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We all love the battles thread, but unfortunately it's populated with a number of terrible matches. Be it a complete lack of balance or too much to logically debate about, a good deal of the threads here aren't anything to write home about. So Viners, I plead to you, think these questions over before making a thread. I present to you: The Battles Bible.

Creating a thread

  • Is it honestly a fair match? Can you see either combatant winning or are you legitimately torn on who the clear winner is? If not, don't make it.
  • Does the match need a TON of rules to make it remotely fair? If so, don't make it.
  • Is the match between two fairly popular characters? It's likely going to be a dupe, so PLEASE search for it first (if the function on the site doesn't work, use google!). If so, don't make it. Because honestly, the last thing this place needs is ANOTHER Cap vs Batman or Hulk vs Superman.
  • The search function is found on the upper right hand part of the page. Obviously in this case you'll want to select "Battles" under the board drop down and then try searching for the match (ie Hulk vs Superman or Superman vs Hulk). If for some reason this option isn't working, open google or whichever search engine you commonly use. Then, type "comicvine" and after it, the match idea. For example "comicvine Superman vs Hulk" or "comicvine Hulk vs Superman."
  • Do people know about the character you're involving? If he/she/it is very obscure, provide extra details. We all love to learn about new characters, so share with us your knowledge, and if possible, scans.
  • Does your match have more than 14 characters going at it? Odds are this is far too complex and there are way too many variables (not to mention the difficulty in properly balancing such a match). Please try to avoid these (here's looking at you, vague X-Men vs JL threads).
  • Does your match have details? Are the characters current or classic versions? Do they have their standard weapons? Where are they fighting? How far apart do they begin? Are they visible? Are they in character?
  • Spice up your thread with some images. Provide a picture of the characters involved and location if possible.

Posting in a thread

  • Is an old thread a clear spite match and you're bumping it just to point that out? Don't post, just flag it and a mod will likely lock it.
  • Is a new thread a clear spite match and you're posting just to point out it's a mismatch? That's fine, but flag it, too.
  • Do you really want to spend your time on Comicvine just making a series of posts that are "name wins?" If you think a character wins, elaborate a bit. What allows them to win? Superior power? Superior skill? Have they fought in the comics? Recall any feats that help in comics? Help make threads fun again, drop a knowledge bomb and go cold turkey on the "name wins" posts.
  • Is someone being a total jerk in a thread? Don't engage them, flag the post and let a moderator handle it. I know it's tough to resist feeding the trolls, but do your best!
  • Throw away your personal bias. I love Gambit, but I'm not going to say "Gambit, duh!" in Gambit vs Hulk. There's no shame in a character you love losing a battle.
  • Don't disrespect other characters by only using low end feats. Perfect example: Deadpool getting knocked out by the large hot dog. Come on, we know it takes more than that to down him, so don't try to get away with only downplaying the character on the opposite side of your argument. Take into account all feats and make your own logical conclusion on their levels. The very same applies to high end feats as well. Don't spam "Spidey beat Firelord, therefore he beats anyone less than Firelord!" You'll get no respect with that silliness.
  • Don't be stubborn and egotistical. No matter how much we know, there's always someone out there that knows more about something else. These debates aren't about winning, they're about learning and sharing your knowledge. Don't foolishly stand by your original stance just because you don't want to "lose." That's nonsense. It far more respectable to admit you were wrong on something than to drag it out.
  • Matches are always assuming the characters face off 10 different times. Not in a row, just what would happen if the encounter took place 10 times. Who wins the majority of that is what's important and why.
  • Take note of the date a post was made. If you see something you disagree with and feel like replying, take a moment to look at the date. It could be years old and that person has changed their mind or is possibly even no longer active. Continue through the thread and join the current convos instead of jumping in the time machine and going back in time.
  • If you're going to bump a very old thread, bring something new to the table. It's rather silly to bump something like "Deadpool vs Wolverine" with a post that only says "Deadpool" if it has been idle for over a year. I assure you, that's not changing any minds.
  • Can you really say a character wins if you know nothing about the other one or your knowledge is just limited to some scans you've seen tossed around? Take advantage of the community's knowledge and ask questions before posting about who you think would win. Otherwise, you're just going to get called out on it and look foolish. You don't want that, right?

Have another important rule you'd like to share? Post it and I'll update the OP!