when he is in this form he has little or no control of himself. He also has little control of when he transforms. It happens subconsciously and his hollow side takes over. And recently he has shown the also subconscious ability of a second hollow transformation. This form is the strongest of all. While in this state, Ichigo has no control whatsoever and cannot distinguish friend from foe. In fact he doesn't even remember anything while in this form. In this form, all his attributes are enhanced ridiculously. Hish shunpo becomes sonido (the arrancar version of flash step) and it literally dwarfs his already vast speed. He is so fast that he seems to . His strength is also drastically improved to the point that he could slice Ulquiorra (espada 4) in half effortlessly while before his strongest attacks hardly scratched him. And His cero in this form is so strong that it blew away half of the dome of las noches which is a dome the size of a gigantic city.

  • Inoue Orihime is Ichigo's friend and love interest. her power lie in the six fairies that she can command three of the fairies form a barrier of protection, two of the fairies heal injuries(she can even heal lost limbs). Some say her healing powers are surpassed by none even the high ranking members of the fourth division. And her final fairy executes her offensive attack however this attack isn't very powerful.

  • Sado is Ichigo's best friend. He first gained his unusual powers from interacting with Ichigo when he first got his own power.Sado gained the ability to transform his right arm granting him incredible strength as well as the ability to blast an attack of concentrated reiatsu. later he gets newer better abilities and his arm transforms into a more powerful form increasing his strength further and firing a more powerful blast he calls "El Directo". close to the current storyline his powers increased dramatically yet again. His right arm now can transform into a massive form he calls "Branzo Derecho de Gigante" (right arm of the giant) which is durable enough to block very strong attacks. Also with this upgrade, his left arm finally gets a form and is possibly more powerful than any of his right arm forms. It's called "Branzo derecho del Diablo" (left arm of the Devil) and this gives him his most powerful offensive move called "La Muerte". Sado is considered to be about as strong as a Vice captain.

  • The last of the quincy's aside from his father. Uryu Ishida possesses the standard powers of a quincy yet to much higher degree. A quincy unlike a shinigami does noy have a Zanpakutou,instead they have a bow. Uryuu has mastered many quincy techniques including the seirei glove and the rasotengai two techniques exclusively used only by the greatest quincy warriors. in the current storyline Uryu possesses a bow that allows him to fire 1200 arrows per second. he also possesses a weapon called scheele schnieder which is a bladed weapon that can absorb reiatsu. He once also in his desperation in fighting Mayuri Kurotsuchi (a Captain shinigami of immense power and scientific knowledge) released his Quincy Final Form an ability he can only use once. In his form Uryu's power surpasses even a Captain's however he can only maintain this form for a short period of time. Another notable comment is that Uryu is the top student at his school.

  • The beautiful yet strong Rukia Kuchiki is a member of the 13th division under Captain Ukitake. She is the very first character appearance in the series. It is because of Rukia that Ichigo awakened his powers.Rukia is talented at kidou and the flash step ability. She is also one of not very many to learn her zanpakutou's shikai. Her zanpakutou's name is Sode no Shurayuki . It is an ice type capable of at least three shikai abilities (shown so far). the first is Tsukishiro an ability that freezes anything around and above her within a small radius. the second, Hakuren is a very large blast of ice which freezes anything in it's path. The third ability allows Rukia to reforge her zanpakutou (if it is broken) out of ice. though she is not a seated officer, she is sufficiently strong enough to be one.

  • Kon is a soul that was put into the body of a stuffed animal. He is a close ally of Ichigo but is very obnoxious and perverted (especially towards Rukia) He doesn't really have any special abilities in his own body other than being able to withstand being thrown around (which unfortunately for him happens to him a lot) however if he places his pill in ichigo's body (which is stored in his own body) then he is able to get a human body with augmented strength and speed (however he can only do this when Ichigo turns into his shinigai form)

  • The captain of Squad 13. One of the oldest and most powerful captains along with his closest friend Captain Kyouraku of squad 8. Though he suffers from tuberculosis he is still considered one or the strongest captains. His zanpakutou is Sogyo no Kotowari one of only two dual zanpakutou in all of soul society. Though all it's abilities haven't been revealed yet it is known that it can absorb copy and reflect any energy attack discharged at him and at even greater speed than the attacker used so it actually looks like the attack came from sogyo no kotawri. His bankai and other shikai abilities (if any) haven't been revealed yet. Ukitake is also known to be one of the most proficient kidou useres in soul socirty even among other captains. He can even block cero blasts with his bare hands. He is also the captain of Ichigo's close friend and ally, Rukia.

