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Things being to heat up for Robbie 0

GoodAll New Ghost Rider has been hurtling along at break neck speed since the very first issue and it shows no signs of slowing down here. Following directly on from the previous issue (so not a good jumping on point), Robbie takes the fight directly to Grumpy and things take a turn for the worse when his foe pops a handful of Dr Zabo's pills and transforms into a massive behemoth.Tradd Moore's art is extremely stylised, it fits the book well and gives everything a surreal over exaggerated look...

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A new beginning for Taskforce X 1

It isn’t easy writing a book for a villain, given their very nature most readers wont identify with someone who is for all intents and purposes, a psychopath. This is part of the reason we see a lot of Villain and Anti hero books fizzle out, now imagine how hard it must be to write an ongoing book with a team of them!GoodNew Suicide Squad is an example of this done properly, the characters consist of the likes of Harley Quinn, Deathstroke and Black Manta and what Sean Ryan does so ingeniou...

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Revelations begin 0

Ernie's quest for revenge continues as he attempts to murder his foster father Buford and comes face to face with an Angel!The issue pretty much picks up from where it left off in issue 2 with Ernie knee deep in criminals and just about to run out of the arcane energy he relies on to function. As his powers run dry its Buford's time to try and shine but rather than kill Ernie outright, he reveals his desire to steal his power instead. Smiley, Ernies imaginery best friend and button decides its t...

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The CHAOS continues 0

As i mentioned in the review for the first issue, i was a HUGE fan of Evil Ernie and his extended universe back in the day, so im glad to have that excited feeling back when i see the new issue on the shelves each month. If you havent already picked up the first issue then go ahead and pick it up before reading this as its a direct continuation of the story, i guess you could read this without reading number 1 but you would be missing out on the start of a great book.This month we get a deeper i...

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A God-like comic! 0

As someone who only really started reading comics in the 90s, and as someone who was really into dark, violent and the 90's "extreme" style of books things like Thor and Fantastic Four kind of passed me by. Having never read a single issue of Thor i always wondered, "if Thor is a god, why does he team up with the Avengers?", never once did it occur to me that Superman does the very same thing in Justice League which i read on and off.I actually nearly forgot to pick this up when i went to get my...

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Every Rose has its thorn.. 0

Talon was a book that immediatly perked my interest when it was announced during the last wave of new 52 (we still call it that?) of books, mostly because the Owls are a fascinating foe and took on Batman and his extended family and nearly won! The prospect of a rogue Talon sounded great to me, i always find these kinds of stories to have the most potential and of course having Scott Snyder co-plotting on the story dosent hurt.Although i didnt review the zero issue i actually read and enjoyed it...

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Marvel Now-ish... 0

As a massive fan of Deadpool and in paticular, Daniel Way's writing of him, this is the one Marvel book ive been dreading the most. Its not that i doubt the ability of the writers but, Wade is a very specific kind of character who if not written can fall flat on his face. I had to give the issue a chance if for no other reason than to say that i tried and i am kind of glad i did.So its not a reboot, its not an origin story but it also dosent follow on from the end of the previous story so dont e...

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Evil Ernie is Reborn 0

Its no secret to anyone who knows me how huge a fan i was of Chaos comics back in the 90s, it was in fact Evil Ernie himself that got me first interested in western comics as before then i pretty much only read Manga. Ernie was something of a 90s comic, a product of the era, oversaturated with slasher movies, zombie flicks and video games like Mortal Kombat. When Dynamite announced they would bring Ernie back to us i was both excited and worried, excited to see my buddy back on the printed page ...

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Unanny Remender Returns! 1

Its a bit of an understatement to say there is some fallout after the events of Avengers vs X-men, you could even say that it was a disaster for Mutants and has put them into a position not unlike their counterparts in the Ultimate universe. Professor X is gone for good this time, Cyclops sits in a cell proclaiming himself the savior of Mutants everywhere and i guess in some aspects he is right, but the world now fears mutantkind again and this has not escaped the attention of Captain America wh...

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