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Great list! Now I'll just go through each of them one by one and give out my thoughts on them.

1. Harry definitely had an abusive father, that's for sure.

2. Bruce as well, from what I remember.

3. Didn't know Cap had an abusive father.

4. You could argue that this applies to both the Comics and the MCU versions of this guy.

5. Odin was definitely neglectful to Loki, that's for sure.

6. Wolfsbane's definitely a no brainer for a list like this.

20. Deadpool's got the "multiple choice past" thing going just like the Joker.

21. Wasn't Charles bullied by the Juggs as a kid and their parents didn't do anything about it? That seems more neglectful on the foster father's part, at least to Charles that is. Though I'm not up to date on my X-Men lore, so please forgive me if I'm missing any crucial details.

24. You definitely live in an abusive household if your dad is Thanos of all people.

34 & 35: Yeah, I agree. Magneto is not a good dad.

39. You talking about Nightcrawlers circus foster parents or Azezel and Mystique?

42 & 43: Didn't know these two had abusive dads. But then again, I'm not up to date on my spidey lore either, so sorry about that.

49. Yeah, I can definitely see that.

50. Oh hell yeah, the Runaways' parents definitely fit the bill.

Speaking of the Runaways, will we be seeing a "Marvel Characters with Terrible Mothers" list from you anytime soon? Either way, keep up the good work.