  • The artificially created daughter of the genius Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Captain of squad 12 and President of the science bureau. Though not at treated well by her father, she is absolutely loyal to him and will carry out any order whatsoever that he may give her. She is also the lieutenant of squad 12 (second in command) and is known to be quite physically strong and resistant to pain. Her zanpakutou is unknown and she usually relies on hakuda (hand to hand fighting.)

  • The captain of squad 12 and President of the science bureau. Though he is part of the Gotei 13, his motives aren't always innocent. He is known to sacrifice his own men and even injure his own daughter in order to accomplish his own goals. Mayuri is a genius at pretty much everything. He has unsurpassed knowledge o the human/shinigami physiology and can recreate entire body parts or even put fake organs in a body (including his own) that act in place of the real ones. He also is a genius in many other areas such as electronic mechanisms and strategy. As a captain he is an extremely powerful warrior and has achieved not only shikai but bankai as well (an extremely rare an powerful ability) His shikai can upon stabbing a victim, also paralyze the part that it stabs. His bankai calls forth a giant caterpillar with a baby face and has the ability to spew a deadly poison that will kill the victim within minutes. Also it can extract claw from it's chest and charge at the enemy. it is also capable of eating the target entirely. Also Mayuri is a master at kidou.. All in all he is one of the most well rounded of all the captains.

  • Yumichika Ayesegawa is the 5th seat of squad 11 (the executioners squad) which is considered the strongest of the thirteen squads. Though he only possesses the rank of 5th seat he could easily be the fourth seat or since he is strong enough and the position is vacant however being a narcissist and believing himself the most beautiful in all soul society he refuses to take the 4th seat position since he believes the number five is more attractive and he cant have the third seat position (which he also believes is an attractive number) because his best friend Ikkaku Madarame has that position. Even though he is a fifth seat he is not to be underestimated. He single handedly defeated the lieutenant of squad 9 (who is powerful even for a lieutenant) in 1 on 1 combat. Just like his fellow squad members he possesses little or no skill for kidou (demon magic) because the 11th squad has an unspoken rule that no member especially a high seated officer can practice or use kidou since they believe it is cowardly and for weaklings. Unfortunately for him his zanpakutou is a kidou type, however no one knows this because whenever he releases his zanpakutou he calls it by a false name fujikujaku and in doing this it's full potential isn't released or revealed. in this form his zanpakutou can split into a five bladed sword increasing it's destructive power. In full release ru'iru kujaku his zanpaktou emits energy and grows "vines" that catch and restrain his enemies and drain them of all their energy which Yumichika can use to further empower himself. Only one 2 others have seen this release. 1 is the vice captain of squad 9 Hisagi Shuuhei and the other is an arrancar named Charlotte Cuulhourne however he did not live to tell the tale.

  • Ikkaku Madarame is the third seat of squad 11 (the executioners squad.)and though he holds the rank of 3rd seat he just like his best friend Yumichika is sufficiently powerful enough to have a higher rank only in Ikkaku's case he is strong enough to be even a captain. Mostly because he mastered the rare ability bankai which generally only the captains know. His zanpakutou is houzukimaru and in shikai form it turns into a spear. it's special ability allows it to "extend" and turn into triple iron with a blade at the end. His bankai Ryuumon Houzukimaru is a giant 3 bladed weapon and though it doesn't give him any abilities like enhanced kidou or speed or defense it gives him pure raw power. He is insistant that no one find out about his bankai because is they did he would most likely become a captain and he does not wish tghat to happen. Instead he would rather serve as 3rd seat under the leadership of His own captain Kenpachi Zaraki.However at least three other people besides him know of his bankai. Yumichika is one (though Ikkaku deliberately let him know) the second is lieutenant Iba of squad 7 and Captain Kommamura of squad 7.

  • Yachiru Kusajishi is the lieutenant of squad 11 under Kenpachi Zaraki. Though she is very child-like in personality as well as appearance,she is still considered the second strongest member of squad 11. She is possibly stronger than Ikkaku Madarame the 3rd seat. Her zanpakutou is unrevealed and it is unknown if she knows shikai or bankai though both are quite possible. Despite her small size she is very strong and is capable lifting someone as large an Kenpachi Zaraki and leap from building to building as though it were effortless to her.

