Sorry I've been silent on here for awhile. But recently I read my copy of Ghost in the Shell 1.5 (Human Error Processor).
Although I've owned my copy close to a month, I didn't unwrap it from its plastic cover until recently.
1.5 fills in numerous gaps left open from the first book, and towards 2. (although there is some time left open)
That aside, the art is still crisp, and wonderfully done. But there's also a change in the art style, its a bit heavier, yet delicate at the same time.
*Given the fact, there are very few full color pages, in 2 it is completely in color

For anyone who's into Ghost in the Shell, or enjoys a fun cyberpunk manga, pick this up.
Plus if you're a newbie to the Shell series, you'll definitely want to pickup all 3 books.  =D

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