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Guess who's daddy? 0

From front cover, to the last page, it is completely immersive. From the artwork, to the ongoing catalysts of the Angleus hunting down Sara (and her newborn) into this world. Honestly, this mini-series is alot more bolder than other comics I've read in a long while. Step aside with the X-men "messiah complex", the Witchblade is bringing forth a new human life, and that's news more than anything. The father? that question is strong, and it could very well be the Darkness wielder (or so he says). ...

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nothing like seen an old friend 0

This series has changed a ton, with this recent storyline taking things to a very different level. And seeing Celestine, is not the homecoming feeling you'd thought it be. Plus with Dani & Sara conversing over what they should with the blade.. it cant resist to be with either owner. i remember awhile back when it used to have a voice, nowadays it no longer needs words, it conveys them through emotion (even through its past owners face). it was always meant to provide strength, and all sorts ...

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My sin, your nightmare 0

Dorian Gray, a part of the Witchblade's past comes upfront with Sara. (in the first ish, it succumbed her conscience with its disarray as to what it believed was right or wrong.. till it wrappeed its coils upon Gray..) Now Sara is trying to put another piece of the puzzle together, why does she know Gray, and what hold does it have on blade itself.I am really enjoying this mini so far, the art and writing feel novel as a "sins of the past" arc. Plus the art style is distinct, heavy on detail, an...

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Broken 1

Spidey, kneeling down in the rain, with a shield arching near his back. The sentiment alone of the cover already details how much this loss is affecting him, along with the rest of the world. Visiting his loved ones, another isnt far behind, and a bump in with an old foe. For one the art and writing have a momentum, and dont hesitate, as we see what goes on in Peter's mind that very second. In addition, his talk with Logan heals a few wounds, and opens and old one as they visit a memorial for so...

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My eyes' are on you 0

Glance @ the cover, and you just know you're wrong in what you thought that moment. Deathly ill, Brock is no time waster (although a lil glimpse of the past makes for an eye-opener). Any Venom fan can agree, we're all curious as to why he kinda vanished after awhile. And now here's our answer..Might say this is a limerick of the words "Sins of the Past", because Eddie is no saint that's for sure. But his mind carries the psyche of the symbiote, but as to what ends we'll find out soon enough.Sini...

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Last Stand 0

Aside from the Amazons Attack rush, Diana's journey through a huge war is almost over.. but with a pricetag. More things come into the fold, and it almost counts someone closest to her.Honestly I was a bit surprised that the writing feels more enriched with each ish onward. Jodi Picoult really picks out interesting and active detail with her flow of dialouge writing. It may seem in movement, but it pauses long enough to advance the change, and keeps going.The art? Only the Dodsons' graze the cov...

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Welcome to the Nextgen 0

200 is often not a number many comics ever reach these days, unless you're from DC that is. With huge buzz, and a long wait, the anxiety is over, the X-men move onto reimagined territory with ish 200. After the events of House of M, nothing's ever been the same. Plus Rouge made an encounter with a dying alien race, and now carries their conciousness but ended up losing her own life in the process. Cable investigates an area left behind, until a Cajun in classic form comes back with a bit of razz...

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Classic slice of cheese 1

There's this story my grandma told me about her days as a youth. Finding comics, and just having a fun time. This is definitely where she was at that point and time. And I feel the same joy she still does when she sees a classic issue like this. I wholeheartedly think of my grandma when she got into comics. Its just so much energy, you can feel it wihin each page, panel, and character. It embraced an interesting time in our lives. With that said, Classic is a fun romp through the ages. I really ...

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Ceiling Ninja is watching you! 0

Seriously I jumped into this issue wondering wtf is going on. But caught up to speed (Bendis just has that touch, i dunno why).For one, the art is actually pretty brutal here. I've never seen edgy art like this, akin to Ashley Wood (when he did the penning art for Contra - Shattered Solider). Very gritty, and dirty style.Plus the team-up fighting an insane amount of ninjas within Dr. Strange's lovely abode is a neat touch. Although Elektra with the team is a skrull. Where is our old femme fatale...

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Go Choo-Choo! 0

What to say about #21.. its darn near excellent writing and art. This is actually the first time I've picked up a Friendly ish in awhile. Peter David is by far one of the most talented guys around. With his style working with an aritst like Johm Romita Jr. sweet lord its like they're brothers! Dont let the cover fool you, its not Betty.. its actually Flash. A lovely black widow has him tied in knots at the moment. And the fact she's wanting to breed some of her children with a father to be. Case...

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Awakening 0

When I picked up ish #104.. I was surprised how far they were going with WB. It just grabbed me right away, with the "passing of the torch", this is it, Sara is no longer the wielder, now Dani is the one. The past issues alone really give an indepth glimpse of whats to come, maybe a future that can change. I have always enjoyed seeing where the witchblade would go next, but this is very context matter, it moves so far and it keeps you connected. What's even more in-depth is the art style. Awhile...

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