  • The Captain of Squad 11. Though he doesn't know his shikai or bankai, he is easily strong enough to be a captain and of the executioners squad no less. Though he knows neither shikai nor bankai he has defeated multiple captain level opponents and has fought evenly against two other captains simultaneously. He is sometimes referred to as a demon because he is extremely strong and possibly the strongest (physically) of all captains, feels little or no pain, loves/lives to fight, enjoys injuring others as well as getting injured, and because he achieved captain level power without learning any zanpakutou, or kidou skills and relies entirely on brute strength and massive reiatsu alone. He is the first captain to befriend Ichigo and his friends, and longs for a rematch against Ichigo (since their last battle ended in a draw.)

  • Rangiku Matsumoto is the vice captain of squad 10 under Captain Hitsugaya. She is well known by just about every shinigami. She quite often uses her charm, and looks to get other gotei members to do whatever she wants them to and she is not above mischief and laziness. She often sleeps or shops when she is supposed to be carrying out as well as giving instructions and resorts to lies to try to get out of trouble which annoys her captain greatly. She is also known to be a drinker and has even stolen and hidden her captains sake bottles. Despite all this she is still a powerful and capable fighter and is the second strongest member in her squad. Her zanpakutou heineko's shikai abilities turn her katana into a metal ash which she can control with hand movements and can form things such as metal sand tornadoes. In this state it is quite difficult to evade or block her attacks making her quite formidable. She apparently defeated the vice captain of squad 3 Izuru Kira who is probably the best vice captain at kidou skills and even held her own against 3 fraccion level opponents (fraccion are arrancar second only in power to the espada and possibly the privaron espada.) She has also demonstrated formidable kidou skills.

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya is the "young genius" Captain of Squad 10. He is the youngest shinigami even to achieve the rank of captain (the position highest in rank and power.) He is quite short which he is aware of and takes great offense to anyone who talks about it especially when he is mistaken for a child. Though mature for his age, he is very short tempered and does not like lack of effort or respect (especially towards himself.) Despite this however he is easily strong enough to be a captain. His zanpakutou Hyourinmaru is the strongest ice-type zanpakutou of all. It's shikai takes the form or a large dragon of Ice which can freeze anything upon contact. His bankai Daiguren Hyourinmaru gives him an ice armor with ice wings (which can be used as shields.) In bankai he is capable of large scale attacks such as sennen hyouro and hotan hyakasso. In either bankai or shikai he can literally control the weather in an unknown radius around himself (though he has hinted that it could extend up to ten miles.) He also possesses an accomplished flash step and excellent kidou skills even for a captain.

  • Hisagi is the vice captain (and currently acting Captain) of squad 9. He is a very loyal and powerful warrior with high level kidou skills, and excellent swordsmanship. He however loathes his zanpakutou. He says it looks like it was meant to take life. For this reason he has trained himself to use only his sealed zanpakutou and only will release if he has no other choice. His zanpakutou's shikai, kazeshini, takes the form of 2 large scythe-like blades attached together by a long chain. In this form he can attack effectively at long as well as close ranges and it's movements are particularly difficult to follow making it quite difficult to defend against. Hisagi is well known for his talent and even before he graduated from the shinigami academy he was already assured a seated position in the gotei 13.

  • Nanao Ise is the Vice Captain of squad 8 under Captain Kyouraku. She is known to be very organized (in vast contrast to her Captain who is not very responsible and quite lazy.)She is very loyal and protective of her captain but is fairly casual with him and isn't above scolding or even hitting him. Her actual abilities and power is unknown since to date she has not been shown in combat but she apparently is strong since she is a vice captain.

  • Kyouraku Shunsui is the Captain of squad 8. He along with his life-long friend Ukitake were the first to ever graduate from the shinigami academy and achieve the captain status. He along with Ukitake are said to be the strongest of all Captains (not including the head captain.) Evidence to back this statement is that he defeated Starrk (the most powerful arrancar known who was able to over power 2 other captains simultaneously) single handed using his shikai alone while all other captains resorted to bankai and even teamwork to take out lesser espada and even fraccion. His zanpakutou katen kyoukotsu is the only double bladed zanpakutou in existence. It's shikai grants him the ability of "making childrens games a reality" literally allowing him to warp reality to his advantage. some examples of this are when he made it so that he could only be cut by the color either he or his opponent verbally chose (irooni) or when he manipulated the wind (bunsho koma) and "hid" in the shadows (kageoni.) It is a very powerful shikai and rivals even some bankai in power so his unrevealed bankai can be nothing less than phenomenal in power. Aside from all this he a master level at kidou (the highest level) and can even use chantless kidou. His flash step is also very well honed as he was even complimented by the head captain at being very skilled. In addition to this he is a master drinker and spends nearly all his spare time either drinking or napping.

