Quick comic reviews for the week of 5/23 (Marvel & DC)

This whole "real life" thing is getting in the way of blogging in my free time, but I wanted to make sure I could pump out a few very quick reviews for everyone.  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read the latest AquamanFlash or Astonishing X-Men, so I'll include them in next week's reviews.

Writer Ed Brubaker unleashes a pissed off Captain America against a cannon fodder squad of HYDRA goons while the new Scourge deals with how the events of the last issue unfolded.  This issue is packed with action, solid art by Patch Zircher and the plot has me wanting more.  Plus, that's one damn good way to end an issue.  I'll definitely be sticking around for the next issue.
I have no previous experience with writer Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated, so I was a little skeptical diving into this world.  Thankfully, I didn't feel left in the dark and all of the basics are addressed appropriately.  Artist Chris Burnham's work feels a little rough at times, but overall I enjoyed it (especially the action sequences). The color by Nathan Fairbairn is fantastic and really helps make Burham's illustrations stand out.  Certainly an interesting story so far and it's paced well. Not much is revealed about the villains and what they truly want, but a man can only fit so much content into one issue.  That said, Damian has a harsh rant against his father and that feels out-of-character after the bonding experience they had over in Tomasi's Batman & Robin.  But on the flip side, that's counter-acted by adding an adorable new member to the Bat-family.  I'll be around for #2, Morrison.
The ending of the last issue definitely had me in disbelief and it's excellent to see how the whole ordeal is handled in this issue.  Writer Dan Slott is a comedic genius.  This issue made me laugh quite a few times and the banter between the Sinister Six is priceless at times.  No major complaints surrounding the art, either.  This issue is fun and does a solid job moving the "Ends of the Earth" plot forward.  Bravo, Slott.
As a long-time fan of the character I was really curious to see where writer Daniel Way would go after the "DEAD" story.  Wade is no longer sporting his insanely fast healing factor, so I was hoping that would give him a moment or two to show off how talented he really is since he can no longer be thrown into the meat-grinder.  Well, that doesn't happen.  Or hopefully, it just hasn't yet .  If I could say one positive thing about Way, it's that he's a brilliant comedic writer.  No matter how many gripes I have with how he handles the character, he can always deliver a good joke or two.  That holds true for him with this issue.  It's funny and I'm especially curious to see if he'll put the character through some major developments after the explosive events of this issue.

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