  • Sajin Komamura is the Captain of squad 7. His unusual dog-like appearance doubled with his massive size, resulted in many lesser shinigami fearing him. For this reason he wore a mask to hide his features and didn't remove it until after Aizen's defection from Seireitei ; apparently gaining some self-confidence. Despite his viscous appearance he is a very caring and kind Shinigami. His shikai is tengen. It takes the form of a massive armored body part of Komamura's choice from a hand to an arm to a foot to a leg etc. The "large "body parts" appear in mid-air and mimic whatever movement Komamura makes. His bankai brings forth the entire armored giant around 100 meters tall (though it seems to vary.) The giant which wields a great sword copies what ever movement Sajin makes from punches to grabs to sword slashes. However the drawback of his bankai is that if any damage is inflicted on his bankai then a similar wound is inflicted on himself. Though not as adept as some captains, Komamura is an expert at flash steps and has at least above average kidou skills. His physical strength is so great that he was able to lift up and slam a giant arrancar (Po) who was about 100 meters tall and very wide. His physical strength among all shinigami is probably second only to Zaraki Kenpachi, Aizen Sousuke and Yamamoto Shigekuni Genryuusai (though these are assumptions.)

  • Renji Abarai is the Vice Captain (Lieutenant) of Squad 6. He is the childhood friend of Rukia Kuchiki and though they were initial arch-enemies/rivals, he eventually becomes the close friend of Ichigo as well. He along with his Captain were the ones who brought Rukia back to Seireitei against her will and Ichigo's. Uryuu Ishida tried to prevent them from taking her away but was soundly beaten by Renji. As he was about to finish Uryuu Ichig arrived and challenged Renji. They had a heated fight in which the initial advantage was Renji's and he nearly killed Ichigo however Ichigo's natural great power subconsciously activated itself and the tide turned. With their positions switched Ichigo instantly gained the advantage and was about to finish Renji but was soundly stopped and instantly beaten by the powerful Captain Byakuya Kuchki. Though spared, Ichigo was left half-dead and bloodied but was later rescued by Kisuke Urahara. Eventually Ichigo and his team broke into Seireitei (via assistance from Urahara and Kukaku Shiba) and Renji and Ichigo had yet another exchange ending in Ichigo's victory once again and Renji getting knocked out but Ichigo himself later succumbed to his wounds inflicted by Renji and fell unconscious himself. After this Renji's captain the proud Captain Kuchki had Renji thrown into prison without medical treatment because of not only losing to Ichigo, but for acting without orders. Later on Renji brakes out of Prison and trains with Yoruichi alongside Ichigo who he made peace with and achieved the rare skill bankai. Confident in his new found strength, Renji attempts to rescue his childhood friend Rukia from execution and easily defeats dozens of members from his own squad however he is confronted by his Captain who refuses to let him pass. Renji has a heated battle with his captain (who he had tried to surpass for years) and even released his bankai however Byakuya's power and experience were still far greater and he defeated Renji with relative ease. Though luckily for him Unohana and Hanatarou came afterwards and saved his life. Later that day Ichigo and Renji together rescue Rukia from execution and Ichigo and Byakuya have a long fight ending in a draw. Meanwhile Renji flees with Rukia however is stopped by the traitor captain Aizen. Aizen recaptures Rukia but for his own evil purpose (to extract the secretly implanted hogyouku in Rukia.) Renji attempts to fight back but is defeated with no effort by the notoriously powerful Aizen and he succeeds in gaining the hogyoku. Ichigo arrives to help but both are taken out with pure ease by Aizen. Even Byakuya arrives to save Rukia and receives a wound from Ichimaru (Aizen's subordinate) which would have been fatal to her. Even Captain Komamura arrives to stop Aizen but is taken out just as easily. Just as all seems lost, Nearly all the Captains and Vice Captains arrive on the scene and even Aizen flees. Some time later, Renji also accompanies Ichigo on his mission to rescue Orihime from Hueco Mundo and though he was defeated twice there (By espada no less), he has proved helpful. He and Ichigo remain in Hueco Mundo even now, awaiting the battles to come.

  • Byakuya Kuchiki is the Captain of squad 6. In addition to this he is the head of the noble Kuchiki clan (One of the four most powerful and wealthy clans in all seireitei) and the adoptive older brother or Rukia. As a captain in the gotei and clan leader, Byakuya has an extremely strong sense of justice and isn't above executing his own family members if they are in violation of the law (though he has yet to do so.) Being both powerful in body and rank, Byakuya is said to be the most well known captain of all (Kariya says this in a filler arc.) Being a captain Byakuya wields tremendous power even by captain standards. He has superb kidou mastery and is surpassed only by the very strongest captains as he is able to cause devastating effects with lower/mid level kidou spells without incantation such as Hadou 33 Soukatsui (blue fire crash). An example of this is his sister Rukia, who used the same spell and said the entire incantation yet it's power was dwarfed by his chantless version. He also is very fast and outraces even most captains,and even has various techniques (the only shinigami so far to show multiple flash step techniques.) He was after all trained by Shihouin Yoruichi who is the greatest flash step master of all. His zanpakutou senbonzakura takes the form of 1000 shattered blades too small for the eye to see yet the blades reflect pink light and they look like cherry blossoms (hence the name senbonzakura meaning 1000 cherry blossoms.) He can control the blades with his mind alone but if he uses gestures the blades move at twice their normal speed. His bankai Senbonzakura Kageyoshi is basically a much more massive version of his shikai and the blade count is increased 1000 fold thus the number of blades equals 1,000,000.) However it has been known to sometimes be over 100,000,000 blades instead. the second stage of his bankai (senkei senbonzakura kageyoshi) literally creates an enclosed area around Byakuya and his opponent the walls consisting of 1000 swords constructed out of the tiny senbonzakura blades each more powerful than a normal katana. And his third and final stage is shukei hakuteiken. This stage compresses all the 1,000,000 tiny blades into 1 sword of drastic power literally giving his sword 1,000 times its normal destruction power. Aside from all this Byakuya (according to a filler arc has great skill in hakuda (hand to hand combat) and is quite wealthy. The scarf he wears around his neck is so costly that if sold it would be enough to buy ten houses. He is also the main antagonist for part of the series and is Ichigo's arch-enemy until they make peace later on.

  • Hinamori Momo is the Vice Captain of squad 5 formally under Captain Aizen. Momo is a very caring lieutenant and is fiercely loyal to former captain Aizen possibly to a romantic level. Though she was betrayed by Aizen after he defected, she still refuses to believe he is a traitor though she tries to hide this. She is the older foster sister of Captain Hitsugaya (whom she refers to as Toshiro or Toshiro kun much to his annoyance) and cares for him very much but was even willing to fight him because she was tricked by Ichimaru that he killed Aizen (when it was actually an Illusion) indicating that her loyalty to Aizen is second o none. Though she was easily beaten the far stronger captain, she had fought with the best of her ability even attempting to kill her own brother. Ever since Aizen's defection she has been quite unstable. As a Vice Captain, her skills are quite high level second only to captain level opponents and even stronger vice captains. Her skills with kidou are among the best in soul society and out of all the vice captains her kidou is the best (with the possible exception of Izuru Kira's.) Her zanpakutou tobiume, in shikai form takes the form of a multi-pronged sword.It's special ability is the power to discharge powerful fireball's from the tip of her sword with explosive power.

  • Isane Kotetsu is the tall female ('6 1'') Vice Captain of squad 4 otherwise known as the healing division. All members in squad 4 specialize in healing magic and techniques. As Vice Captain (Lieutenant) Isane is considered the second best healer in the division and possibly among all shinigami. Aside from this she is very adept at kidou and has learned her shikai release for her Zanpakutou Itegumo. Though it's abilities are unknown.

  • Unohana Retsu is the Captain of squad 4 which is known as the healing squad. There is no one else in existence that is regarded as a greater healer than she. Out of the whole gotei13 she is despite her appearance, the oldest captain aside from the Captain General Yamamoto. Even though she is a healer and sweet looking woman, she is widely feared by many division members even the eleventh division. This is because it is known that her power is among the greatest and she actually has a temper which she usually only has to hint and other shinigami suddenly become very uncomfortable and scared even the likes of Ukitake Jushiro, Kyouraku Shunsui, and Ichigo Kurosaki. She is also a master at kidou and has at least a flash step comparable to the other Captains. Her Zanpakutou Minazuki in shikai, takes the form of a giant green manta ray which can fly and apparently swim. She has even been seen flying on its back. It also has healing powers. Simply by swallowing injured shinigami, it heals them inside it's stomach or mouth apparently with it's saliva. Her bankai has not yet been revealed.

  • Izuru Kira is the Vice captain (acting Captain) of squad 3. He is a fiercely loyal shinigami and follows orders without question regardless of how bizarre they may seem. He is the close friend and colleague of Renji and Momo since they were a team when they trained in the shinigami academy. Out of all vice Captain's his skill with kidou is probably the greatest. He can even use level 70 bakudo spells without incantation which even some captain's cannot do. He also is an expert at healing kidou and is probably the second most adept of the vice captain's with this (after Isane Kotetsu) He has also shown some great skill with the blade. His Zanpakutou's name is Wabisuke. In shikai form it takes the form of a katana with a large hooked end. It's unique ability is that what ever he strikes with his shikai, it literally doubles the weight of the object. For instance If he struck a 10 lb. sword once it would instantly become 20 lbs. twice and it would be 40 lb. 3 times, 80 lbs. etc. making him a very difficult opponent in a sword battle. It also isn't limited to inanimate objects it can even make the bodies of others double in weight with every strike. Izuru kira despite his friendly appearance is perhaps one of the most heartless shinigami of all. He has shown coldness to the level of beheading an opponent who was defenseless, paralyzed, and begging for mercy without hesitation. He is also accomplished at flash step. Though he is still a vice captain (not quite qualifying to be a captain) has been the acting captain of Squad 3 ever since his Captain Ichimaru defected and betrayed him as well as the rest of the gotei 13. Now he despises the very mention of his former Captain's name whom he was fiercely loyal to.

  • Marechiyo Omaeda is the Vice Captain of squad 2 aka the Onmitsukido. The onmitsukido are a special division the was formally independent of the Gotei 13 until it later joined them. They specialize in secret, stealth, and assassination missions. Everyone in this division even unseated officers are talented and Omaeda as the Vice Captain must be the second strongest. Despite his appearance and initial performance (when he was easily knocked out by Ichigo) Omaeda is absolutely not to be underestimated. He will deliberately pretend to be slow and weak to fool his opponents. He has a very accomplished flash step especially for a vice captain but his kidou skills are only moderate. He was able to evade Baraggan the most dangerous espada where even his Captain failed. He is currently the only Vice Captain in the Karakura battle to not have extensive injuries. His Zanpakutou Gegetsuburi in shikai form takes the appearance of A giant spiked mace and chain which he can hurl from great distances or use for close combat and even as a a shield at times since it is quite large.It is particularly effective in his hands because of his physical strength. He is sufficiently strong enough to restrain Ggio Vega the fastest and and superhumanly strong fraccion of Baraggan. Despite how he and his captain annoy each other they are actually very essential to each other by now would be dead without the other. Aside from his skills Omaeda is very wealthy. He has personally installed air conditioning units in all the second division barracks and he himself owns a mansion which he shares with his family. Only the likes of Byakuya Kuchiki are more wealthy than he.

  • Soifon is the captain of squad 2 aka the special forces. She is the formal pupil of Yoruichi and thus is a very formidable warrior.The two had shared a sister-like relationship until Yoruichi was forced to leave seireitei and Soifon behind. Soifon never forgave her for this and held grudge for years until they met again and made peace again and Soifon idolizes her as she once did. Her speed is comparable to that of Yoruichi's herself as she was able to keep up with her during their battle. Her skill at hakuda (hand to hand combat) is probably the greatest of the current captains and it is her signature style of fighting. She has at kidou skills at least on par with some Captains though not on the level of the likes of Shunsui or Byakuya. Her Zanpakutou Suzumebachi in shikai, takes the form of a gauntlet like weapon with a small blade on the middle finger. If this blade strikes the opponent, it leaves a mark which can only be removed by soifon's will alone. If she strikes that mark a second time with her shikai, her enemy will definitely die almost immediately by a special magical poison. This technique is called Nigeki Kissatsu (Death in two strikes) Her bankai takes the form of a giant bazooka-like weapon. she claims she can only use her bankai weapon once every 3 days but by pushing herself to the max, she was able to use it twice in one day. When the "bazooka" is fired, the explosion is as strong as a small nuke.

  • Chojiro Sasakibe is the Vice Captain of squad 1 under Captain-General Yamamoto. Being the Vice Captain to the Head Captain, Chojiro seems to have privileges that the other Vice Captain's do not. He is most often found at Yamamoto's side a postion of great honor but that is not unexpected since he is Yamamoto's Vice Captain, however he also has the great privilege of being allowed at the Captain Meetings which no one other than the captains can attend. His actual level of skill is unknowns since the only time he fought, he was immediately taken out by Ichigo barehanded along with 2 other Vice Captains Omaeda, and Isane but this is not a good example since Ichigo has the power of a Captain, but of the three Vice Captain's Chojiro is the only one who was quick enough to actually attack Ichigo brief as it was indicating that out of the tree Vice Captain's he is the most skilled.And since Omaeda has since proven a very capable warrior, this further indicates Chojiro's great skill. He is also the one who allowed the Vizard to enter the Karakura battle barrier. Without his decision, the Karakura War probably would be over by now with Aizen and the espada as the victors.

  • General-HeadCaptain/Commander Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni is the Leader of the entire Gotei 13 and the founder of the shinigami academy (personally teaching the likes of Shunsui and Ukitake.) He is the oldest known shinigami alive and his power is the greatest among them all except possibly for Aizen who's power rankings alone matched Yamamoto's. He is an understanding, yet strict and sometimes harsh leader always allowing suggestions but seldom taking them. His power is so great that he was able to battle Kyouraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jushiro (who are considered the strongest captains aside from Yamamoto himself) simulaneously and though the battle was cut short because they realized they were manipulated into fighting by Aizen, Yamamoto was clearly winning as both Shunsui and Ukitake had moderate wounds while he himself was untouched. His reiatsu level is so high that he was able to smother and paralyze the Vice Captain of squad 8 (the rank second in power only to Captain) simply by looking at her and she would've fainted or died had she not been rescued by her Captain in time. His flash step is quick enough to follow Shunsui and Ukitake with little or no effort indicating that his speed may be far greater than theirs. He is said to be so masterful at kidou that he does not require to say the incantation, nor chant the spell name which is something only Aizen and Shunsui (both great kidou masters) have otherwise demonstrated. His Zanpakutou Ryuujin Jakka is the most powerful offensive type Zanpakutou known. In shikai the sword's actual from remains the same but is engulfed in an intense flame which can burn anything on contact. His reiatsu when his shikai is activated adapts the same energy as his shikai and he gains a giant fiery aura that usually is so large it engulfs the entire battlefield and upon contact harms his enemies. One of his known shikai abilities is called jokaku enjou which is a giant barrier of fire which he creates that can trap numerous enemies even the likes of Aizen, Ichimaru, and Tosen combined. His other known ability Nadegiri is a simple slash of ryuujin jakka however it is so swift that it apparently cannot be followed and it literally slices the enemy in half vertically. His Zanpakutou normally is kept inside a wooden cane which he discards upon battle by apparently incinerating it or psionically removing it. Currently he is leading and observing the Karakura war and has personally taken out the three fraccion of the third espada Harribel. Apache, Sun Sun and Mila Rose.

  • Shihouin Yoruichi is the former Captain of squad 2, former leader of the onmitsukidou, former head of the great Shihouin clan, and the former master and mentor of Soifon. The Shihouin clan was one of the four great noble families of Seireitei with power, wealth and respect on par with the Kuchiki clan. Yoruichi was the head of this clan until her defection from soul society. Soifon as a young girl was given to Yoruichi as a house servant but quickly became the student and parter of her Mistress and the two became like sisters. All of this ended however when Aizen framed Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi and caused the central 46 to believe that they had tested illegal hollowfication experiments and used forbidden kidou spells while he himself was the one who did the experiments and forced Kisuke and Tessai to use forbidden spells to save the victims of the experiments (who would later become the vizard.) They were captured and sentenced to serious punishments but were rescued by Yoruichi before their sentences were carried out. Yoruichi knowing that she would be found out and knowing she could not prove their innocence, left soul society along with Kisuke Urahara and essai Tsukabishi thus losing all her great status and leaving Soifon petrified and betrayed. Years later she returns to soul society along With Ichigo and his friends to rescue Rukia. There she battles and defeats Soifon who is now the captain of squad 2 and the onmitsukido. Though afterwards she makes peace with Soifon and is respected by her as much as before (which is to the point of idolization.) She then along with the rest of the gotei captains catches Aizen red-handed and finally reveals him as the traitor all along however Aizen escapes. She now apparently has been cleared her criminal record but it is unclear if her clan's status has been restored to it's former majesty. Yoruichi is a maste at hakuda and is possibly the greatest at it. She has invented the technique shunko which combines kidou with the body making the user very strong and ejecting energy upon physical contact with another object causing explosions merely from striking. The only other person to learn this technique (though not to the level that yoruichi has) is Soifon. Yoruichi is also known to be a master at kidou equaling or surpassing the other captains in this area. she also has the unexplained and seemingly unique ability to transform herself into a black cat which can speak and move super fast but not as fast as her normal form. Her greatest attribute however is undoubtedly her speed. She is the foremost master at shunpo (flash step.) Supposedly no other shinigami is as fast as she. She even earned the title Goddess of flashstep. Though she hasn't been seen using it to date (except for a brief moment in a flashback) she has a zanpakutou like all other shinigami for some reason does not use it. Undoubtedly she knows shikai and bankai because a captain must (Zaraki Kenpachi is the sole exception ever) so her real rump cards have not been revealed.

  • Rojuro Otoribashi is the former captain of squad 3. He was forced to leave his position and soul society behind after he was unwillingly used as a test subject for the traitor Aizen's hollowfication experiments and was sentenced to be destroyed. He is now a member of the independent group called the Vizard consisting of former captains and vice captains who were also used as unwilling and unknowing test subjects for Aizen. His Zanpakutou Kinshara takes the form of a long whip in shikai form. It's one shown ability so far is called Soukyouku Dai Juuichiban Izayoi Bara. This attacks creates a sort of energy disc which engulfes his enemies damaging them. Any other zanpakutou abilities he may have are unknown. However as a former Captain he must have achieved bankai but whatever it is, is unknown. As a vizard, he can don a hollow mask over his face. This increases his already formidable physical strength and speed to a great degree.

  • Shinji Hirako is the former Captain of Sqaud 5 and the the senior of Aizen who was the then Vice Captain of squad 5. He out of all was the only one who suspected Aizen from the start but did not take action in time. After he and the other future vizard were betrayed by Aizen they were rescued by Kisuke Urahara, Shihoin Yoruichi and Tsukabishi Tessai and were forced to leave soul society. After these events Shinji and the others formed the group called the vizard with Shinji as the unofficial leader. He is the the one who recruits Ichigo to the group and later befriends him as well as helped to teach him about his vizard powers along with most of the other vizard. He and the other vizard are currently assisting in the karakura war against Aizen. He is one of the ones to face against Aizen but is tricked and cut down. His current status is unknown. His zanpakutou in shikai form looks like a sword but changes from it's sealed form with a new strange appearance. It's ability affects the senses and he creates his "inverted world" where his opponent see's literally everything in reverse. up is down, left is right, forward is backwards making it extremely difficult for any unlucky opponent who is caught in it though someone as experienced and powerful as Aizen can still fight effectively in it. his bankai has yet to be revealed.

  • Aikawa Love is the former Captain of Squad 7. He is one of the officers who was a victim of Aizen's hollowfication experiments and was forced to leave Soul Society along with the other future Vizard. In the current timeline he is a member of the group called the Vizard consisting of former Captains and Vice Captains who were also subject to Aizen's experiment and left soul society. Love's shikai is Tengumaru. In shikai it takes tho fore of a giant spiked mace about twice the size of himself and is an extraordinarily powerful weapon in close combat. It's one shown ability so far is called Hifuki no Kodzuchi. Love swings Tengumaru downwards and fire blasts from it's tip which is strong enough to damage nearby buildings. His bankai has yet to be revealed. His hollow mask like all others grants him even greater super strength and speed (though all shinigami have some degree of super strength and speed already and Captain's to a much higher degree.)

  • Lisa Yadomaru was th former Vice Captain of squad 8 under Kyouraku Shunsui. She bears a remarkable resemblance to Nanao who is the current squad 8 Vice Captain and this is believed to be deliberate on Shunsui's part. Lisa is one of the current vizar members. She along with the other vizard have joined the karakura battle against Aizen and the espada.

  • Mashiro Kuna is the former Vice Captain of Squad nine under the former Captain Kensei Muguruma. Though she was the Vice Captain she acted and still acts very childish and almost ridiculously so. Despite this however she is a very capable fighter especially with her vizard powers (As she is one of the vizard and was subject to the hollowfication experiments conducted by Aizen.)Her specialty is hakuda (hand to hand combat) and is sufficiently skilled (while using her vizard mask powers) to fight Wonderweiss who is above average captain level, though she was ultimately defeated by him. She also has a signature cero technique she calls "Mashiro cero" and it is fired in the form of an arch from the result of the arch kick she does to fire it. An additional notable ability of hers is that she can sustain her vizard mask powers for a full fifteen hours which is by far longer than any other vizard most of which are restricted to around three minutes at a time. However during her fight with Wonderweiss her mask wore off in a matter of minutes so it is possible that her long mask duration time is intermitent. Her zanpakutou and zanpakutou abilities are currently unknown.